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Demand Rising for Healthy Dog Food

Dog owners looking for a healthy dog food that won’t break the bank are in luck with Beneful. In 2001 Nestle Purina Store introduced their new line Beneful on the basis of nutrition. It was one of the healthiest foods on the market at the time and was made to look like stew. Healthy premium dog food sales are rising steadily, and many owners are looking for food that is better for their dogs. According to a recent Daily Herald article, many people are leaning toward dog food that looks and tastes like human food. Freshpet and Blue Buffalo, new comers to the dog food industry, are promising what people want. Blue Buffalo is believed to have made $1 billion in sales for 2015 while Freshpet is suffering losses presumably because of the high cost of high quality meats used in the food. The retail cost of Freshpet is near three times as much as other foods. For those looking for something a little less expensive than Freshpet but still want the nutritional value, Beneful is the way to go. They offer dry and wet food as well as treats. Other healthy options include a healthy weight blend made for overweight adult dogs. It is a lower calorie food made with real chicken. Other blends include Healthy Harvest, which was a line introduced in 2005. Healthy Harvest uses soy protein instead of meats. While some companies are marketing their dog food as carnivorous and suggest dogs should eat like wolves, Beneful and many vetrinarians say dogs are domesticated and not like wolves. They require a combination of grain, meat, vegetables and fruit, which Beneful provides. Beneful employs people who are experts in pet nutrition, safety and quality control. Manufacturing plants are located in the United States and include a quality control laboratory where samples are tested everyday for toxins such as lead, arsenic, mycotoxins and aflatoxins. Vendors that provide ingredients to the company are required to adhere to strict safety standards and are audited often to ensure safety. Quality control follows each production of food from beginning to end to when the food is distributed to ensure quality.


Coriant is a tech company that offers solutions to small and medium enterprises. With resilient service offerings, it promises to boost your business drastically by maximizing on the revenue. The Italian cloud provider and telecommunications operator provides a transport platform that greatly enhances the performance of cloud services infrastructure. The hybrid switch solutions were first deployed in Italy helping to deliver scalable, flexible cloud services to satisfied customers.

Coriant is an industry-leading company that has purpose built innovations tailored to meet clients’ needs. The most desirable features are the low start-up costs, cost-effective scalability and reduced equipment sparing costs that support rapid connection. High speed connectivity and improved service performance maximize on proceeds for businesses.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a business executive who has excelled in all fields including technology and innovation. Born in December 19, 1960 in London, United Kingdom, the tech-savvy CEO holds a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. He has previously held other leadership positions in Verizon, GTE, Juniper Networks and Barclays. It is noteworthy that he has contributed immensely to the successes of the companies where he served as a leader.

The CEO of Coriant was appointed in September 2015. He took over this position from Pat DiPietro, who retired to be the vice-chairman of this company. Before his appointment as the CEO of Coriant, Kheradpir was the Operations Partner at Marlin Equity Partner. He has served in boards in the US. These are the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology and on the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York. He is also a member of Cornell University Engineering Council where he is an alma mater. He has several publications to his name. Real time control of robot manipulators in the presence of obstacles, published in 1987, was his first published work. It highlights the OAS Algorithm for workspace hosting. Kheradpir also has multiple patents that range from telecom, payments to media. One such patent is for the Pingit mobile payments software developed to help clients when he was in Barclays.

Shaygan Kheradpir banks on innovation, cost-cutting and production as the pillars to his success. He has earned respect for delivery and the dedication to grow everything he touches. With over 28 years of executive experience, he offers more as a telecom, financial services and technology guru. Shaygan is the epitome of success in the tech and executive world. He has shown that there is no limit to education and executive responsibility.

Skout Is Safe For Teen Usage

Online dating is not a new concept. In fact, people have been partaking in that activity for years now. That’s because it can be hard for people to meet other people in day to day experiences. Therefore, they begin to look online for friendship, companionship, and even love. What has been changing recently is the age of the users. It seems that a younger crowd has now been drawn into the world of online dating.

