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Alexandre Game Is Such A Great Advertiser

     Alexandre Gama is a famous advertising executive who is native to Brazil. Although advertising is his forte, racking up nearly 100 prestigious awards over his 35-year career in the industry, he also is involved in judging artworks, producing art himself, sitting atop major companies boards of directors to help make meaningful decisions, and helping his fellow Brazilians excel in whatever careers make them happy, proud, and satisfied.

After precisely 30 years’ worth of time spent across various advertising firms, the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies – shortened to ABAP by native Brazilians – selected Mr. Gama as one of its select few board members to help maintain top-notch performance by participants in the world of marketing and advertising.

Gama has even been asked – which he obliged to, all three times – to serve the International Film Jury as one of its key Foreman, the formal title of judges that serve the organization. Such stints of service came in 2004 and 2013, with another appearance at the annual festival in 2008, though he was officially coined a Jury Member.

Once, in 2014, Mr. Alexandre Gama was asked to show off an art exhibition he created on his own at the Brazilian Art Museum, unarguably one of the most prominent art galleries across the spacious country of Brazil. The exhibit was open to the public, free of charge, for two consecutive months following its initial showing.

Mr. Alexandre Gama has also been trusted with the stringent demands of major corporations like the United Kingdom’s Briggs Automotive Company. He invested a substantial sum in the company and quickly became known as one of the most active voters at shareholders’ meetings.

All considered, in the 36-odd years Alexandre Gama has been employed in the advertising industry, Alexandre Gama has won 23 Cannes Festival Lion awards.

A three Pillar Approach to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair is a highly qualified and experienced businessman. Besides, he has various professional certifications that have enabled him prosper in the business world. According to Blair, every person requires a plan to be able to achieve their financial goals. His aim is to help people of the greater region of Austin, Texas to attain financial freedom through proper planning.

In order to come up with a comprehensive financial plan, Richard Blair uses a three-pillar approach. This helps him to look and assess the current financial situation of every client for the purposes of developing a holistic financial strategy. He has done this for several years and helped many people in Austin, Texas realize their financial dreams.

The first Pillar

The main purpose of the first pillar is to help develop a financial roadmap for the client. Richard Blair determines the route by finding out the client’s goals, risk tolerance, strengths and growth opportunities. This pillar is important because it also helps build a stronger relationship between Richard Blair and his clients. It also helps him to understand a client’s personal goals as well as concerns and therefore being able to develop clear expectations.

The second pillar

The second pillar, unlike the first pillar, is meant to establish long-lasting and effective investment strategies that are tailor-made to specific clients’ unique goal. It is at this juncture where Richard Dwayne Blair properly reallocates and manages the assets of his clients by maximizing transactions when the market is moving upwards and minimizing them when the market seems to go down. This is meant to ensure that clients get the most out of their investments.

The third Pillar

After determining a client’s financial goals and enacting various effective strategies that guarantee financial growth, Richard Blair then moves to the final pillar after a thorough review of the entire process with every client.

The third pillar is mainly about implementation and monitoring. This is where Richard

Dwayne Blair closely implements and monitors his clients’ goals by simply tracking and comparing them to their earlier expectations. Most of the people who follow the three pillar approach end up attaining their financial goals.

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ClassDojo Deciphers Boredom in Classrooms

ClassDojo Deciphers Boredom in Classrooms

While this may come as a surprise, teaching can be boring and lonely. Even so, we know that teachers are surrounded by people where these people are often students. Therefore, they barely rub shoulders with their peers. As such, many teachers encounter days filled with a lot of interaction with their students. Moreover, these interactions involve self-discovery lessons for students. While it is rather easy to get to the end of the week or the lesson, it is also factual that teachers can do with a little more time from their peers and not students entirely. ClassDojo is here to provide teachers with an interactive interface that connects them to other teachers away from the local teaching fraternity.

Background Information

The story is told of a teacher who recounts her first day in school. When she first started using technology as a teacher, she did not expect this gadget to connect his to other teachers who would, in turn, contribute to the development of the class. Indeed, she did not expect the technology to transform her life in any way. However, as time passed by, she discovered that with the use of technology, she could be a better educator. Also, because she is a coach, she can do with more of the connection from technology.

New Connections

Moreover, the gadget enabled her to make new connections around her. With these connections, she has been able to develop a new platform for friends and peers who have changed the world by making it a better place.


