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Betsy Devos – on topic article

As Betsy Devos takes over the Department of Education, some are noting that there’s two sides to this coin. Born to a conservative Michigan family, some remember Devos as a woman who has always been willing to give her time and money to people who need it the most. Yet, even with this working knowledge of her background, there are others who see Devos in a different light in the political world. How she’s framed there largely depends on who is answering the question. To some, she is the fierce fighter looking to generate change in the way the country handles its educational policies. To others, she’s a slick operator in a Trump administration that has brought criticism down on her head. Learn more:


Devos has noted in interviews that the origin of her passion for education comes from her upbringing. Growing up in a community where people largely sent their children to religious schools in hopes of carrying on long-held traditions, she has seen the power that this model has for helping communities build continuity. More than that, she’s seen that when parents are empowered to choose schools for their children, multiple parties tend to benefit.


This is what has led Devos into the national spotlight. Her and her husband have given millions of dollars through their foundation and personally to a wide range of causes. They have supported the arts and educational charities just the same. While she had been making an impact with this charity, her move into politics is about creating change on a bigger level. While some people might see her a political mover and shaker, she just sees herself as a reformer. In a country where educational policy has largely been stuck for a long time, she believes that there are good ideas just waiting to be implemented if people will just show some creativity.


Devos specifically cites a number of states where a school choice model has been beyond successful. She has seen, for instance, how parents in Louisiana have responded positively to the opportunity to put their kids in specific schools rather than having to just accept whatever the state provides. While critics of her policies note that the public school system should be the focus of government policy, Devos suggests that her duty is to the parents who are just trying to do the best for their children. She has to think practically about education because it has practical consequences.


All of that makes sense to those who have known her the longest. Devos got involved decades ago in education reform after trying to find appropriate schools for her own children. She came to understand that it’s often a real challenge to place children in schools where they will succeed. Seeing how difficult and convoluted the process was then, she jumped at the chance to get involved in politics in a way where she could really make change. She set out to create policies that would help all parents give their children the best chance.

Getting Help with Projects Thanks to Aloha Construction

If you have a remodeling job coming up in the near future, you need a construction company that is highly reliable and professional. Unfortunately, this can be a lot more difficult to find than you might think. If you’ve struggled to find a good company and are living in Illinois, there is an agency known as Aloha Construction that has been in the construction business for well over a decade. It is a family-run business, so they are highly reliable and know what they are doing. All of the folks at Aloha Construction are fully insured and licensed, ensuring that you’re getting the best care possible for any and all of your remodeling needs.

The great thing that sets Aloha Construction apart from so many others within the area are the prices involved. Even if you’re on an incredibly strict budget, the folks at Aloha Construction can provide their services without it costing you an arm and a leg. Plus, they have some of the best low-cost financing available, so even if you don’t think you can afford remodeling or home renovation work, you most likely can with the help of their financing options. You can contact Aloha Construction for more information on what they offer and prices involved with each of their many services.

Along with providing superior services at affordable rates, Aloha Construction offers free home inspections that can come in handy for when you’re trying to find out what needs to be done. The vast majority of us do not know how or where to look for home-related issues and oftentimes, it’s too late for when we need work done. If this is a problem for you, the free home inspection can be a welcome addition to your life and save you from spending a lot more down the road than you would right now. Plus, these home inspections are crucial for when you’re looking to buy a home and need to know if it is worth the money you’re putting into it before making the decision to actually purchase it from a local real estate agency.

Securus Technologies Revolutionizing the Whole Game on Fight Against Crime

Security is significant to a healthy nation hence those tasked with the duty of protecting the citizens and country resources have to ensure they do it well and be smart. Technology has helped elevate the game of our security men and women all over the globe. The authorities have to ensure they are one step ahead of criminals in the war against crime. This is exactly what Securus technology has brought in the market. They have products that help in crime prevention. They ensure one can unfold a crime before it is gets executed. The firm has received lots of plaudits from all over by those who have had a touch on the products they offer.