According to Examiner, there are a variety of platforms out there that teenagers can use for online dating. There are many of them that users can be of any age. Those are apps like Snapchat and Instagram where teenagers have the potential to hook up with strangers. The apps that are more focused on dating like Tinder do have age restrictions. However, people can lie.

Skout is one of the apps that was noted in the list and there seem to be many benefits of that app, no matter what the age. For one, Skout has a teens only section. This means that teenagers are confined to a different section where adults can’t contact them and they can’t contact adults. Of course, people can always lie which is a problem that any online dating site runs the risk of. Luckily, Skout is fully staffed with people who are always on hand to help out with security concerns. Skout is very mindful of every users safety. They will always handle concerns about someone being inappropriate, someone not feeling safe, and so on.

Skout is a great app because it features another safety feature aside from the age separations. Skout allows people the option to talk to users close by or users far away. Most apps force the user to talk to someone within close proximity which can pose a lot of risk factors. If a parent doesn’t want their teenager meeting up with strangers than they can help control the settings. They can talk to their teenager about only using the feature that allow users to talk to other users that are in different parts of the country. This is a great way to make friends all over and learn about new cultures. There’s less of a risk associated with it that way.

Overall, Skout is different from the rest of the apps. That’s because it’s not just an app that people use for hooking up. Skout is so much more than that. Skout has a community feel where users can come together and talk about life. It has a similar layout to Facebook. That’s because users are allowed to post statuses about how they feel. They can write what they are doing, a picture, or how they are feeling. It’s always important for users to use discretion when posting a status about where they are.

Let the Steelers Bring Out the Fashion In You

When you think about the Pittsburgh Steelers, what comes to mind? I know, you think I’m going to say that power defense of the seventies called the Steel Curtain which included L. C. Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, Dwight White and “Mean” Joe Greene. Yes! Wrong answer. How about their six Super Bowls? Yes! Wrong answer. What comes to my mind is the black and gold. The colors of the beloved Steelers. The Steelers verona couture fashion line of clothing merchandise is going through a complete overhaul spearheaded by the brilliant vision of Susan McGalla. You might be wondering who is Susan McGalla? Mrs. McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has vast experience in the world of fashion and consulting. She began her career in 1986 at the Joseph Horne Company where she held various positions in marketing and management. Always looking for opportunities, she left the Joseph Horne Company in 1994 and then took on a position as a divisional merchandise buyer of women’s clothing with American Eagle Outfitters also working in various management positions. Her strong work ethic and vision led her to become the president and Chief Merchandising Officer of the company’s flagship American Eagle before holding the same titles for the entire company. Always the visionary, Susan left American Eagle, Inc. in the beginning of 2009 to carve her own niche in the fashion and finance industries as a private consultant to retail and financial investment sectors. In the fall of 2009, Mrs.Susan McGalla was appointed to the Board of Directors of HFF, Inc. a commercial real estate company. Then in January 2011 she became chief executive officer for Wet Seal, Inc., a clothing retailer for young women and teens, but left the company during the summer of 2012 and opened her own consulting firm P3 Executive Consulting located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she was hired in early 2015 by the Pittsburgh Steelers the first thing that Art Rooney, Steelers president, wanted her to do was rebuild the team’s website with a vision for fashion. The news article titled “Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign on Facebook,” talks about the changing of team merchandise with the slogan “wear what the players wear.” This was the cry of the Steeler faithful- the fans. So the Steelers organization launched a new line of fashion to cater to the fans including a new website. Their new fashion line includes well known inspired brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama. Additionally, Pandora jewelry and different types of “bling” can be found on their new website. According to Susan McGalla, the organization is “constantly innovating around the fans.”

Helane Morrison Divulges the Secret of Running a Successful Business in the 21st Century

Having $24 billion worth of assets and achieving such great heights in the money management business, it is safe for us to say that Hall Capital is a success. One of the greatest strengths that Hall Capital is proud of is its diversity in gender, education and backgrounds. It is this strength that has enabled Kathryn Hall, the CEO, to keep their clients happy and smiling all the way to the bank. It is from such amazing examples of success in business that we can learn what being a success as a business manager is all about in the 21st century.

