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End Citizens United Endorsed O’Rourke Seeking Major Upset Win

Congressman Beto O’Rourke of Texas is on the cusp of doing something amazing in Texas. Polls show he is closing in on one of the most embedded, safe-seated right wingers in the U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz.

In heavily conservative-friendly Texas, one of the reddest of red states, Sen. Cruz was elected in 2012. He has since become a national figure, especially after running for President in the 2016 election cycle. Knocking off an incumbent is always an uphill battle, but in a state where Democrat victories are rare, Cruz would appear to be a can’t lose bet for his party.

Cruz is also flush with corporate cash, dark money and campaign donations from billionaires. Contrast that with Beto O’Rourke who is running a strictly grassroots-style campaign. He accepts only small donation from ordinary citizens.

That’s why O’Rourke has the backing of End Citizens United, a political action committee that is working hard to get big money and corporate cash out of American politics.

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End Citizens United began operations in 2015 with headquarters in Washington D.C. It’s CEO is long-time political operative Tiffany Muller, a person with a stellar track record for fighting political corruption.

End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O-Rourke and dozens of other similar candidates around the nation because they all run the kind of campaign Mr. O’Rourke is pursuing — one with a total rejection of Super PAC cash, corporate money and pay-offs from greedy billionaire oligarchs.

End Citizens United has also been able to raise $35 million with a goal of flipping at least one House of Congress back to Democrat control. The average donation to ECU is just $14. That shows that millions of people support the End Citizens United mission of returning power to the people.

If Beto O’Rourke defeats Ted Cruz it will send shock waves across the political landscape. It will be more than just the successful flip of a Senate seat. It will demonstrate how deep the feeling is among voters that something is seriously wrong with how campaigns are financed in the United States.

Beto O’Rourke and many others are fighting for the future of America.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is Leading a Revolution in Knee Replacement Surgery

Robert Reed kept himself active for the last 25 years by keeping up on his martial arts training as well as playing sports such as basketball and football. But over time this took a toll on Robert’s knees. With constant knee pain and discomfort, Robert was taking over the counter pain medication several times a day and clearly needed a more permanent solution. This is where Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and his revolutionary knee surgery came into Robert’s life.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, uses a new technique referred to as knee resurfacing. During this procedure the knee is not fully replaced, but instead only the damaged parts are replaced. The material used is metal on the damaged outward facing side, and a strong plastic which feels natural to the patient after replacement.


Not only does this less invasive form of knee surgery feel more natural, but it also leaves more options open for the patient in the future. It is important to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum to use minimally invasive surgery whenever possible to assist his patients. The knee has three separate sections, as such if only one part of the knee is damaged, only that section needs to be replaced in a traditional knee replacement procedure. The procedure becomes even less invasive if only the damaged area of that section is resurfaced rather than replacing the entire section.


So does the partial knee resurfacing provided by Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum work for all patients? Experts say that this is not the best option for those with severe arthritis, but by Dr. Kirschenbaum estimates it would be an appropriate option to consider for approximately 75 percent of all patients.



Zoom Through Your To-Do List With Upwork

You create your to-do list in advance, and you add smaller steps to every task on your list. However, you still find yourself working into the evenings and weekends. The good news is you can increase your productivity and finish your work at a decent hour. Upwork has shared several tips for zooming through your to-do list and meeting your deadlines.

Assign Time Attributes

Whenever you add a task to your list, assign a time attribute to it. A time attribute determines how long you are going to spend on this task. This includes the start date, hours you plan to work and length of the task. You can also include your deadline in the time attribute. Using time attributes is helpful in creating a realistic schedule for each task.

Determine Your Priorities

A change in your schedule can put a damper on your work day, but you can still meet your deadlines by assigning a priority to every task on your list. Your list should start with the tasks that are due soon, and the last task on your list should have the lengthiest deadline. One example is the writing project due at midnight, and this project should be the first task on your list.

Re-Evaluate As Needed

If you find yourself constantly putting off a task, you may want to re-evaluate your to-do list. Do you feel this task is still valuable to you? You may have rescheduled it three times, and you still cannot bring yourself to get started. It is time to cross this task off your list instead of rescheduling it. Remember, the time you spend procrastinating on a low-value task could be used to complete a high-value task.

Upwork is an online marketplace designed for freelancers and clients to work together on a project. Freelancers can browse through the job categories to find their area of expertise. Once they are hired by a client, they complete the job for payment. It is a great way for freelancers to stay busy and build their resume.

If you prioritize, schedule and re-evaluate your tasks, you are sure to finish your to-do list at a decent time.

Sheldon Lavin Of OSI Aims To Change Public Perceptions On Food Processing Companies And Sustainability

Large manufacturing centers and food processing companies are usually thought of as running companies that run machinery and high powered equipment that puts strains on the environment, but OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin has been working to change that perception in how he runs the company. Lavin has worked with a team of food sustainability and technique research specialists who have figured out how to run the company with a focus in those areas. They even opened an executive role for Chief Sustainability Officer which is currently held by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. Lavin’s statement on sustainability has also been reiterated in a note listed on the website of Amick Farms, a subsidiary of the company.