Not only do they help prevent crimes from happening but they help detectives solve crimes too. Their customers are mostly the law enforcement units and the correctional units. The company is by far firing on all fronts ensuring they remain at the top and a recent study indicates they are top holders of exclusive rights issued by the relevant body in U.S. Each day, they are working hand in hand with officials from the government in a bid to ensure they provide their much-needed support.


They have the ability to retrieve any data from a phone considered incriminating. They have the software used to monitor calls of persons of interest, therefore, making them exceptional. This way, many crimes some drug-related and other illegal activities have been prevented from taking place according to the testimonies of those that have used the company’s products. Money laundering is a crime which can now be detected, and the cash gets recovered before it gets in the wrong hands changing the whole game for the better. The company has been inviting their customers and any interested party to visit them and learn more about the various products that interest them.


Dr. Clay Siegall Shares His Passion For Sports Through His Official Blog

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and president of Seattle Genetics, a business he founded 20 years ago. He is also a sports enthusiast who likes to blog about sports and science. He recently posted an ESPN article, for example, that talks about the Philadelphia Eagles and how 9 of their player acquisitions over the span of a week was key to them getting into the Super Bowl. The article describes how each point that they scored during the rout of the Minnesota Vikings during the conference championship was achieved by a player who hadn’t even been on the roster the year prior.

Another ESPN article he posted is about the other Super Bowl contender, the New England Patriots. The article describes how their quarterback Tom Brady cut a weekly interview he does short. The reason for this is that one of the radio station’s hosts had called his five-year-old daughter “an annoying little pissant”. The comment was made by Kirk Minihane who makes appearances from time to time on the “Kirk & Callahan Show”.

Dr. Clay Siegall has been in the biotechnology industry for over 30 years. His specialty is creating targeted cancer drug therapies from anti-body drug conjugates. He says that it’s his passion to create targeted cancer drug therapies for a number of reasons. First, they’re much more effective than the older, conventional methods such as the use of radiation and chemotherapy. Second, they are much better tolerated by the body as the only kill cells with cancer, not those that are healthy.

Since 2006, Dr. Clay Siegall has also joined the board of directors for other firms in the industry. There are three companies he is on the board for including Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. He was chosen to be one these boards because of his deep experience in the biotechnology industry as well as his proven leadership skills.

At the University of Maryland he earned his undergraduate in zoology. His genetics doctorate of philosophy was earned at The George Washington University in 1988.

Jason Hope Releases New Amazon eBook

Jason Hope Educating in a New Book about the Internet-of-Things

The name Jason Hope is well known for promoting the Internet-of-Things and to educate others he has published a book named Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution. In the book, he talks about how technology is on an accelerated path and the wealth of technology innovations today. IoT as Mr. Hope refers to this he says in his book enables devices connected to the internet to exchange information and services while interacting with people. This includes both industrial and consumer systems. The book continues to explain how IoT technology is or can be used in business models and why this technology can be key.

The book starts out with an introduction about the Internet of Things technology and acceleration. Then the next chapter discusses enabling technology and key applications with IoT. Mr. Hope says in his book he is educating readers to get them ready for the IoT era in both social and business implications. He brings up how the technology can change things in industries like hospitals, factories, energy plants and even oil refineries.

Jason Hope the author of the book prides himself on being a futurist. He has a passion to ensure people have a clear understanding about technology and he watches the industry to see where future technology is heading. Mr. Hope grew up in Arizona and attended Arizona State University earning an MBA in finance and the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Mr. Hope is known as an entrepreneur, technology writer, commentator, and now author. His focus on the Internet-of-Things he sees where the technology can include daily life. The devices can be for street lights, cars, and electronic devices including kitchen appliances. He also believes it can have an influence on the largest corporations and the global economy. The one thing he believes is that this technology can make life safer. He explains this by using public transportation improvements like monitoring and maintenance. The technology can choose alternate and safer bus routes due to real-time mapping to avoid dangerous road conditions.

Mr. Hope believes this convenient technology will become an option for many in the future since much of the public now depend on smartphones to do things like monitor their home and turn lights off or on when not at home. Because of this type of technology is becoming used by many companies are starting to compete in developing useful apps for consumers. They are doing this as a way to capitalize on this kind of technology.

