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Real Real the Secret to Second Hand Shopping

Most people would love to have genuine goods with popular fashion brand tags but just cannot afford the prices. Anything that is imitation looks fake so people have no choice but to shop for goods that do not come with high price tags. The other side of the coin is that people buy luxury items only to decide that it would be best to resell them and get back what money they can. This is where Real Real comes in. It is a consignment website where people can list the luxury goods they do not wish to keep and those who want these goods can purchase them. This works out well for everyone because the people selling get back some of the money they spent and those buying get a most coveted luxury good at a cheaper than store price.

For Real Real which is seven years ole business is booming and they even have tangible businesses in New York City and Los Angeles. The CEO and founder tells us that the three most coveted brands of luxury goods are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel. Among the other items sold on Real Real are home goods, art, and menswear. The turnaround is 90-days or less in which time the products are sold. They have set up a successful process to get goods in and out quickly.

When goods arrive they are first assessed as to the condition they are in and then they go through an authentication process. Everything is inspected down to the last stitching. When fine jewelry and watches come in there are certified and trained professionals who inspect them closely. Once the process is complete and the product passes inspection it goes to copywriting where a detailed description is added and a price is determined. The item is photographed and put on sale. This is the best way anyone who has long wanted a certain luxury item can purchase it without emptying their bank account.

Zeco Auriemo Contributions in JHSF Company

Zeco Auriemo, also known as Jose Auriemo is the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, which is a real estate company based in Brazil. Apart from working in the real estate industry, Zeco has been participating in other development projects, and recently, he was recognized among the most successful entrepreneurs in Fashion and design industry.

Zeco Auriemo is an alumnus of Sao Paulo University, where he pursued engineering in his undergraduate studies, refer to ( However, due to his intense passion for entrepreneurship, he did not continue with engineering career, and instead, became a full-time entrepreneur.

Zeco joined JHSF Company when he was 30 years, and portrayed outstanding leadership skills, and at some point, he got involved in the International Youth Coexistence, which was taking place in Japan. Zeco had extensive knowledge in the real estate field, having worked in the same industry before joining JHSF.

After taking the management of JHSF Company, the organization started recording greater achievements, in terms of growth in investments opportunities, and the increase in its profit margin. Also, after several years of operation, JHSF changed its course and became incorporation. He also participated in making the company extend its services in the international arena, where it continued to maintain its positive image to all the existing clients, and the potential clients.

JHSF Company is dedicated to offering strong, modern and unique designs, both in the local and in the international market. Under the leadership of Zeco, the Company has likewise designed signature properties in Brazil, Paraguay, and also, in the United States. Zeco believes in the provision of quality services, and this has helped to build trust, and attract loyalty from his clients.

On the other hand, Zeco Auriemo has been of great help to his community, and apart from being an entrepreneur, he has been extending a helping hand to donation camps through funding camps with a huge amount of money. Today, he continues with his exemplary leadership, and an extraordinary entrepreneur.


Marc Beer: How to Create a Medicine that Would Heal Diseases Around the World

Months ago, Marc Beer – the founder of Renovia Inc. – encouraged businesses in the United States to help them with their cause. He wanted to secure funding for his company’s research regarding the pelvic floor disorder, and he urged businesses to participate and start investing in his company. Recently, Marc Beer revealed that his plea to investors across the country resulted to more than $42 million in funding, and he is grateful with the generosity demonstrated by the business owners. He said that the funding was secured partly because the companies have felt a connection with their cause, and they also wanted to help these people suffering from these diseases. The Longwood Fund was also named as the most significant contributor to their fundraising event, giving millions of dollars in investments. The Longwood Fund is known for their massive investments, and they have been doing it to companies since 2016. Many startups are benefiting greatlly from this action, and they are paying the initial capital lent to them once they managed to become a successful company.