Hall Capital is an investment company that was established in 1994 in San Fransisco. Since then, the establishment has built itself a name in the financial management industry. Having worked with some of the most affluent individuals and families in the United States, the firm has become a trusted source of valuable financial help. Having three women in the top company positions, the firm has become one of the most favorable working environments any modern woman would want to work in. Check out the full article here:

The three ladies impressively running Hall Capital are Kathryn Hall- Co-chief Investment Officer, Sarah Stein – President and Helane Morison– Managing director, chief compliance officer and the company’s general counsel. Female dominance in the top managerial positions in financial management firms is not something you come by every day.

The president of the company, Sarah Stein fosters the culture of open interaction at the office to encourage more productivity among the staff. Having open floor offices breaks the boundaries that would otherwise thrive if everyone was locked away in their enclosed offices. Hall Capital champions the idea of workplace flexibility to enable staff members to live an all round life. Maternity and paternity leaves are among some of the incentives put in place to ensure that staff members are active participants in out of office activities in the society. The office is founded on the grounds of integrity, justice and compliance and the management does not tolerate and adversions to this policy regardless whether it is in internal or external.

The company continues to grow as a force to reckon with in the financial management industry. Especially after picking up financial management for foundations and some endowments, Hall Capital has experienced an upscale in all areas. Having brilliant brains and personnel has given the company an edge over the rest. Acting in her capacity, Helane Morrison has played a major role in steering the firm in the right direction.

About Helane Morrison

Before joining Hall Capital, Helane was working as a reporter for a daily newspaper in South Florida. She then moved ahead to practice law at Securities and Exchange Commission. Helane has now been the Managing director, chief compliance officer and the company’s general counsel for five years. To learn more about her impressive career, connect with Morrison on LinkedIn.

Impact of CEO Shaygan Kheradpir in Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is a qualified engineer who has achieved lots of success in his career. Mr. Kheradpir serves as the head of Coriant solutions. Apart from being a skilled engineer, Shaygan is also a professional in business enterprise undertakings. He concentrates more on technological advancements to make remarkable changes in the capital market. He has been offering a broad range of service in the telecommunication sector for more than twenty years.


Kheradpir started his career when he was signed by the GTE Company. Shaygan worked with lots of dedication and commitments, a scenario that triggered his supervisors to post him as the Chief Information Officer of the company. He was also responsible for making a modification of the Company’s systems for smooth and efficient running. Sir Kheradpir also made a great investment after he made product initiative to FiOS Company, which owns a capital investment of up to twenty billion dollars.


He recently heads Coriant, which is headquartered in the United States. Coriant Solutions offers a broad range of telecommunication services at an international level. This Company provides services such as optical planning, transport solutions, intelligent network, and packet optical solutions.


Coriant Solutions started operating by providing the optical transport network, where encapsulation of data took place.


Coriant Solutions Company has more than two thousand employees who report the company’s individual operations to Sir Kheradpir. Coriant Solutions got its independent from the transmission technology department of Siemens. Pat DiPietro and Herbert Merz serves as senior executives of this institution. Coriant Solutions extends the data connection services up to Germany.


This company invented a pluggable optical layer that offers a great deal of flexibility and saves on cost. Coriant networking Company has been aiming to the enhancement of a revolutionary in the network solutions industry. The pluggable optic layer will be able to transmit data at a faster and an appealing way.


Coriant Solutions Company has led to the realization of benefits such as cost reduction in transmission of data and an enabled flexible network that addresses the designed network requirement.

Why You’re Gonna Love Jon Urbana’s Music in 2016

As an athlete, Jon Urbana has risen to fame. Now that he is in the public spotlight, people are learning that his life is full of multiple interests. He has numerous likes and things that he is heavily involved in because he has interest or believes they need his help.

As a late entrant in the music world, some are surprised to learn that Jon Urbana is a skilled DJ. Using nothing more than Ableton software and his guitar, Urbana creates electronic music in his own home. He enjoys remixing songs as well as creating his own unique and original tracks. He has built a successful fan base on Soundcloud.