Jason Hop’s Social Media:

Sahm Adrangi the Investment Mogul

His Career background

Sahm Adrangi graduated from Yale University with a degree in Economics. His first job was with Deutsche Bank where he worked in the department dealing with leveraged finance. Sahm Adrangi restructured and syndicated any debts that had not been invested by the bank. The same restructuring and syndicating was done on bonds such as leveraged buyouts. He also helped re-finance debts. He has also represented holders of bank debts, creditors, bondholders and preferred equity committees while working at Chanin Capital. He also dealt with settlements done out of court. He was an investment analyst with Longcare Fund, from the Fund, he founded his own firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management and is the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale Capital was started by Sahm Adrangi in 2009. The firm currently manages $150 million and is focused on investment research. Through his research, Mr. Adrangi corrects misconceptions on various companies that are overhyped or under-followed. He then shares this information on his firm’s website and other investment sites that are interested in his work. His research has led to the exposure of various Chinese companies that are thought to be fraudulent. They include; Lihua International, China Marine food, and China Education Alliance. To know more click here.

Focus on Biotechnology, Mining, and Telecommunication

Sahm Adrangi has changed Kerrisdale’s focus to be on areas that its research has mostly centered on. These include Biotechnology, where Kerrisdale has issued publications on various development stage biotechnology companies like Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. The company also issued reports on the mining and telecommunications sector. It questioned the various market valuations that companies like First Majestic Silver and the Northern Dynasty gave for prospects. Kerrisdale also exposed companies in the telecommunications sector. It exposed Globalstar’s weak Terrestrial Low Power services.

Investment Activism

Sahm Adrangi ensured, after engaging management, that Lindsay’s Corporation was able to optimize the company’s policies on capital allocation and deployment of cash. His proxy war at Morgan Hotel Group resulted in directors from his slate got elected. He has also spoken at various conferences and has been published widely by various reputable newspapers. He has also held interviews on TV stations like CNBC.

Sheldon Lavin Is One Of The Original Visionaries Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin was a banker when he got involved in the meat industry more than 40 years ago. Lavin was running his own consulting firm when he got an opportunity to work with the founders of OSI Group. After many years of laying down the foundation of what the company would become, Sheldon Lavin became CEO and Chairman of the enterprise. OSI Group has gone on to conduct international transactions around the world. There are more than 20,000 employees working with the company at this point. Sheldon Levin is proud of the fact that OSI Group is a place where people come to spend their careers.

Sheldon Lavin became involved with the OSI Group founders in the 1950s. At the time the company was known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons was a well-known meat manufacturer in the midwest. The company was offered an opportunity to become the primary supplier to the McDonald’s Corporation. This was an enormous break through for the family-owned business. However, they would need new processing plants in order to fulfill the obligation. The business owners did not have the funding for the project at the time. Sheldon Lavin was brought in to oversee the evolution of the new meat processing plant that would supply the McDonald’s Corporation needs.

Leaders at the McDonald’s Corporation thought it would be in everyone’s best interest for a Sheldon Lavin and to become more involved with the business between the two organizations. Lavin was working as a consultant at the time. However, he wanted his associates to know that he required equal decision making powers if he were to come in full-time. The original owners agreed and Sheldon Lavin’s role grew with Otto and Sons to involve overseas investments. The original owners settled into retirement. Sheldon Lavin took full control of the organization. The company then became known as OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is a businessman who has been recognized for his successes throughout the industry. He has recieved several awards that acknowledge his contribution to the corporate world. Sheldon’s international impact has been evident on a very competitive industry. Lavin is proud of the awards because he is serious about being involved in charitable causes that influence the lives of others.

OSI Group is very active in the communities that it operates in. Lavin encourages other executives to devote themselves to community work just as they would there businesses.

Aloha Construction is The Name to Trust for Roofing & Siding Repairs

When you have damage to your roof or any other part of your home or business from storms, accidents, and other occurrences you need a reliable and affordable contractor that can help you get things back to the way they were quickly and easily. If you live in Illinois or Wisconsin and you need a reputable contractor to help you with all of your building repair needs why not choose the name so many others have turned to, Aloha Construction.

