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How GreenSky Credit Has Streamlined the Loan Process

If you haven’t heard of GreenSky Credit, allow this article to provide you with a brief overview of the company. Founded in 2006, the consumer finance company has been ranked number 17 amongst CNBC’s disruptor 50 lists, which is a list of companies whose innovations have revolutionized not only their respective industries but also the way we live. Currently, GreenSky Credit has a valuation in excess of $3 billion dollars and over 17,000 merchant retailers. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, they are also backed by a leading financial institution, 5/3rd Bank.

Founder and CEO, David Zalik has made it his mission to make GreenSky Credit a mobile-first company; he believes that with today’s modern technology consumers should be able to initiate the loan process from the convenience of their smartphones. Needless to say, Zalik can appreciate the fact that the landscape has changed when it comes to the loan process; just a few short years ago, the thought of using a smartphone to apply for a loan was unfathomable. However, today, it’s becoming the standard.

As far as David Zalik’s background is concerned, he attended Auburn University while simultaneously running his first business, MicroTech Information Systems. As the business became more successful, Zalik left college to devote more time to the company’s day to day operations. After selling MicroTech in 1996, Zalik launched not one but two equally successful companies, Phoneix and Outweb.

Now that we have taken a look at Zalik’s background let’s examine the unique business model that has made GreenSky credit what it is today. The company prides themselves on their use of technology to streamline the lending process; they have partnered with a variety of banks and have created an app that allows consumers to start the loan process by simply scanning their driver’s license with their smartphones.

Once the information has been scanned, consumers will then enter in additional data along with their social security number. From there, GreenSky Credit will initiate a loan evaluation and will advise whether or not the loan has been approved. And if the loan has been approved, customers will be provided with the loan details, including the APR and other pertinent data.

Career Life of Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a well-known person in the health industry who was born in the year 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam. Shafik went to the University of London, in 1975 where he pursued a degree course leading to a dental surgeon from the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. After his education, he practiced his dental surgeon in England, and he was able to gain vast experience. Mostly, he voluntarily served with Aga Khan and Jamati Institution since Shafik Sachedina had a great interest in healthcare. The role that he executed while serving at the Jamati Institution and Aga Khan was significant since he was providing coordination to about 16 critical areas in Ismaili community programs. Besides that, Shafik was able to serve in various prestigious positions where he played a crucial role, and his contribution was evident since it leads to more significant growth and development.

Sussex Healthcare is homecare that has a remarkable reputation since the services that it provides to people are many and are very sensitive. Most of the care services that are offered by Sussex healthcare comprises of looking after the elderly in the society, people affected by Alzheimer’s disorders, dementia, and many others. It has been the objective of Sussex Healthcare to offer quality care services to all its patients and more so to be outstanding health center in Sussex that has quality care services. For this reason, more employees and caregivers have been employed to work with the Sussex healthcare so that it can be able to accomplish its dream and objectives of serving the humanity.

It is significant to note that Sussex Healthcare has been able to benefit from the University of Chichester where it has personnel that is highly qualified. Six staff members from Sussex health care were able to get awards with this university since they completed their level 5 category serving in the social care. This qualification is crucial as it makes it possible for the workers that have completed the internship program to have a chance of studying a BA degree.

This is a great contribution of Shafik Sachedina in Sussex healthcare, and that has propelled it to be competitive in the industry. All the working team in Sussex healthcare do receive lots of appreciation from Shafik Sachedina since he knows it is their effort and hard work that has made it possible for this firm to achieve its goals. Thus, Shafik ensures the welfare of all the employees so that they can be motivated by working hard.

The Investment of Natural Resources with Matt Badiali

Been an avid reader, expands your pool of opportunities. Many people do not make an effort on researching other areas where they could be successful; they only focus on the basic things in the investment world. The world of opportunities is wide for those people who are ready to grow and try out new things. For example, not many know that investing in natural resources can change your life. How can that be? Where do you even start? Well, Matt Badiali of the Banyan Hill Publishing is there to see that you got all these answers and much more.