Sheldon Lavin was an investment bank advisor before he joined OSI Group, though back then it was known as Otto & Sons. He had become an independent financial services firm owner, and his first business with Otto & Sons was acting as a consultant and helping them get a bank loan to open a new factory. The bank wanted Lavin to become an owner in Otto & Sons, but he didn’t want that at the time because he wanted to remain in the financial industry. He did increase his involvement in the company though and helped it grow its locations. Sheldon Lavin also was instrumental in the company opening its first plants outside the US, and eventually at the request of Otto & Sons partner the McDonald’s restaurants, he became CEO.

Sheldon Lavin has been with the company for more than 40 years, and while he has made changes over the years to the technology they use and the processing system, he has never changed their family culture. He has tried to keep the company in tune with local customer needs and an understanding of how things are done in each region the company serves. They’ve bought several companies like Baho Food and K&K Foods, but they have kept the company names and Lavin has seen to it that current employees are retained as much as possible. Lavin took OSI Group from a small meat market to a $6.1 billion revenue company, and in recognition of this he was given the Global Visionary award from Global Vision Academy.

Stream Energy Doing Good Things For Texas Communities

Hurricane Harvey had no mercy when he poured fifty six inches of heavy rain on Houston communities, as well as other parts of the United States. Roadways were flooded and many homes and lives were lost. Stream Energy located in Dallas, Texas was eager to donate money from their energy company to many people in need. They were one of the first companies to donate to the fund for Hurricane Harvey relief. Additionally, they made sure to relieve their customers who were facing financial problems due to the devastating hurricane.

Philanthropy is important to Stream Energy. It is was defines their corporate DNA. The company has a direct selling business model. Because of their success, they were able to create their foundation Stream Cares. Stream Cares does charity works all over the state of Texas. The company’s foundation has been sponsoring charity works for at least a dozen years. With the happenstance of Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy along with other Dallas corporations shows how large companies can use their profits to do good works for the communities around them.

Statistically, American corporations gave nearly nineteen billion dollars in 2016 to many charities domestically and globally. That hefty billion dollar number excludes cause marketing, sponsorships, the volunteering of employees and time donations. Stream Energy has formed relationships with the American Red Cross and with Habitat for Humanity. They help these organizations drive grassroots donations and aid to their causes.

With the devastation of homes, many people in Texas were left to be homeless. Stream Energy cares a lot about fighting homelessness. The company and its employees work to create and keep records of the amount of homeless individuals in the Dallas area. The company has notice an increase of twenty four percent in the amount of homeless people in the area, The company has partnered with Hope Supply Company in an effort to combat the increasing number of homeless individuals. Together, Stream and Hope, work to take care of the thousands of homeless children in Dallas. They have been able to provide these children with school supplies, meals, clothing and diapers.

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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Kenya is the place with the biggest economy in the Africa region and this is why it was the perfect place for Equities First Holdings to open their bank there.

Equities First Holdings has done everything to keep their customers satisfied with the business that they do with the bank and for this reason is why Equities First Holdings have won many awards around the world for Standards in Excellence as being the best bank in the entire African region.

Equities First Holdings continue to strive to be the best bank in the Africa region, which is why they are the only bank that are allowed to issue American Express cards in the region.

Adam Milstein vs Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is the discrimination against Jewish people and is a form of hate that has proven to be very difficult to eradicate. In the past, Anti-Semitism has led to very horrific events which is why it is important for all people to stand up against. Blogger Adam Milstein is currently taking a stand against Anti-Semitism. Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American who has learned to stand up against anything that he perceives as injustice. In his article, Adam Milstein states that Jewish people need to watch out for any Anti-Semitism acts or statements being generated by unlikely radical alliances. He also mentions the difference between tolerating people who have different beliefs and tolerating people who speak about other with malicious intent. Milstein believes that hate speech is not a proper way to express a thought or idea. Adam Milstein, like many Americans is dedicated to protecting the freedom of speech rights of all Americans but he the draws line at hate speech. He believes that hate speech is the polar opposite of everything good about living in a free country. Milstein has spearheaded the Jewish cause and is one of the leaders in trying to incite change for the better. He is still hard at work looking to accomplish two missions: to assure that Jewish people demand the respect they deserve and have non-Jewish people recognize the pitfalls of Anti-Semitism and take a stand against Anti-Semitism. Milstein himself has been very dedicated in his work to get rid of Anti-Semitism and rebuild the pride of American Jews everywhere. He has donated money to many different pro-Jewish causes as well as created new organizations of his own. Throughout all his efforts to put an end to Anti-Semitism, Adam Milstein has carried the Jewish spirit of making changing and creating a better world for all people.

Dr. Mark Mckenna: A Doctor and an Investor

Growing up Dr. Mark Mckenna saw his father be a successful doctor with his own practice, supporting a family with some comfort while helping people with real problems every day. Not surprisingly, he wanted to do that too. So when he got older he enrolled at Tulane University and began studying medicine.

