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Chris Villanueva Accomplishments in MB2 Dental

Chris Steven Villanueva is a respected dentist. He is also the founder of MB2 Dental. The successful practitioner established the institution with a vision of promoting some of the best corporate and sole practitioners in the dentistry industry. Chris has been in the dentistry world for a long time, and he used his experience to establish MB2 Dental.


Villanueva knew that most of the dental practitioners in his country needed to have specialized assistance that did not have any strings attached, and that is why he partnered with other dentists to come up with MB2 Dental. Since it was established, the firm has managed to support very many practitioners in over seventy affiliated locations. The company is believed to have over five hundred and thirty employees who are well trained in their professions. The close-knit leadership in the organization ensures that everything runs smoothly.


MB2 Dental was established on the fundamental principle that physicians should work together to accomplish one goal. It was impossible to achieve a lot when every doctor was working on their own. The company offers all its practitioners a youthful and fresh perspective on dental management and practice. The mission of the organization is to change the lives of the dentists and patients for the better.


The company is considered to be unique when compared to all the other similar institutions in the industry. Dental practice management is similar to the traditional dental practices. They are uninspired and drab. However, MB2 Dental has brought something very new to the industry, and it focuses better things other than the profit margins. The firm is dentist owned, and this means that it only focuses on working together, support, personal growth, and autonomy. The organization also supports practices that improve and also benefit the welfare of the patients who visit. This simple technique ensures that the operational standards in the organization are high. The practitioners are happy to do whatever they do, and this facilitates a healthy business growth.


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has been in the dentistry world for a long time. In his career, he has worked as an associate dentist, a mentor, an associate dentist trainer and an advocate of the doctor focused practice in the US. He has also worked as a practice owner, dental director and CEO of MB2 Dental. The dentist has a clear understanding of both the business and provider side of business, and this allows him to follow and maintain the standard doctor clinical autonomy.



Creating Success

The biggest and highest performing charter school, Success Academy, was founded in 2006. Anyone is eligible to attend the academy and students are chosen to attend based on a random lottery system. There are currently 41 Success Academy locations, those locations serve roughly 14,000 students. When looking at all of the schools, 76% of the children who attend are from low-income families, 8.5% are English Language Learners, 15% are current of former special need students, and 93% of the students are of color. The beautiful thing about Success Academy, being a charter school, is that it is able to operate with a greater amount of independence than other public schools. Having the ability to be more independent allows Success Academy to offer a different approach for elementary, middle and high school.

Success Academy prides itself on their students being successful at school, college and life in general. Their elementary program is designed to make the students love to learn and want to learn more. They read fiction and non-fiction, theoretically solve math problems, comprehend scientific inquiry, find and use their own voice when answering questions, and, among others, collaborate on projects with other students. Success academy believes that students learn best when they are doing, which is why the teacher only stands in front of the classroom lecturing for 80 minutes a day. Other than that students work in small groups and have hands-on learning. 

The middle school students have college-ready standards which focus’ on critical thinking, subject mastery, and inquiry-based learning. Success Academy offers middle school students a variety of elective classes they can take, these classes include: debate, dance, musical theater, photography, sports and entrepreneurship. Each day the students in middle school have classes in math, science, elective, history, sports, language arts, chess and computer science.

The curriculum for high school students at Success Academy focus’ on critical thinking, public speaking, academic writing, and problem solving. Students are prepare to attend and graduate from 4-year colleges and universities. The school also offers various programs, like internships and international travel, to help develop their various interests. The rigorous high school program requires hard-work, self-discipline, and persistence. Students are also guided through the college application process.

Success Academy’s approach to teaching at all grade levels has earned them the best scores in the state of New York. Out of the 41 Success Academy schools, 5 of them are in the top 5 for math, and two of them are in the top 5 for English. There was an estimated 4,230 students who were able to participate in testing; of those students 94% were proficient in math and 82% in ELA. Students who were English Language Learners and students with disabilities surpassed students both statewide and students in their own school.