Matt Badiali is an expert in the field of the natural resources. What makes Matt Badiali a guru is his affluent academic background, and his experience. The investment of the natural resources is highly speculative, and you need sober advice to pursue it.

Matt Badiali says that he has had a chance to interview many CEOs in the mining industry. He can, therefore, know the future of a mining company by visiting their site. Badiali explains that he does not believe that reading something is guaranteed awareness of the place. You got to visit the place to know everything about it. That is how he brings his ideas to life; by bringing his readers on a journey with him. Fortunately, when he was a geology student, he got a chance to travel to many parts of the world. When he has to write about somewhere he has never been before; he takes his time to visit the place.

Matt Badiali says that one thing that he does consistently to achieve success is focusing on everything he does. He shuts down all the distractions and focuses on completing that one thing he sets his mind on completing. This helps him meet his deadlines in good time.

When asked about the one thing that he could do if he went back in times; he says he could volunteer in as many firms as possible. He explains that it is critical to fill your resume with meaningful experiences. He advises the students to volunteer in firms they aspire to work in; for the experience.

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Dr. Saad Saad Talks Choking Hazards in Children

During Dr. Saad Saad’s 40 year career as a pediatric surgeon, he has had to remove a lot of foreign objects that were swallowed by children. These children have ranged in age from infants to young teens, but Dr. Saad Saad states that it is much more common in younger children whose curiosity gets the better of them. Usually, the objects that children swallow will pass through the digestive tract without any major problems, but sometimes they can get stuck in the food or windpipe and interfere with swallowing or breathing. It’s best to avoid allowing young children to eat food like hot dogs and peanuts until they can properly chew.


According to Dr. Saad Saad, some of the more common objects that he has seen stuck in the throat of patients have been hot dogs, peanuts, and coins. The larger objects tend to get stuck in the esophagus while the smaller ones can become lodged in the child’s windpipe. It’s important not to panic if your child is ever in this situation. For older children over the age of 6, it’s generally best to attempt the Heimlich maneuver. In the case of children who are under 6, the Heimlich maneuver can be dangerous to perform and is more likely to lead to complications like a broken rib cage. When trying to get an object dislodged from the throat of a smaller child, it’s best to hold them by their legs upside down and proceed to firmly tap on their back. Usually, these methods work to dislodge the object, but in cases where the attempts are not successful, it’s important to get that emergency medical attention as fast as possible by either taking them to the emergency room or calling an ambulance.


Dr. Saad Saad mentions that many parents will try to scoop the object out of their child’s throat after seeing them swallowing it, but he highly advises them not to try this. If done improperly, it can cause the object to be pushed further into their throat making it harder to dislodge with the proper methods. At the emergency room, an X-ray will be performed to see exactly where the object is stuck. Unfortunately, this type of imaging only works for about half of the foreign objects swallowed by children. In these cases, Dr. Saad Saad states that doctors will use an endoscope to better view the situation before proceeding to remove the object.

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Lori Senecal Leads At CP+B As The Corporations CEO

Lori Senecal plays a major role at the CP+B corporation and is directly responsible for its growth to a global player over recent years, Lori oversees various parts of the company, including various international offices that play crucial roles in the companies development. Only joining the CP+B team in 2015, Lori hasn’t been at the company long but has still managed to create a major change in the market for the company. At CP+B, innovation is the fundamental driver for every move the company makes. In 2017, CP+B earned the award of Creativity Innovators of the Year for their impressive innovations in the industry. Lori Senecal was named one of the top four business people to keep an eye on in2016 for the role she played in CP+B’s development. Lori has been recognized as a leading businesswoman for several years and has even been named in the Power 100 List on AdWeek.


Lori has earned other titles over the years as well, such as Most Creative People in 2017. Lori’s strategies for inspiring growth and accomplishing feats others haven’t yet tried has earned her international recognition. Even before her time at CP+B, Lori was successfully playing a leader in the industry with her roles at various other companies. Before CP+B, Lori Senecal worked as a chairman for the company KBS and earned a tenured position for the revenue she brought to the company. She managed to grow the companies employee pool by more than 600 during her time there. Lori Senecal isn’t a seen as a cutthroat either, with regular remarks for being kind and creating healthy workplaces for her employees. You can visit their website



According to Lori, many of her ideas are collaborations of various different subjects and goals that she has throughout her daily life. Lori says that having a vision is one of the critical aspects in achieving all of her goals. In order for goals to be realized, they need to be written down and practiced on a daily basis, otherwise, they are just wishes.



