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Talos Energy introduces new rig

Talos wants to place a new oil rig in Mexican national waters. The oil and natural gas rig operations company needed to get approval from the National Hydrocarbons Committee to build the Zama-2 platform. Mexico’s government recently gave the company the green light to start building the rig.

The new rig uses the latest technologies to make the new well safe and efficient. The company believes the new rig is capable of increasing the company’s production by several hundreds of barrel equivalent per day.

The construction of any new rig brings high paying jobs to people from many different countries. It also provides additional employment opportunities on the mainland of Mexico. The newly produced jobs exist in the shipping and logistics fields.

The new oil rig employs several dozen people who live on the rig while working. People usually go to the rig for several weeks. When there shifts are done, they return home for several weeks off. Rig workers work unusual schedules and often work long shifts. Many systems on the drill need to be monitored around the clock. Each shift of workers must comprise two normal shifts. The rig must also have all the services the workers need, including access to basic medical care.

Talos operates oil and natural gas rigs throughout the gulf of Mexico. They acquired even more rig operation services when they acquire Whistler Energy earlier this year for $52 million. A company spokesperson referred to these events of bringing exciting times to the company.

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Alex Hern- The Man With a Knack for Starting Businesses

Alex HernAlex Hern, the co-founder of Tsunami XR, has been in the entrepreneurship business for more than 25 years. Within that time, he has largely contributed to the incubation of several technology companies. With his extensive expertise in the field, he has helped several companies reach maturity. However, his contribution does not end there. Alex co-founded Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT), where he also served as the Director. This company is well-known because it powered the search algorithm behind MSN, AOL and Yahoo.

Alex Hern was still the cofounder and Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO director. This was a web directory and email marketing company. However, he did not stay with this company for too long. Instead, it was sold a mere 10 months later for a whopping $650 million. From there, Alex Hern went on to co-find yet another technology company. This time, it was named Military Commercial Technology. As you can tell from the name, this company developed technology for the military. This company was funded byL-3 and Lockheed.

After this, Alex co-founded another company called Arcsight (ARST). He served as the director of this company as well. This company dealt with cyber security and eventually went public. The company was later sold to Hewlett-Packard for an impressive $1.5B. However, this was not the end of Alex Hern as an entrepreneur. He went on to co-found CloudShield where he also served as the director. This was a network security company which was eventually sold to SAIC- an even larger technology and engineering company that specializes in government and commercial products.

Other notable achievements by Alex Hern include co-founding and Triton Network Systems (TNSI) where he served on the Boards. Alex Hern was also appointed to the board of Zero Knowledge Systems. This was a security and encryption company which was eventually renamed Radial Point.

So, what advice does this guru have for upcoming entrepreneurs? Alex Hern reminds entrepreneurs that the most important thing when it comes to achieving goals is to maintain focus no matter how hard it may be.

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The History Of OSI Industries, And Their Recent Merger

OSI Industries is a network of food production and distributors. The company is operational all over the world. Their Australian brand recently merged with Turi Foods, further expanding on their outreach. The new company formed from the merger is called Turosi Pty Ltd.

Turi Food, which is based out of Thomastown, Victoria, Australia, had Sam Cuteri, their chairman, speak on the merger. “OSI and Turi Foods believe that a shared ownership will enable the organization, whose cultures are similar, to share their expertise to build a world-class food solutions group,” he said.

Factories owned by Turi and OSI Industries will both continue to operate. Turi’s plant in Thomastown will remain operational and OSI’s Geelong factory will continue production as well. The company also has operations out of Broadmeadows, Victoria; Blacktown, New South Wales; and Eagle Farm, Queensland.

OSI Industries has had a hold on the fast food industry for a while. Partnered with McDonald’s, OSI supplies millions of people with beef patties and other processed food products. They have been in the food industry for over a century.

Originally founded by Otto Kolschowsky in Chicago, Illinois, OSI was able to grow to what it is now due to excellent partnerships. Originally, the company was called Otto & Sons and was a simple local butchery.

OSI Industries partnered with McDonald’s at the early stages of the restaurants existence. This brought about synergy that allowed both companies to flourish to unimaginable levels. McDonald’s is now the world’s biggest fast food restaurant, and OSI is still supplying them with some of their products.

McDonald’s and OSI were able to expand when new flash freezing technology was developed. This allowed the companies to move hamburger patties longer distances without them going bad. By 1973, OSI, still known as Otto & Sons, had built a facility which had the sole purpose of producing burgers for McDonald’s.

OSI Industries is a true American dream, growing from being a simple butcher’s shop to a global entity.


Krishen Iyer Continues to Amaze as an Entrepreneur

Despite there being countless entrepreneurs out in the world today Krishen Iyer is an individual who stands out in the crowd. He is a who’s who in the insurance marketing and consulting industry, especially in the Carlsbad, California area. However, he is probably best known for his founding of Managed Benefits Services in 2016. When the company was first launched it was called “Quick Link Marketing” before changing its name. The company has established itself as a force specializing in client interfacing, online marketing and technical development. Iyer mostly operates within the health insurance and dental insurance industries focusing on marketing and leads.


Krishen Iyer has been able to be so successful and relevant for so long because of his adaptability. No matter what occurs in the everchanging industry he always manages to honor his commitments to his clients while paying close attention to detail. The type of dedication and perseverance he displays is both unique and rare. Iyer seems to be able to accomplish whatever he puts his mind too, whether the challenge be academic or professional in nature. Throughout his career, he has had a hand in the founding of several companies in Carlsbad, California.