Aloha construction specializes in roofing and siding repairs after damage from storms. Their company slogan is “We Reign When It Storms” and to be sure it’s not just empty words. Aloha is the leader in the area for rapid response roof and siding repairs and has been trusted by thousands of customers. Aloha offers trusted and bonded roofers and siding experts that are well versed in all types of roofing materials, construction techniques, and repair procedures. Sometimes damage can occur that is not readily visible. They start with an exclusive nine-step inspection process that the overall integrity of the roof can be assessed and any unknown problems identified.

Aloha offers insured and licensed siding contractors that can take on any job installing, replacing, or repairing your home’s siding. From new installs to post-storm repair, you can be confident that your siding will be handled expert attention from technicians that are qualified well above the industry standard. All technicians have to undergo extensive training and testing to make sure that they are up to our standards and exceed yours.

Aloha construction is also the name to turn to for gutters, downspout systems, windows, doors, and screens. No matter what you need to be done, Aloha is the best choice in Illinois and Wisconsin to get it done. Financing help is available for those who qualify, and references are always available upon request. Aloha offers free property inspection, just call.

When you have damage to your home or business and you need the best contractor specializing in repairs in the greater Illinois and Wisconsin area, don’t look any further than Aloha Construction.

Saygus Praises Newswatch TV Reviews

Tim Rush, the marketing and PR representative for Saygus (an electronics and headphone company), reviewed NewsWatch TV and had nothing but good things to say about them. Saygus decided to team up with NewsWatch TV so they could get the word out about their products.

In the review, Rush said the video that NewsWatch created was of high quality and professional. He added that the company was able to convey the message Saygus wanted to send and he said he highly recommends using NewsWatch.

About NewsWatch TV
NewsWatch TV airs weekly in the United States. It’s a television show that’s 30 minutes long and it airs on the ION Network and AMC. It launched operations in 1989 and to date there have been over 1000 episodes aired. The content that the show covers includes a range of topics, such as new product releases, tourism, travel, national public awareness campaigns, health breakthroughs and more.

The company is based in the Washington, DC region and the staff has many years of experience. Throughout the years, NewsWatch’s series has reached hundreds of millions of people across America. This means it is one of the top independent news magazines on television. Many companies and celebrities have appeared on the show and many of them had nothing but good things to say about it.

Recognition And Awards
The series has received significant recognition and a number of swards. In 2017, it won a Videographer Award and it received a Silver Telly Award in 2016. It was also nominated for another Silver Telly Award.

Feel free to visit NewsWatch’s website to find out more about them or you can tune into the series if it airs on a station you have.

Malcolm CasSelle Discusses The Future Of His Company WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is the founder of Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX for short, and he discussed the future of his company. One of the things the company, which is a virtual game marketplace, wants to do is reduce the costs of transactions.

WAX is going to tokenize its assets, but they will work to ensure tokens that are on the blockchain will remain associated to their asset. The exchange of virtual assets are done via a process that is conducted through people who are responsible for transferring assets. These people are known as transfer agents and if they fail at their duties, then their supervisory committee will take action.

WAX will continue to make improvements to its platform and they will continue creating an ecosystem of assets that will be able to be exchanged in a way they were never exchanged

About Malcolm CasSelle
The president of WAX is a serial entrepreneur and has held prominent positions at numerous of companies. He was the president of New Adventures at the company Tronc and he was once the senior vice president and general manager of digital media at SeaChange International. Other companies he has held prominent roles at includes Xfire and MediaPass. During the early stages of Zynga and Facebook, CasSelle was an early investor in them. He has also invested in various Bitcoin-related companies.

Besides being a successful businessman, he is well educated. He went to MIT, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. After attending MIT, he went to Standford University, where he graduated with a master’s degree. Both of his degrees are in computer science. Another interesting fact about him is he can speak both Mandarin and Japanese.

WAX has enjoyed incredible success and this is in part to CasSelle’s leaderships skills, as well as his team. You can visit his website or company’s site to learn more about him.ehe

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