His time at Tulane was eye-opening for Dr. Mark Mckenna. There he learned not only the medical profession, but also how much had changed since he was kid watching his father make money left and right. It had become a more litigious industry, with much more of the money going to shareholders. It was harder to find work and harder still to provide for a family by being a doctor.

So Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to begin investing. He worked nights as a medical examiner in a prison and used that money to start Mckenna Venture Investing and began buying real estate. The world of real estate was fascinating and rewarding for Mckenna, but he continued at Tulane and got his medical degree. He went to work at his fathers practice and spent five years being a doctor before deciding to go into real estate full time.

Dr. Mark Mckenna did well for himself in New Orleans real estate, acquiring over $5 million in property value and earning a revenue stream of over $500,000 per year. Real estate was being very kind to Dr. Mckenna. Until Hurricane Katrina hit the city and surrounding areas.

After the disaster of Katrina Dr. Mckenna, like many, found himself with much less value in his portfolio. Nonetheless he decided to stay in NOLA and help rebuild, flipping damaged houses and rebuilding his real estate portfolio.

When the housing crash came Dr. Mark Mckenna saw it coming and was able to get his investments out before the worst of the disaster hit. He moved into medical investing where he is currently involved in the company OVME. OVME is an online app that allows patients to order Botox deliveries to their home via online order. This covers an empty niche in the Botox market.

Jeremy Goldstein and Legal Brains

It can be rewarding to help a meaningful mission. It can be fun to do so while chowing down on fantastic food and drinks as well. Jeremy Goldstein, Omar Khan and Jim Finkel are putting together a night of fantastic plates. The aim behind this is to help a group that’s called Fountain House. Fountain House assists people who are looking to heal from mental conditions of all kinds. There are 450 million individuals all over the planet who have to deal with mental illnesses. Thy harm neighborhoods and households alike. Fountain House has been a force in the world of mental illnesses for seven decades and counting. It was established all the way back in 1944. Its six creators encountered each other at Rockland State Hospital. This is a facility that’s located in Orangeburg in New York. They were all patients there at the same time.


Jeremy Goldstein is a part of Fountain House’s illustrious Board of Directors. He has been part of it since 2010 as well. He’s equipped with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree that comes from the School of Law at New York University. He studied at both Cornell University and the University of Chicago as well. He has B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) and Master’s degrees from these American schools. Goldstein is in charge of a legal practice. He named the practice after himself as well. It’s called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He in the past was a partner with a sizable practice in the Big Apple. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates collaborates with compensation and management groups. It even collaborates with Chief Executive Officers. The firm aims to offer sound suggestions that revolve around corporate governance and compensation.


Fountain House is a beloved organization that’s close to Goldstein’s heart. It establishes an atmosphere that has the ability to alter peoples’ existences significantly. It has gotten a handful of esteemed awards as well. It got the Conrad N. Hilton humanitarian prize back in 2014.


Goldstein not long about bought an app by the name of TurboScan. He’s delighted he purchased it as well. It was extremely affordable. The app enables him to give other people convenient files. It’s a fantastic thing for attorneys who run mobile businesses. Goldstein makes a point to concentrate on all kinds of technological advancements that are available at the moment. He pays a lot of attention to his computer.


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Will the Ad Fraud Subject by Sahm Adrangi Influence the Investment World?

Since 2009 when Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale LLC, he has led the capital management firm into unforeseeable success. Within only nine years in the financial industry, the firm’s Chief Investment Officer has helped the company expand to managing about $180 million. He revealed this during his Ad Fraud Presentation at the 2018 Short Selling Conference.

The investment skills of Adrangi results from his Economic Degree at Yale University. He has also built a reputation in the financial industry through his tasks at Kerrisdale and Longacre Fund Management. Before founding Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi was an Analyst at Longacre for two years, where he managed at least 2 billion dollars of distressed debt for the company. His popularity is also a result of his constant attacks on targeted Chinese firms, which made the Securities and Exchange Commission to taking action against the companies.

During his presentation at Short Selling, Sahm Adrangi displayed his level of expertise in exposing frauds. His primary objective was how businesses could identify fraud by looking at its interconnection with short-term investments. He also highlighted how fraud would impact markets and how investors can remain on the watch. As he notes, it is prudent for investors to identify fraud in Ads as soon as possible before they experience stock value depreciation.

Even though Adrangi was passionate about defeating Ad Fraud, he and like-minded executives face a difficult task in this fight. Big players in the business community will surely fight implementation of Adrangi’s proposals in the business community and investment sectors. This is because these players are reaping massive profits and cannot let go of their opportunities. But any wise investor would agree that Sahm Adrangi has an advantageous proposal to the investment community. And these investors can utilize the opportunities to optimize their success chances.

Indeed, the topic of Ad Fraud is has attracted diverse interests from different market players. But everyone agrees that Sahm Adrangi has yet again used his market research skills to come up with a fresh topic that everyone has to think about. The decision lies with investors: to choose between using Ad Fraud knowledge to their benefits or let other people use to soil the ad market.