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HCR Wealth Advisors Faces Risk with Certainty

Living in an era where we like to plan our every move the many factors that affect our financial security and decisions can be daunting. Today a myriad of factors shapes our financial environments all the way from politics to the stock market and bank policies. Despite the uncertainty and rapid change, you can still reach your financial goals and aspirations with the help of HCR Wealth Advisors. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm and our goal is to establish long lasting support for our clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors focuses on educating you about your relative situations while enabling you to survive risk through investment strategy. The firm’s services are tailored personally to each clients’ special needs. HCR Wealth Advisors operates out of Los Angeles and it prides itself in taking the time to organize your financial portfolio and educate you about the advantages and disadvantages involving your portfolio allocation decisions.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth), a SEC-registered investment advisory firm, is proud to be a part of your journey long term. Many of the firm’s clients have been with the firm for over 10 years. Focused data analysis is a key part of its informed financial strategy formation. The uncertainty and risk of rapid change in our financial environments can be intimidating but with a firm like HCR Wealth Advisors you can count on beating volatility and making informed decisions.

Become a key player in your financial success once you seek out Wealth Advisors who have built a foundation on investment strategy and personalized client care. As an individual of high net worth your financial portfolio and investment decisions are crucial. When you are in need of certainty in the face of risk rest assured that you always have the option of joining a team of professional and educated investment advisors. You cannot control the economy, but the firm can help you prosper in times of economic changes and challenges. The firm can work together with you to make your financial goals a priority at HCR Wealth Advisors.

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The 3 Step Process for Infinity Group Australia Debt Relief

A lot of Australians may wonder if there is any way to get out of the debt that they are in. A simple answer to this question is yes, but this is only the answer if they know what resources to look to for help. So far there are a number of ways that people can change their financial destination, but sometimes it takes help. For all of those that have wondered if it was possible to get out of debt there is a solution through the Infinity Group Australia.


There have been a great number of Infinity Group Australia reviews from customers that have utilized the services of these financial professionals. There is a three-step process in place that involves reducing debt, building wealth and setting aside money for retirement. This is the way that people secure a better financial portfolio for their success as they get up in age.


The reality is that most people that are trying to create wealth are usually in a place where there may be a conflict because they are dealing with so many bills. When this happens it becomes extremely difficult for anyone that is paying bills to see how it would ever be possible to save money.


The questions that people have to ask themselves is if there is any way to afford to not save for the future. If you know that there is no wealth passed down from some wealthy relative you will realize that saving for your financial future all depends on you and the moves that you are making. This is why Australians have to plan accordingly. As they grow older they cannot afford to not save money for the future. If they are in debt they need to find the ways that can best help them reduce the debt that they have in order to start saving sooner.


Most of the clients that utilize Infinity group Australia are in more debt than they would like to be because of the homes that they have purchased. They may have acquired these homes when interest rates were higher. If they acquired homes during a time where it was a seller’s market instead of a buyer’s market they may have been faced with outstanding interest rates on home loans that may have resulted in much higher payments. The Infinity Group has the ability to help people reduce these monthly mortgage payments. Learn more:

Jim Toner Believes That You Must Create a Plan and Take Action to Gain Financial Freedom

There is a lot of work that has to be done when it comes to gaining real estate property, but Jim Toner believes that the only way to really succeed in real estate is to follow the motto of Nike and “Just Do It.”

According to Jim, he believes that this is going to be the most effective way to build a career in real estate investing. He believes that far too many people take too much time trying to build ideas that they never complete. This can be one of those terrible situations where people are only motivated to create a blueprint. They are rarely in a place where they follow the blueprint that is created. This is where many problems start. People have all types of bright ideas, but Jim believes that people fail to succeed because they simply do not follow the ideas that they created.