Krishen Iyer’s first entrepreneurial endeavor took place nearly 20 years ago. Just 2 years before he graduated from San Diego State University he launched an insurance related business. He also served as the company’s CEO until 2014. Although IHS was a successful venture for Iyer he had bigger goals that went beyond just having a profitable business. So in 2009, he founded “Name My Premium.” He leads the enterprise to amazing heights within the industry and it even earned a spot on the Inc 5000 list in 2015.


When Krishen Iyer isn’t busy working he enjoys a pretty laid back lifestyle that involves playing chess and spending valuable time with his family.

Talos Energy Preps For Big Year After Merger.

Talos Energy is a Houston-based oil and energy company that has been making headlines all around the world thanks to their historic work off of the shallow-water of the Sureste basin located in Mexico’s national waters. Talos Energy was one of three companies that was granted a winning bid in order to drill in Mexico’s waters, the first time that a foreign company has been granted the request by Mexico’s nationalist energy production network. Talos Energy holds a 35% interest in the Zama 1 Well which is being touted as one of the biggest discoveries in offshore drilling in many years. With that kind of momentum and energy behind their work, it should surprise nobody that CEO Timothy Duncan is pushing forward with some major moves, including a huge merger with Stone Energy Corporation.

It was announced that Stone Energy and Talos Energy would be merging following a unanimously approved vote from the Board of Directors at both companies. The all-stock transaction will help Talos Energy to continue pushing themselves into the upper echelon of offshore oil production companies in the world. Stone Energy and Talos Energy combined to produce roughly 47 thousand barrels of oil in 2017 and their reserves are Pro forma estimated at 136 million barrels. It’s easy to see that the combination of their efforts will lead to long-term growth for Talos Energy and their growth expectations are only fueled more by the recent discoveries of Rampart and Tornado II.

Once merged, Talos Energy and Stone Energy will seek to capitalize on their backlog of exploration prospects all across the Gulf of Mexico. As we stated above, Talos Energy made history by becoming the first foreign, private sector offshore drilling company to come into Mexico’s waters. The move set up Talos and Stone Energy for more profitable work throughout the region of which they have access to nearly 160,000 acres of coverage. Timothy Duncan has been loudly touting the benefits of the merger and he has good reason to be confident in his companies decision. With more projected growth in the coming years, Talos Energy is primed to become a premier offshore oil production and exploration team.

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The Short History of Neurocore

The brain is capable of more than we will ever know, but at the root of it all, is the truth that research on the brain has helped researchers in recent years to discover amazing ways to train the brain. A type of technology, known as EEG, is useful in mapping the brain’s activity. Along with mapping and neurofeedback, advances have been made regarding improving the function of the brain.

Neurcore was formed as the result of this research, and today they are using this research to promote an alternative to getting the brain to function at its optimal level. The goal is to increase mental acuity, as well as to focus on treating disorders like ASD, depression, ADHD, and even anxiety. It is through Neurocore that anyone can experience what it is like to apply the knowledge of how these things work.

The research behind the applications at Neurocore dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Technologies like qEEG, and brain mapping are related to research conducted by two Italian scientists. Those scientists, Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta, were both after similar concepts, but it wasn’t until 1800that Volta was finally able to prove his hypothesis.

Science of the brain has not yet been perfected, but the history of EEG technology continues to grow. An EEG, used to monitor and record the electrical activity of the brain is often used in a medical office setting. This is because it is used to diagnose epilepsy and other conditions. It is by taking the research of all these diagnostic tools together, and figuring out what they are able to accomplish that any of this is possible.

Neurocore is all about training the brain, and as a result, is is now used to help numerous families struggling with mental disorders that were mentioned previously. Neurocore is utilizing qEEG and calculating power to bring these diagnostic tools to fruition. Additionally, this method helps them determine the current level of alpha or beta waves.

End Citizens United Supports Additional Candidates Against Dark Money Amid Complaints of Voters

End Citizens United, a political action committee (PAC), has shown its political weight by supporting Democratic candidates who will no longer accept corporate PAC donations. Currently, there are at least 185 Democratic candidates who have been identified by End Citizens United and 45-percent of them have been successful in their primary election. It seems that voters in America have had enough of politicians feeding their pockets with corporate donations – otherwise known as “dark money,” and they’re taking this newfound understanding to the ballot box. Voters have become increasingly angry, once End Citizens United began divulging information, which has been kept secret by candidates in an effort to collude with billion-dollar corporations.

Due to the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-5 vote with Citizens United v. FEC., politicians have been allowed to align themselves with corporations without any accountability of the donations. And it is perfectly legal. End Citizens United began its fight for campaign finance reform after being established in March 2015 and gained momentum within the political system by identifying key politicians of dark money. The PAC continues to average $14 from private donations. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

Among the 185 Democratic candidates identified by End Citizens United is Beto O’Rourke. Incumbent Ted Cruz was previously expected to be a slam dunk until Democrat Beto O’Rourke announced his candidacy. The unexpected victory would certainly be welcomed and a mark in history by unseating the incumbent Senator. It would also be a victory for Democrats since Cruz’s election to the Senate in 2012 was considered one of the biggest upsets by beating Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. The Republican won the election with a 14-point margin. O’Rouke would be seen by Democrats as bringing back a seat that perhaps should never have been lost, to begin with.

Other notable Democratic candidates include Cory Booker, Conor Lamb, and Kamala Harris who have pledged their support for refusing corporate PAC donations. Lamb’s decision gained him instant popularity among voters, and Harris publicly stated that her decision was based on Citizens United v. FEC. and its affect on the voters. Cory Booker, who may run for president in 2020, released a statement specifically indicating that his decision was based on the complaints of voters. Check out: