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How Peter Briger’s Experience and Values Have Contributed to the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, investor and a devoted professional in the finance industry. He joined Fortress Investment Group, an alternative asset management company in 2002. He has been instrumental in steering the company to become a top choice investment firm for individuals all over the world. Briger serves as a Principal at the company and was appointed to become a Co-Chairman of its board of directors in 2009. He is responsible for the real estate investments of Fortress and the credit management department. Briger is also a member of several other boards which puts him at a better position to maintain good relations with the clients of Fortress Investment Group.As a leader at the global private equity firm, Briger has displayed excellent leadership qualities. Employees of Fortress Investment Group express their faith in him to solve various challenges at the organization.

They point out that they are happy with working at the organization which provides a conducive work environment through its leaders.Peter Briger, together with his co-principals are credited with creating a strong culture and values at the firm which have propelled it to its global position. Peter Briger is a generous man who is dedicated to helping the less fortunate in society. He also supports several other causes including education and poverty eradication in the United States and around the globe. He is a regular donor of various charities and is even involved directly as a leader in some them like the Silicon Valley Council that regulates funds aimed at assisting children to have access to education and a better life. Briger believes that supporting children to access education prepares them to take over as the leaders of the future.

Forbes Magazine recognizes Peter Briger among the top 400 entrepreneurs. This achievement has helped him to inspire young business professionals. He collaborated with Provost Lee and Eisgruber Peter to establish the Princeton Investment Company. Its primary aim is to fund the ideas of young entrepreneurs at Princeton University and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.Peter Briger studied at Princeton University where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also went to the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a master’s degree in Business Administration from the institution’s Wharton School of Business. Before he moved to Fortress Investment Group, Briger had accumulated 15 years of experience working at Goldman Sachs in various management positions.

Real Estate Developer Hussain Sajwani Plans on Completing Projects With Trumps

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate developer who is the founder of the company DAMAC. He is strongly tied to current United States president Donald Trump. Over the last year, he has looked to complete a number of real estate development projects with Trump’s company the Trump Organization. Sajwani and the Trump Organization are planning on completing a number of new properties in the near future. One of these projects will be the Trump International Golf Club. With this property, individuals will be able to play golf near luxury properties that are worth over a billion dollars. While President Trump is unable to participate in this latest deal, he will leave it up to his children to finalize the completion of the deal with Hussain and his company.

In recent years, Hussain Sajwani has established close ties to Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric along with his daughter Ivanka. The three will work closely with Sajwani to work on the golf course development in the near future. According to Sajwani, the three kids of Donald Trump are very interested in protecting the firm’s brand. Along with their protective nature, he said that all three have proven to display considerable leadership abilities. This has made it easier for Hussain to work with the Trump’s and make progress towards completing future projects. His relations with the Trump’s is very strong and close which will benefit him and his company.

Hussain Sajwani has successfully run his company DAMAC for many years which has enabled him to establish a favorable reputation in the real estate industry. Over the years, the company has completed a number of high end luxury property deals in multiple real estate markets in the world. The properties his company has developed include hotels, houses and apartment buildings. In a recent announcement, Sajwani has said that he plans to issue an initial public offering. This will likely depend on a couple of factors such as future expansion and giving cash distributions to ownership. As well as being a real estate development firm, DAMAC is also involved in food service. It has established a reputation as being a very reputable company that provides quality cuisine. During the Gulf War in 1991, the company provided food service for the United States military.

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The Chainsmokers Music and Single

The Chainsmokers reached their breakout in the year of 2014 when they released their hit song “Selfie.” This song reached the charts in twenty different countries. Then they released their hit song “Roses” in 2015 along with “Don’t let me down,” which was their first hits to make it to the top ten on the charts. In 2016 they released their single “Closer” which was their first single to be number one on the music charts, and it stayed number one for weeks. Then, “Something just like this” came out and hit the top of the charts, along with their hit “Paris.” In 2018, the Chainsmokers came out with another hit called “Sick boy.” Their new music has a darker vibe than their past music. They wanted to try something new and relevant to the problems of this generation. They have also went on to win several different awards including a Grammy in 2015.