Jim Toner is a product of the Napoleon Hill school of “Think and Grow Rich” as mentioned by Ideamensch. This is where he has received a lot of his motivation for the real estate and writing that he has done. He has become successful because he believes that it is in your best interest to think about potential ideas that can bring success and then go out and get the resources that can make these things happen.

Jim (@thejimtoner) knows that it cannot all be done on your own. He knows that it is not going to be something where you can do a hundred percent of the work and never get anyone else involved in the process. Sometimes it takes someone else that is more knowledgeable on the subject than you are. Sometimes it takes a failure to realize what you need to do to be successful. These are all things that Jim toner believes. He believes that people that are successful are the ones that keep trying.

This is certainly true in the industry that he puts most of his time into. In real estate selling one house is not going to make you a successful real estate investor. Jim knows that financial freedom comes with buying and selling many homes.


Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a diversified finance management organization that has professionals with vast experience as well as unique skills across mandates. Their services range from private entities, credit, liquid markets in the finance industry and traditional asset management forums. They act on behalf of over one thousand five hundred company investors and private customers internationally.Fortress Investment Group has innovation in the market for over two decades since it was established in 1998. The company began as a private-owned organization and has made significant strides in development ever since. It has set good reputations in the trends of the market. The company became famous in 2007 after the Initial Public Offering (IPO) when it set records by being the first large-scale private equity organization to gain popularity in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Currently, Fortress is a well-known organization dealing with investment management at international level and directing over $43 billion of assets across one thousand seven hundred and fifty investors from various sectors including private equity, permanent capital vehicles as well as hedge funds. The firm uses a “strong risk-adjusted returns” strategy that favors the investors in the long run. Fortress Investment Group has its headquarters in the New York City and has employment capacity of about nine hundred people. The firm has three principals that include Randal Nardone and Wes Edens who are based at the headquarters and Peter Briger based in San Francisco.

It specializes in services such as asset-based investing, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and sector-specific knowledge of firms. The kind of investments the company deals with ranges from real estate, capital markets as well as financial vehicles creating long-term cash flow among others. Fortress is well-known for its crucial experience it has shown over time when it comes to pricing, owning, investing and managing all types of assets. Fortress Investment Group has also come up with creative ways of extracting value from investments that are high ranked through their operation management strategies. They are also great managers of mergers and acquisitions. The firm has the links to a wide range of corporate board members, stakeholders, and relevant professionals. It has over time remained relevant and competitive compared to other companies considering their experience in the capital markets.

Get to know Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a well-known philanthropist as well as an entrepreneur from Arizona who grew up in Tempe. , schooled in Arizona state university, where he graduated with a bachelor’s of science in finance and later went for his MBA in the school of business at Arizona state university W.P Carey. Jason hopes is also an author and in his recent e-book, he talks about the internet of things which is a network of physical objects such as home appliances, cars, laptops, smart watches etc.

To him, the internet of things looks at how all the gadgets connected to the internet exchange information with each other and their interaction with human beings. In his book, Jason Hope also looks at how the IoT has increased production in industries, its improvement in efficiency and the ability to perform tasks that were unmanageable before. The IoT though disruptive has been helpful as it allows you to perform tasks that were impossible to perform before.

Some of this tasks include switching on and off the lights without having to stand, switching off the oven when at work if you forgot to do so before you left, and other things that seemed impossible. Jason explains that the internet of things is likely to offer a more comfortable future as a home appliance that will be connected to internet devices are being developed, smart cars being invented to control congestions in roads and maybe smart streets with signs that will be able to control road traffic thus making life more comfortable and easier.

As a philanthropist Jason Hope believes in repaying the community. Jason frequently gives donations to various organizations, both local and international. He is a member of the board of directors at Arizona science center, gives to those who he feels has the potential to make a better life. Most remarkably, Jason Hope has been helping people to fight aging and all the diseases that come along with ageing through making great contributions to SENS a research foundation that researches on ways to curb aging and also works towards changing the people’s perception on aging which is necessary for a revolutionary change.

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