As she recalls, she started using ClassDojo multiple years ago. The communications app allowed her to create a positive environment in the classroom. Of course, every teacher could do with some positive energy from the students. Moreover, these students have the opportunity to share their photos and messages with close friends and relatives. Through the same channels, students create robust social and interactive platforms enabling them to keep in touch with their peers. From the look of the positivity generated by ClassDojo, it is critical to highlight some points about this

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is an exciting tech app that connects teachers, parents, and students. The app allows students to follow up their assignments with teachers. On the other hand, teachers are always updated regarding their student’s performance. Similarly, parents get to understand what exactly is happening in their children’s lives.

HCR Wealth Advisors on How to Improve Financial Understanding Amongst Your Children

As a parent, you may not understand the importance of exposing your children to financial knowledge. Giving your children an opportunity to learn financial and monetary matters helps significantly in raising their financial IQ. It also helps in shaping their future adulthood financial goals. In some cases, parents often shy away from enlightening their children on finance and money issues thinking that they are too young for such topics. Parents also fear facing rejection from uninterested children. However, according to HCR Wealth Advisors, financial education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your children.

Notably, financially literate children  have the ability to make informed financial decisions in future. As such, HCR Wealth Advisors has recently published some tips designed to help you educate your children financially. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that provides financial advice and planning services to clients.

According to HCR Wealth Advisors, one of the most vital financial lessons for children is understanding the value of money and how to earn money. Giving your children an allowance after successfully completing household chores helps them understand that money does not come freely. If they need more money to spend, then they have to work on extra chores. Moreover, the next step is teaching your children on how to design a budget. The budget can be effective in giving them directions on how to spend their money. The skills learned in budgeting the money they earn will help them later in life as they begin to work as adults. Additionally, you should go the extra mile and open a savings account for your child. It will enable them to develop the tendency of depositing their earnings at a bank for safe-keeping. Helping children acquire a bank account gives them the courage to take such decisions in adulthood. Finally, it is necessary that you equip your children with basic knowledge on investment. Giving them information on how to invest in the stock market, in bonds, and others can help in gradually growing their future net worth.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm founded in 1988 that provides its clients with wealth management solutions. The firm seeks to establish strong relationships with its clients through quality client service, education, and communication. The firm is located in Los Angeles, California.

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Jim Toner As An Oracle In Real Estate Investment Industry

Jim Toner has become one of the most appreciated and recognized entrepreneurs when it comes to real estate investments and supporting the society through various philanthropic works and investments that have brought a lot of benefits to other entrepreneurs whether established ones or the prospective ones. He is one of the highly paid professions due to his vast experience and expertise in his career. Besides, he is the founder of an organization called wealth builders that specializes in giving investment ideas and advice to various entrepreneurs across the country to realize their dreams in entrepreneurship. The primary objective of starting this firm was to reassemble some of his associates who were also experts in real estate investment and who have become successful in the industry to combine their efforts in assisting other entrepreneurs to succeed too.

Wealth builders company has various training offices for example in Indiana which has assisted in organizing multiple beneficial entrepreneurship workshops which have drastically changed the lives of a significant number of entrepreneurs who travel from all parts of the country to attend the real estate investment programs.

Jim Toner has also appeared on various social media platforms such as the radios and TV shows to express his interest in assisting business people in realizing their dreams. For example, he has been a host for the famous Radio Show Horsing where he discusses wealth creation and how to cope up with various challenges when it comes to investment. He has also worked in different companies where he is said to have contributed significantly to the making of their success stories. As an excellent example of a company he worked in is Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Also, Jim Toner is a writer. He has written various publications with the purpose of influencing entrepreneurs and investors to maximize their returns on their investments. One of the most famous books he has written is called the Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate. In this book, he reveals s the real truth n that exist in the Real Estate industry and talks about the tips that may help real estate investors cope up with the challenges that are in the market and how to find the massive opportunities that exist in the market.

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Tech Innovator and Angel Investor Malcolm CasSelle helps OPSkins launch new WAX Virtual Asset Trading Platform

OPSkins is best known as the world leader in the field of virtual video game assets, such as cosmetic skins, but they are also the number-one bitcoin merchant on the planet. With the virtual in-game asset market rapidly expanding, OPSkins, led by CIO Malcom CasSelle, decided to launch an innovative blockchain trading platform designed specifically for the trading of video game assets. The new platform, called WAX or ‘Worldwide Asset eXchange,’ is a P2P marketplace designed to allow for quick, efficient online trading.