Before the chainsmokers started in 2012, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were two men with a dream. Alex lived in New York where he pursued djing part time. He wanted to make a career out of his music but he felt it felt more like a hobby than a job. But one day he decided to make a career out of it and he gave it a shot. Andrew Taggart was a college student and he planned on pursuing music in L.A. after college. He lived in Maine, and loved electronic pop music. One day he heard that the chainsmokers needed a new member, and he set out on a bus immediately and headed to New York to meet Alex. As soon as they met they went to Alex’s apartment and started creating music. Then in 2014 they took off and became a musical sensation!

Fortress Investment Group Leader in Innovation in the Financial Industry

If you are looking for professional assistance with managing your assets and investments and need some expert advice, it has become crucial to take advice from the investment managers. The company launched its IPO in the New York Stock Exchange in the year 2007, and at the time of the launch, it was the only private equity firm of its size to be traded publicly. In the field of alternative assets management, Fortress Investment Group is the name to reckon with and has provided services to nearly two thousands clients worldwide. With time, the clientele network of the company has been growing steadily. Fortress Investment Group was founded in the year 1998 by Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. All the three co-owners and founders of the company have a huge experience in the field of finance, and they used their experience, expertise as well as the existing client base to give the boost to the company initially.

It is their effort and leadership that helped Fortress to achieve new heights of success in a very short period of time. Fortress Investment Group provides a wide range of financial products and services to institutional investors, high net worth individuals, and organizations. At present, Fortress Investments has more than $65 billion in assets under management, and the count is increasing steadily with time. One of the many reasons why so many global companies trust Fortress is due to its vast network across the globe, the pool of expert investment managers, and the in-depth research capabilities. The past track record of the company clearly proves its leadership position in the field of investment management.

Recently, the Softbank Group purchased Fortress Investment Group for over 3 Billion dollars. Softbank believes that it would help the company to make its foothold stronger in the West, and also adds to its financial research capabilities. Fortress Investment Group already has a plan for the future and is looking to raise fund for an amount of $2 billion. The company already had a good reputation in the market, and it seems like a breeze. Even though the final plans are still being laid out, the company is hopeful that the decision will allow them to expand their services further and reach out to more clients who can enjoy huge benefits by hiring their services. The clients of the company trust them blindly because of the high-quality services that the company offers them.

Real Estate Business with José Auriemo Neto

The real estate business is among the industries that are growing at a very high rate in all states. In Brazil, the field has remained unexplored for a very long time. JHSF has helped change the nation by improving their real estate. The firm was established in 1972 by two brothers: Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo. Their dream was to develop their company to become the most prominent real estate developers in Brazil. To accomplish this, they added two more people to the firm.

In 1993, Fabio’s son joined the organization. José Auriemo Neto brought great ideas to the firm. In respect to this, he became the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company. Under his leadership, the firm has experienced multiple successes. He got JHIF the rights to develop malls. This made it possible for JHSF to build the Metrô Santa Cruz mall, which was the first mall in Brazil. Fortunately, it had a great reception and this opened way for the development of other malls In Brazil. Besides malls, the JHSF has also developed hotels, restaurants, and airports.

Jose Neto is a very aggressive entrepreneur. With JHSF doing great in Brazil, he has decided to take it to the next level. The firm is now operating at a national level and is responsible for the existence of 815 building located on 5th Avenue in New York.

The vision of the two brothers is finally coming true. It is crucial that investors understand that believing in their dream is the first step of living their dream.

Shervin Pishevar: Monopolies vs. Small Business

Shervin Pishevar has been warning against monopolies for some time. They fundamentally destroy markets and limit innovation. Small businesses have a hard enough time competing against larger competitors. However, when monopolies can manipulate the rules that govern the markets, small businesses have much less of a chance.

Many people know small business as the backbone of an economy. This statement holds true for free market economies. Since small businesses require a lot of hard work and some luck, not everyone owns one. The modern economy can be considered responsible for the demise of small businesses. Prior to modernization, when goods were readily traded between individuals, small businesses were prevalent. Working the land was needed for survival and small enterprises were the only means available.