Marc Beer and his startup company stated that all of the money they received would eventually provide comfort to people who are affected with the pelvic floor disorder and based on the reports presented by government agencies, around 250 million women are affected by this disease. The development of urinal continence for female patients has been the inspiration of Marc Beer to create “Leva,” a medicine explicitly developed to destroy the disease and give those who were previously affected by the condition a chance to enjoy their lives. According to the founder of Renovia Inc., a donation as big as $42 million will come a long way, and they are hoping that more diseases can be eradicated through the collective power of millions of people across the country who are donating some of their money.Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn



Aside from the medical developments achieved by Renovia Inc., Marc Beer assured the public that their researchers are already studying different kinds of treatment for other diseases, apart from the pelvic floor diseases. Marc Beer has become a huge fan of medical miracles, and he felt excited knowing that the products they created have been tested and proven to be safe according to the experts working for them at the company. Marc Beer revealed that it is only the beginning of his journey in discovering something that would change the medical industry. He vowed to create several treatment options that would encourage the people to go back to their doctors and follow the recommendation for several activities like eating and sleeping, which would greatly help in metabolism. Today, Renovia Inc. is considered a company for those who are looking for treatment options that mostly targets women. Learn more:


Organo Gold, Producing a Healthy Coffee You Want to Drink

Organo Gold is not just another coffee company. They are on a mission to bring the world a product that tastes good and is good for you. Unlike traditional coffee, their beverages and wellness products are made with an ancient Chinese mushroom called Ganoderma.This mushroom has many health benefits that support a healthy immune system and increase energy levels. Organo Gold is based out of Canada, but they have distributors selling their products in over 45 countries. They started with their Organo Gold coffee and have since added tea and a flavored coffee and hot cocoa to their beverage line.

Today, Organo Gold has more than just delicious, healthy beverages. They have a body management line that offers protein shakes, a healthy supplements and a Ganoderma powder in an undiluted form. These products are designed to help with weight loss. Under this wellness line they also sell flavored drink mixes packed with antioxidants to help your body remove toxins naturally.What truly sets this company apart from the rest is Organo business model. Organo Gold follows a multilevel marketing model that allows ordinary people to sign up and distribute their products.

Distributors can earn extra income in two ways, by selling the products, or recruiting others to join their team. The company Organo Gold offers one of the most comprehensive compensation plan in the network marketing industry.In just 10 years this coffee company has grown into so much more. They not only produce a coffee beverage that you want to drink, but they also help you to earn some extra income while you do it. And they manage to carry out all of this while staying true to their core values of loyalty and sustainability.


CEO Steve Ritchie Addresses Customers Through An Apology Letter

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s. He took over the role of leadership in this company not so long ago, but his impact on the management can already be felt. He has done an incredible job of ensuring that the reputation of the company remains intact. After some racist utterances associated with one of its leaders, the company was quick to dissociate itself from those utterances. Steve Ritchie took an immediate step to write to the customers of the company informing them that the company had listened to their opinion and it was ready to act. The company respects its customers, and there is no way it would allow its reputation to be damaged by any person no matter who they are.

Steve Ritchie wrote an apology letter to the customers and which was sent to all subscribers of their newsletter. The letter expressed regrets for what had transpired and also pointed out to some solutions that the company will apply to ensure that the customers are served with respect all the times. Papa John’s is now operating in many locations around the world, and therefore it needs to work on its culture to include more diversity. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has pointed out that the company will seek the services of external auditors who will look at the culture of the company and recommend necessary changes. The company is willing to work on the weaknesses that might affect it.

The measures that the company will take to ensure that there is an immediate solution to outstanding issues include sending senior managers to the field, to talk with the customers, employees, and franchises. These hard-working partners of the company need to be considered during in decisions making since they hold the highest share in the business. Steve Ritchie is also willing to incorporate transparency in the operation of the company. He wants to ensure that at all times, no single person will feel neglected by the company. Transparency is a critical factor in business since it assures the customers that they are getting the best deal. CEO Ritchie will lead from the front by taking charge of the restoration process. Check out Ritchie’s profile on

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