WAX is also designed to solve the virtual asset trading problem known as ‘fragmenting’, where factors such as language barriers and payment processing issues cripple many regional cryptocurrency marketplaces. OPSkins is using blockchain technology to eliminate security concerns and create a smoother platform for the exchange of virtual in-game assets. CIO CasSelle is confident that WAX will ignite the field of cryptocurrency and help OPSkins remain a leader in the in-game asset industry.


Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and angel investor who currently serves as OPSkins’ CIO. Prior to joining OPSkins, Mr. CasSelle has served as the CTO and President of New Ventures for tronc, Inc. and the Senior VP and General Manager for Digital Media at SeaChange, and he has also been the leader of tech startups like MediaPass and Xfire. He also worked on Groupon’s joint Chinese venture with Tencent.


CasSelle holds two degrees in computer science: a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master’s degree from Stanford. Aside from his career as a leader of digital media companies and startups, Mr. CasSelle has also been an active angel investor in the digital media field. He made early-stage investments in Facebook and Zynga, and he has recently turned his attention to investing in companies that utilize Bitcoin. He has previously served as a board member of Timeline Labs, and currently serves in advisory positions for Votocast, DirectTech Labs and Sensay.


The Chainsmokers Release the Single “Sick Boy”

In the world of Electronic Dance Music, the Chainsmokers keep changing the game with songs that are not only technically beautiful but lyrically as well. After 9 months of waiting, fans finally got to hear new music from the duo that included their hit song “Sick Boy”. A true reflection of society according to their generation, “Sick Boy” is much darker than their music has ever been before. “Sick Boy” is not about someone needing a doctor, instead it talks about the sick obsession the United States seems to have with social media. While Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of the Chainsmokers admit in their song that they have chosen to live in this lifestyle with no privacy and constant judgment, it is still a concerning problem to them and for society in general. Social media breeds narcissism, and while it is not always a bad thing and sometimes even necessary, sometimes it’s taken to far and people have an identity crisis over who they are portraying themselves as online.

The Chainsmokers may have taken a big risk by moving in this direction, they did have some concern about alienating some of their fans, but it has paid off with hit after hit coming off of their new album. Taggart and Alex Pall are definitely coming into their own and are not afraid to say what they want to say. Their music of the Chainsmokers seems to be maturing with the artists and their fans. “Sick Boy” managed to reach the top 100 in the United States as well as hitting the charts in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, and others. Their single is refreshing and a candid look at life as a celebrity.

The Chainsmokers got together in 2012 and released their first hit single, “#Selfie”, released in 2014. Their first album, Bouquet made its debut in the fall of 2015 featuring their single “Roses” which made it to the Billboard top 10.

O2Pur Offers Fresh eCig Satisfaction that is Distinct from Tobacco

O2Pur is one of the companies that are taking the eCig industry to the next level. The world of vaping has been expanding fast behind the scenes. Indeed, vaping has been around for a while. The traditional cigarette manufacturers wished it away at first, but it refused to go away. Instead, vaping was threatening the status quo. It is for the fear of losing business to electronic cigarette manufacturers that giant tobacco firms such as Philip Morris and BAT decided either to buy off the smaller eCig Companies or start their own eCigs to compete with the others in the segment.

However, emerging eCig manufacturers including Companies such as O2Pur have come on stage with a unique business model and products to merchandise. Vaping has its pleasures that stand out as distinct and unique. Thus, the multi-nationals could not really get rid of the eCig competitors from the market. To get the best of vaping experience, here are some tips

Ecigs Versus Tobacco

eCigs provide an alternative avenue for leaving the world of tobacco. eCigs have been found to help some people to move out of tobacco smoking. While the original eCigs lacked originality in terms of flavor, some brands have shown that the tobacco craving goes away as soon as they touch the first eCig and take a vape. O2Pur is one of the companies that started producing unique eCigs, with flavors that make users want to keep vaping. Those who seek to use electronic cigarettes have their tastes. So, the company has decided that it is time to add some spice and sparkle to the lives of vaping enthusiasts.