Rona Borre Defines Success As Action Taken

When Rona Borre left her high-paying job as the top sales producer for a global staffing firm, she had been through the meat grinder. Although she had broken every sales record that existed in that company, it had just been sold, and Borre had enough.

It was time for her to move on, so she founded her own company in 2001, Instant Alliance, in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo.  Related article on  In six months, she had 50 employees, and the company was taking off spectacularly.

Borre was using the same techniques that got her to the top with her former job, and she was teaching her new account executives the same processes. However, she did make a mistake with formed a good learning experience. She had hired some very well seasoned sales people who knew the staffing business backward and forward, but they were used to lots of support and had a tough time establishing accounts with a new startup company, so they failed miserably, and cost her a good bit of money.

The lesson learned was that she would have to grow and train her own talent from scratch and that was just what she did. Once these people were trained and in place, good things began to happen.

Borre is an action figure, as no two days in a row finds her doing the same thing. She loves to be out selling and developing relationships that help her zero in on the needs of customers. That is what landed such accounts as McDonald’s Corporate, the University of Chicago, and Argonne National Laboratories along with many other Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized, and smaller firms as well.  Additional article here.

Once the HR departments and hiring managers see what Borre and her troops can do, they are anxious to give it a try. One area that Borre does is to specialize in niche candidates. People who are in finance and technology are in demand because these are the types that are needed when a growing company needs to get to the next level and stay there.  More to read on

Borre is very articulate and full of energized action because she doesn’t sit still very long until she is on to her next appointment.

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Rona Borre Has Made a Difference and The Difference Continues to Grow

Rona Bore is the CEO and founder of a staffing company called Instant Alliance. Formed in 2001 in the back spare bedroom of her Chicago condo, Borre started with only her dog Henry as a companion. Today she has many employees who help her every day in the continued success of a company that is billing millions of dollars on an annual basis.  For more of the above,


The staffing business is very competitive, and many companies compete on a fierce basis contesting territories and prime candidates. Borre seems to have risen above it all, as she utilizes a principle that many staffing companies have overlooked.

Many recruiters insist that they agonizingly pour through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes to find the best candidate for hire. Borre takes a different approach by taking the time to interview the hiring executives to learn exactly what they need and want in the way of a new hire. Borre examines the corporate culture closely as well, as an employee must be able to survive in that environment to succeed.

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Once these questions are answered to Borre’s satisfaction, she and her people comb the hills for the best client, and the results are astounding. She has achieved a 3:1 interview to hire ratio, and only one percent of hired employees have ever left their job over the past 15 years. This alone is unheard of in this industry, period.  Related article on

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What is on the menu? Dog feed and treats from Beneful Company

A pet is also a member of your family, and any responsible owner would treat them just as human beings. Healthy dogs are among other things, a result of a highly nutritious food. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, every time you feed your dog with a modest quality meal, expect an emaciated, sickly dog. There is the need to get your dog food from a reputable company like Beneful to minimize frequent visits to the vet. Here, you have a wide variety of top quality feeds and treats that will blow her mind.

Dry Dog Foods

a) Playful Life with beef and egg

Talk of delicious taste and nutrition value, this product gives your dog just that. Only the best goes, real meat right from the farm is mixed with eggs and blended to perfection. And as though that is not enough, it is further accented with fresh vegetables and fruits, such as blueberries and spinach. It’s comes in 3.5, 6.3 and 31.1lb bags

b) Healthy Weight with real chicken

Beneful Company has your dog’s interest at heart, and when it’s about healthy feed, nothing else matters. No faking just real chicken straight from the farm, blended with whole grains from the farm, and given a vegetable touch. With apples, carrots, and green beans, adult dogs get a 100% nutrition quality and taste.

Wet Dog Foods

a) Chopped with blends

Your pet enjoys a healthy happy breeze with the finely chopped blends of real chicken, carrots, wild rice, and tomatoes. As diamonds come in small packages, so is Beneful Chopped Blends (3 oz can) of excellent flavors.