Today, discussions like Shervin Pishevar’s about small business is not about returning to the old days. It is quite the opposite. The varied interests of small business are good for innovation. This is one proof that modernization is not synonymous with business mergers. The world has become more educated. When only royalty and the wealthy were privy to an education, a monopoly driven economy might make sense. But, now that individuals are capable of valuable contributions to innovation and new ideas helping shape the world, monopolies are poison. Surely, Shervin Pishevar would agree on this point.

Blockchains can make small businesses more prevalent. They transform digital transactions by empowering the individuals directly involved in a trade. Now everything is not a fight when it comes to money. Large corporations do not need to fear blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications. These new technologies offer the opportunity to weed out the transactional waste. If a corporation, or one of its ventures, does not add value, then smart contracts operating on blockchains can remove this aspect. Smart contracts bring a surgeon’s precision to digital transactions.

Small businesses have less bureaucracies than the monopolies mentioned by Shervin Pishevar. More of their operations are driven by filling needs, rather than, the perception of profitability. They simply have less waste, and thus, can form a symbiotic relationship with blockchain technology.

Jed McCaleb leads Stellar in innovating a new universal payment system

Stellar Development Foundation is a company that is looking for means of making the cryptocurrencies industry better by the innovation of a new payments system that will be safer and easy to use. The current systems do not allow for people to make payments using cryptocurrencies with ease. The system that is being created by this firm is one which allows people to send payments in the form of cryptocurrencies and reach the recipient in any form that they may wish to have it. Stellar is working with banking institutions which will facilitate these payments, for instance, and receive money just like an email is done. The system will also make it possible for people to send, it will be possible to send bitcoin, and the recipient will receive money in dollars.

Stellar Development Foundation is an organization that was founded in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and other players in the industry. Jed McCaleb is one of the people who has spent time in the industry for a long time. Immediately Bitcoin was invented, he was among the first people who took advantage of the new opportunities that came with it. By 2010, he was already making innovations. He was the first innovator to create a centralized exchange.

According to Jed McCaleb, Stellar technology is going to be the greatest innovation since blockchain was implemented. The security of the network system is the main concern especially with the ease that comes with sending money. Stellar is implementing a security system where machines will be able to connect based on “trust.” Machines which are not trustworthy will not be able to create a connection meaning that it will be hard for money to be stolen.

Jed McCaleb says that the company is developing a “consensus” algorithm which has been opened for the public to throw in their contributions. Stellar is an open source forum where anyone is free to add to the growth of the system. According to Jed McCaleb, he wants to create a system where anyone can use the system and still achieve the desired results. The new system has been getting a positive review from experts in the industry. Although it is still a paperwork, it is likely to be a great system once implemented.

Academy of Art University Alumni Award

The Academy of Art University has taken up residence in San Francisco since 1929. There are over 20 departments that students can choose to study in; some of these departments include photography, television and digital media, motion pictures, graphic design, fashion, architecture, acting, and animation. With over 25,000 graduates the university has a number of alumni that have made quite a name for themselves.

Jason Sperling graduated from the Advertising department in 1993. He was the leader of the creative team that was responsible for creating the wildly popular and award winning “Mac vs. PC” advertisement. Denise Cherry attended the Academy of Art University’s School of Interior Architecture & Design; she is credited as being the main designer for the Facebook headquarters corporate office, which is award winning. Chris Milk attended the School of Motion Pictures and Television. He has made a name for himself directing music videos for the famous Kanye West and U2.

Most recently, two students who attended the School of Fashion Design won two out of five of the prestigious CFDA Awards. The overarching theme of the night was diversity and inclusiveness, which all designers portrayed in their work. Susan Zienty won the Kenneth Cole Footwear Innovation Award, which gives her a $50,000 annual stipend and the opportunity to have a year-long fellowship at Kenneth Cole. Cameron Orland won the $25,000 Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Award.

The shoe Susan Zienty designed was influenced by her experience with foster care. She used a thick and sturdy platform heel to depict the strength and support a foster child needs in their life. Often times a child in foster has emotions that run the gamut. Susan used these traits as inspiration for the rich colors and textures used in her design. Within the heel of Zienty’s shoe design are salvaged materials and precious stones; these were used to indicate the memory of one of her foster-sisters.

