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Talos Energy Aims To Complete The Appraisal Plan For The Zama Discovery By Mid-2019

Talos Energy recently announced at the end of September that the Mexican oil and gas regulator, CNH (the National Hydrocarbons Commission) approved the appraisal plan regarding the Zama discovery. Getting the approval of the appraisal plan from the CNH was a key approval that was required in order to start the appraisal of the Zama discovery. The National Hydrocarbons Commission is reviewing the application for permits to start drilling, which are necessary in order to begin the operations. Talos Energy estimated that it will spud the Zama-2, the first appraisal well, in the 4th quarter of this year, and that the appraisal program will be finished by the middle of 2019.

The appraisal plan contains 3 new reservoir penetrations. The first well, the Zama-2, will be deepened by about 500m in order to test an exploration prospect entitled Marte, which contains an unrisked recoverable resource ranging between 60 and 150 MMBoe. In order to deepen the Zama-2 wellbore to commence the Marte test, the estimated cost is approximately $10 million, with $3.5 being the approximate expected share of Talos Energy.

The National Hydrocarbons Commission approved a budged of $325 million for the plan, which also includes $75 million of contingent operations. The budget includes the cost of hole coring across the Zama reservoir, performing a drill stem test in order to gather information about the reservoir productivity and continuity, drilling the wells, as well as collecting a number of samples of rocks and fluids. Talos Energy is expecting its net share of costs to be between $75 and $80 million for the whole appraisal campaign, prior to any contingency costs.

The President and CEO, Timothy S. Duncan stated that the company is pleased to reach another milestone with its partners in Mexico, after the previous announcement regarding the Pre-Unitization Agreement with Pemex. The approval received by the CNH, according to Duncan, will allow Talos Energy to continue to maintain a fast-paced schedule of investments when it comes to the Zama project in Mexico, and to begin drilling operations by the end of 2018. This will allow Talos Energy to stay on track towards their ultimate goal of achieve initial production in 2022.

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Vijay Eswaran: Managing a Networking Business

Vijay Eswaran shared his inspiring life story on how he was able to face different life challenges and ended up successfully. Presently, he serves as the CEO of his own networking company, earning millions every year. His net worth is now at $550 million, and it keeps on increasing as his company continues to expand. He revealed that the reason why his wealth multiplied is because of his impressive marketing skills that opened up new networks and business partners who helped him succeed. Through hard work, he was able to lead his company to new heights, making it possible for him to share his knowledge with people who are also interested in entering the networking industry.

Before he became the CEO of his own networking company, Vijay Eswaran was a struggling taxi driver who has never entered college. He had to work at an early age because he wanted to help his family with their expenses. He later decided to quit his job being a taxi driver and dreamed higher. His life began changing after he decided to go back to school. He enrolled himself at a university and took up a bachelor’s degree. After he graduated, he continued his studies taking up a master’s degree. He decided to become a working student and applied to a private firm.

Later on, Vijay Eswaran was invited by one of his close friends to try out networking. He found the industry difficult to handle at first, but he was able to learn the tricks and trade of the networking sector. Later on, his network started to expand, and he had to establish his own company to accommodate a huge number of people who developed an interest to work with him. Vijay Eswaran’s networking business grew exponentially, becoming one of the fastest growing firms in the country.

How Steve Ritchie is Saving Papa Johns

Papa John has been doing well since it was established into the world several years ago. The person responsible for establishing the company is John Schnatter. Starting a company has never been an easy task for any profession, keeping in mind the number of challenges people have to face. Since the first day the company landed into the market, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has done his best to make the best influence on his brand. Several years ago, the company sales started to reduce, and the successful businessman blamed this decline to the inability of NFL to resolve the national anthem issues they were having. When he made this announcement, NFL decided to act, and they dropped him from being the official pizza. Things have not been smooth for a while, and the new CEO has decided to take matters into his hands so that he can save the situation.

Several months ago, John chose to use some racial slur when speaking on a conference call. This act did not go well with many. There are many people who have chosen to keep away from his and his business because of the steps and actions he has been taking in the recent years. His image has been destroyed, and all marketing materials do not have his image. Baseball has chosen to stay away from the star, and one of the stadiums based in Louisville has taken a step ahead to drop his name. When things start moving in the wrong direction, top officials have to act very fast to avoid landing in bigger problems. The CEO of the company, Steve Ritchie has offered a solution to the problems Papa Johns has been dealing with.

Steve Ritchie has called for a press conference, stating that the last days have been the toughest since he joined the company more than twenty years ago. Steve said that he was aware that the words of the company founder were very offensive, and they hurt many people from all over the world. However, Steve stated that these words do not represent any of his views or those of his company. The experienced company leader has apologized for all the wrong doings, and he has asked customers not to take the matter to heart. Racism and offensive language has never been tolerated in Papa Johns since it was started, and it will not be entertained in the future.

Peter Briger: The Renown Financial Analyst

Peter Briger is blessed with adequate and advanced knowledge in the industry of finance. He has become a source of pride in different organizations. This has been enabled by his ability to forecast what is likely to happen in the future in the financial industry, which gives him an added advantage over the rest. His advanced knowledge helps in developing and implementing good decisions that help companies to remain relevant throughout while executing their activities. Read more at

Currently, Peter Briger manages this group that has more than 300 employees. Peter had held some leadership roles at the firm while serving as the manager of groups such as the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business.

Apart from being a graduate from Princeton University, he also had an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of business. Besides, he was a professional in finance and has more than two decades of experience in asset management. With this knowledge, Peter Briger ensured that he rendered his full support to the Central Park Conservancy and other organizations that were like-minded.

In the different committees, Peter Briger had various roles to play such as being the manager of the firm’s fixed income, selling of loans and trading in business. This was to ensure that the company’s goals and objectives have been met with the available resources. He also helped in solving divisions that met different firms such as between the Asian Distressed Business Debt and the Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities Funds.

Peter Briger has a reputable side that amazes many people. He endeavors to promote the welfare of the people by giving generous donations to firms and on charity events. Different areas on which he renders his charity support include the education sector, street children and prevention of poverty among the less privileged persons in the community.