B) Chopped blends with turkey and vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach
For better taste, serve with some little sauce. Ingredients include finest sweet potatoes, brown rice, carrots, turkey, and turkey, all right from the farm. The product is available in 10 oz tabs.

Dog Treats

a) Healthy Smile dental ridges, small/medium
Everyone wants their dogs to have strong bones, healthy teeth, and fresh breath. This treat not only guarantees this, but it also reduces a build-up of plaque and tartar. It consists of sweet, meaty middles accented with parsley. It comes in 8.4 oz pouch.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Political Endeavors That Have Brought Democracy in Many Countries

Human right activism has provided a better chance in the advancement of democracy around the world. Many people have been able to exercise there democratic rights without fear of intimidation or victimization. This has been evident in countries that have experienced worst form of political dictatorship due to poor leadership. This has been necessitated with the emergence of vibrant human activists across the world like Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen has championed the rights to equality and fair political processes by engaging in human activism that have champion for fair distribution of resources. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela from a powerful family that was linked to the first Venezuelan president Cristobal Mendoza.

As such, they have been in the political limelight for quite a long time. His father was given a ministerial post where he served as Ambassador for anti-Narcotic Affairs. This was a powerful positions in the government then and attracted a lot of public interest. He proceeded to advance in education where he graduated with a degree in history and political science from the University of Pennsylvania. This as his breakthrough in the world of political advocacy and championship. Thor Halvorssen entered active politics in 1993 when his father was arrested by the then government was he was investigating high level case of drug trafficking and money laundering.After his father was brutally beaten and tortured to a point of death, Thor Halvorssen started activism and campaign that were geared towards seeing his father released from prison.

Due to the weight matter at hand, the international human right bodies joined in the campaign. Amnesty International was the first organization that weighed in on the campaign and protested the innocence of Thor Halvorssen’s father. His father was alter released after they found him innocent of all the charges that had been labeled on him. The activism took another turn when his mother was shot at during the peaceful protests in Venezuela.Thor Halvorssen has been actively involved in film production. He has co-produced a movie titled Freedom Fury that has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from the public. As such, he has achieved a lot in the wider industry of film production.


Todd Lubar: The Influential Real Estate Industrialist

The Real Estate Industry in Baltimore has been on the verge of hitting its downside. Progressively, the industry seems to gain ground once more. In April, 2016, the sales of foreclosure homes dropped by 7 percent in Baltimore Metropolis as compared to the previous year. Various regulations have been amended in Maryland due to this crisis. These reviews have made regulations on Real Estate consumer-friendly. Consequently, foreclosure properties are seemingly taking an advanced pace in Maryland than in the neighboring metro cities. Owing to this, the median sales of foreclosures shot to $243,000. That is a 6 percent increase from 2015 to 2016. In fact, it is the highest figure since 2008.

In 1995, Todd Lubar kicked off his career in the Real Estate industry. He started off as a loan promoter for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He became a specialist in mortgage banking; an experience he terms as invaluable. He associated with professionals faceted to the industry, for instance; CPAs and insurance brokers. This familiarity has lengthened his list of referrals.

About Todd Lubar

He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures Inc. and the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Previously, he assumed managerial position at Crestar Mortgage Inc. in 1995, and held the position for four years. More details can be found on his Yelp profile.

As per LinkedIn, the year 1999 marked a major milestone in his career. He accepted a niche at Legacy Financial Group. That presented him the chance to gain further experience. Later on, he started Legendary Properties Inc. The development company deals with properties of all sorts. After 12 years in the industry, he started Legendary Financial LLC as an affiliate of Legendary Properties. This financial unit enabled him to solicit financial aid from overlooked sources. In 2005, he took up the position of Senior Vice President at Charter Funding, an affiliate unit of First Magnus Financial Group, for 2 years

Before the commencement of his career, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications in 1995. In 1987, he went to Peddie School, where he completed his high school curriculum. Prior to that, Todd Lubar he attended Sidwell Friends School located in Washington, DC for ten years.

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