Urbana is also very into his photography career. His Instagram profile is full of his artistic takes on everyday life including shots of fire and even food. His creativity shows through as well as his artistic talent with these stills of everyday items that take on a new life through the life of his lenses. This is a sampling of Jon Urbana’s work in 2015.

Urbana recently was accepted to the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, as a certified airman. He has added to his creative and lengthy list of talents recently when he received his license to fly and he’s loving it. Now he has the ability to combine his photography talent while sailing through the clouds which is sure to bring his fans some amazing snapshots.
Urbana’s biggest claim to fame so far is his sports career. With honorable mention in All-American honors as well as Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the year he rose to sports fame as the defensive anchor of the Villanova team who was ranked seventh in the nation. His passion for the sport led him to also create Next Level Lacrosse Camp where he coaches and trains kids who are interested in learning this skilled sport.

Brenda Wardle, And The Oscar Pistorius Case

With an education like Brenda Wardle’s, it’s no wonder that she has propelled her legal career to new heights. She possesses an Intermediary Degree Qualification in Criminal Justice, a Master of Laws Degree and a Bachelor of Laws Degree. With these three educational accomplishments it is easy to understand why she is the CEO of the Wardle School of Law.

Brenda also writes about different issues in the legal field in legal journals and newspapers. Her abilities are impressive because she has also written Odyssey of A Woman, which is about her life, education and career. As a South Africa woman, she possesses the ability to give pertinent information for others to learn from in her writings. She develops a good story with details that will enlighten others when they read her works.

Another book that she has written is To Kill A Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. This work details the case and trial of Oscar Pistorius. The case involved the murder of Reeva Sttenkamp. He was not convicted of the murder charge, but rather culpable homicide. For this reason, he served an initial 5-year sentence followed by three more years. He had other gun related offenses that were also part of the case making it an interesting one that others read about widely. The case was widely publicized, and Brenda’s book details the case and trial impeccably for others to use for reference.

Since she is well respected in her field, she is a legal analyst for many individuals and businesses in South Africa. Her expertise is admired, and her ability to give the information that is needed is exceptional. As she continues to give her special legal analyst views on a variety of cases, she will help others to become more informed than ever before.

Brenda Wardle Discusses Pistorius Trial:


How CCMP And Stephen Murray Help Businesses

There are many ways that CCMP can work to help out the businesses that it works with. The company makes the businesses that it works with a better place for people and allows people to be able to get what they are doing within the business sector. They have many different options to choose from including business management, partnerships and expertise provided by the company.

Stephen Murray, the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital, has worked with many different businesses over the course of his career. He has made his way through the various business sectors and has created a life for himself within the business field. He works to make sure that there are options and expert advice for people who are in different businesses. As the CEO, he was able to cultivate relationships that made the clients, as well as the main business structure of CCMP truly thrive in the environment that it was in.

By finding someone on Linked In who can help you with management, you are giving your business the opportunity to truly thrive within the sector. The management that is handled by CCMP is able to make your business better and give you the opportunity to allow someone else to do the work that can be difficult. A Wall Street management team that is put together by CCMP Capital will be able ot provide you with the best of the best when it comes to managing your firm and will give you the option of creating a better business.

Partnerships are important for any business and CCMP knows that the partnerships that your business decides to enter into are going to be one of the most important parts of your business becoming a better place for you to run. By giving you options for partners for your business, CCMP Capital works to allow you to become better. The company wants you to find partners in a business that will give you the best of the best and ones that will help you learn how to become better at what you are doing, no matter what business sector you are in.

There are many options when it comes to expert advice for your company, but it is important to know that this advice must come from someone who knows what they are talking about. CCMP Capital partners know that finding the right information for your business is the key to being able to provide your clients with exactly what they need when it comes to your business. By giving you this advice, they are making you better able to succeed. You can trust the advice that comes from CCMP Capital because they have worked to make their knowledge of business great.