The Vaping Tips Exemplified

Choosing the right eCig is something that eCig smokers need to learn. The various brands come with their own unique flavors and packaging style. The world of eCigs is large and fairly well developed. Figures show that, so far, there are over 500 eCig brands. Some brands still cling to the tobacco reliance. Indeed, the cheaper eCigs are often the culprits of tobacco imitations. They are commonly placed beside the tobacco products in most outlets. Therefore, it is not a good idea to try out eCigs that no one checks to establish their true value. Avoid the cheap eCig brands. One of the selling points of eCigs is the convenience in their use. eCigs do not have valiant enemies as yet. Most jurisdictions do not have laws that control vaping.

So, while cigarette smokers are constantly under siege, vapers can enjoy their smoke-free eCig anywhere any time. Another advantage that Cigs have over cigarettes is that they are not addictive. One can try out their eCig as many times as possible anywhere without necessarily having to think about addiction. The portability and the stylish presentation of eCig is also another advantage. Vaping allows users the freedom to choose. Besides, vaping does not cling to the users’ shirts’ collars. Traditional cigarettes often leave you smelling like a chimney; once you are through.

Bruno Fagali: The Exceptional Lawyer

     Bruno Fagali from Brazil is not your usual lawyer. He is a man who decided that he will stand out from the crowd of lawyers and practice differently. Bruno is a professional in administrative law. Nevertheless, he also focuses on other types of law. Bruno has gathered his experience by working for various law firms. Currently, Bruno is working on introducing a new division or aspect in the nation’s legal system. He wants to change the society and the country.

All the experience Fagali gained from other firms enabled him to start his practice. Fagali Law Firm is growing steadily and aiming to become more prominent with time. All these achievements are founded on Bruno’s education. He started his journey by attaining a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo. He added a master degree to reinforce his skills and qualification. Bruno’s education has a significant part in the progress he has made.

While practicing administrative law,Fagali developed an interest in urban compliance, regulatory law, and ethics. Integrity is an essential virtue to Bruno in every sphere of his life. This passion has driven Bruno to fight corruption through his career. Corruption characterizes Brazil’s allocation of public funds. According to Bruno, mitigating or ending this kind of impunity is possible. He has founded an initiative that will prevent misappropriation of public funds.

The program will be launched in government offices, especially those dealing with government contracts. Since Bruno introduced this initiative, he has been quite busy. Private organizations are also using it to maintain transparency and integrity in their entities. Bruno Fagali is impressed by the reception of this initiative, and he is supporting organizations wherever he can.

A specific advertising company hired Bruno to be their integrity manager. Nova/sb mainly deals with business from the government. They are glad to have Bruno’s expertise in compliance and ethics. The company also gets business from non-governmental organizations. Bruno Fagali appreciates whatever services he gives this company. Bruno Fagali is not an individual who focuses on one area. He believes in impacting the society from all possible perspectives. Bruno is exemplary to his peers and the community in its entirety.

OSI Group: Leading by Example in High-Quality Foodservices

What would the world do without foodservices? That’s a very important question since most people and most businesses survive from dealing with professional food providers. There are a number of quality food providers in society today, but there is one that is outperforming all of the rest. OSI Group, an American wholesaler of food products, is the quintessential foodservice provider of the 21st century. You won’t find a more productive company than this. OSI Group has well-over a century’s worth of experience, and it’s still going strong. This is a true rags to riches type of story as the company started-out by selling only meats. Yes, this is very true, but with its success, the company began to grow into other aspects of the foodservice business.

Chicken fried steak, fritters, bacon bits, chicken nuggets, pot roast, pizza, hotdogs, flatbread, fresh dough products, bacon slices, fruits, cheese, cookies, cucumbers, tomatoes, panini, cooked sausage links, meatloaf, chicken wings, meatballs and many other foods are being produced here on a daily basis. The company has well-over 60 state-of-the-art facilities. In China, OSI has up to 10 advanced facilities, and these facilities are high-in-volume. China’s economy has certainly benefited from OSI’s 20-year presence. OSI Group has done a phenomenal job of evolving with the times. By doing so, it has acquires other successful businesses like Flagship Europe and BAHO Food. By making acquisitions like this, the company can now expand into foreign territories. In most cases, OSI has held onto many of the companies’ former-employees.

Here in the U.S., OSI Group has facilities in numerous areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Utah, California and Wisconsin. Its supply chain is very efficient as well as very consistent. Just about every region of the globe has benefited from this company’s products or services. All in all, OSI Group is simply leading by example, and it’s setting a higher mark than before.

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