For Cameron Orland’s award, she was required to submit a number of artifacts that contributed to her collection. She submitted an essay, a resume, and a 44-page portfolio. The portfolio was, perhaps, the most critical portion of her submission. Orland’s portfolio not only held a sketchbook, but also eight different looks that included flats, details, and garment draping. The overall inspiration for her submission was the celebration of the aging process. It celebrates the wrinkles, vitiligo, hyper-pigmentation, and freckles that are experienced as people age.

These two award winners attribute much of their success to the opportunity they had to attend the Academy of Art University. They were given the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in their industry.


Learn All About the Southridge Capital

The Southridge Capital company was founded in 1996 to be a leading financial planning and solutions agency. Their main office can be found in Connecticut where all of their financial analysts work full-time. They also have several overseas-based offices to expand to an ever-growing market. Currently, they are found in places like Singapore, Africa, France and Japan. The company was initially founded by Stephen Hicks, who is an expert analyst and financial planner with over 30 years of dedicated experience within the industry. Southridge Capital is one of the most well-known and fastest-growing companies in the world. They have an estimated $1.8 billion dollars invested for their customers.


The company works with over 300 different corporations and charities worldwide, some of which include Ridgefield Estates, Walnut Hill Community Church, Save a Child’s Heart Administration and the Western Connecticut Health Network. Along with providing superior financial planning and solutions to their paying customers, Southridge also works with charities and gives back to the community. They work alongside the Daystar Foundation and have since donated well over half a million dollars to charities around the world. Mr. Hicks feels that the only way to create a successful company is to give back whenever and wherever you can. Their office workers include some of the top financial advisors in the industry, Linda Carlsen, Henry Sargent and Laurence Ditkoff. Alongside Stephen Hicks, these experts have well over 50 years of combined experience to better customize plans for their clientele. They offer several services, which include merger and acquisition planning, credit repair, financial advisory and data sheet optimization. You can visit



The founder of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, is a graduate of the Briar Cliff University of New York and the Fordham Institute of NYC. Because of the work that he has put into not only his education but his work ethic, he developed the Southridge Capital corporation to better suit those struggling financially. Prior to creating his own corporation, Mr. Hicks worked with the Bridge Financial Group as a lead analyst for over 10 years. His dedication to his clients and company make him a prime choice for corporations and limited liability agencies worldwide.


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CEO Robert Ivy — American Institute of Architects First Time Recipient of the Polk Award

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) usually credit photographers, visual arts, and musicians with its Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement commendation. In it, the Institute has honored some outstanding achievers for more than 35 years. However, CEO and Mississippi native, Robert Ivy has recently received the Polk Award. Even more, the AIA Vice president is a first-time recipient of such honor.

Of course, Ivy has been AIA’s Executive Vice President and CEO since 2011. Also, he is an author, writer and a worldwide architecture commentator. So, it comes as no surprise; he takes his spot with other Noel Polk Award honorees. Also, the former US Navy officer held a position as Editor in Chief for McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record before becoming a part of the AIA.

With Robert Ivy’s management, Architectural Record grew to be the most widely spread architect journal worldwide and earned many awards — which included the Ellie Awards for excellent service. The MIAL organization will formally present, both Mississippians — architect, Ivy and Andrew Cary Young (stained-glass artist) with the Lifetime Achievement Award during June 2. Interestingly, Mr. Ivy has an honorary title, Master Architect, which came from the national architectural association.

Similarly, the camaraderie, Alpha Rho Chi has recognized other well-known architects around the world. Nonetheless, there’s no one in Mississippi to make architecture available to the community like Robert Ivy. For that reason, the MIAL’s President Nancy Laforge has so taken notice. What’s more, Robert Ivy has grown the AIA’s area throughout the world. Now, the Institute in all of its 160-year-old record has the highest subscription level.

So, when you become a member of AIA, the Institute will provide resources to help you with your business. Indeed, we face many issues in our communities and the world. Thus, the American Institute of Architects provides its participants with tools to connect to the public in finding the right solution to those issues. When the AIA started in 1857, it aimed to produce more sustainable buildings, communities, and neighborhoods.

Afterward, the organization support ideas that will benefit the public’s well-being and strengthen economic durability. At the moment, under the guidance of Robert Ivy, the American Institute of architects are working through 200 or more local and state chapters in performing and providing the highest professional expectations.

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