A Glimpse at NexBank: One of the Largest Banks based in Dallas

NexBank is a financial services company based in Dallas. It offers banking and financial products as well as services. The company was founded in 1922 and at the helm of Nexbank’s leadership team, John L. Hold Jr. is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

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NexBank services

The established company offers mortgages, personal checking accounts, savings accounts and mobile banking including savings accounts, internet banking, treasury management as well as commercial checking accounts, and commercial lending services; real estate and business loans. NexBank also offers institutional services such as corporate lending and banking, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and advisory, customized programs, investment banking, syndicated loan servicing, land advisory services and agency services. The financial services company has $8.1 billion in assets. It offers the services to institutional clients, financial institutions, large corporations, middle-market companies and real estate investors.


John L. Holt is a Director of NexBank Capital, Inc., as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of NexBank SSB. He is also the President and CEO of both NexBank Capital and NexBank SSB. He also sits on the Texas Bankers Association’s Board of Directors.

The company’s executive management team combines industry experience and strong focus on serving their customers to provide unparalleled financial services capabilities to corporate customers, individual customers as well as institutional customers.

The directors who sits in the company’s board brings many years of leadership and management experience. The executive members work around the clock towards the success of the company. So far, the company has a track record of positive results with the management team in place. Making their customers achieve their financial objectives is their ultimate goal.

NexBank SSB is a subsidiary of NexBank Capital Inc. The directors in NexBank Capital’s board are the same ones who sits in the NexBank SSB’s board, James Dondero and John Holt leading them. The company has grown tremendously under John Holt’s tenure to become one of the largest banks in Dallas, Texas. The commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking areas also expanded to meet their clients’ goals. Mr. John Holt attended and graduated from Southwestern Graduate School of Banking of Southern Methodist University. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. NexBank SSB was formally Heritage Bank SSB before it rebranded.

The acquisition of College Savings Bank of New Jersey by NexBank

The acquisition happened a few years ago. College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey is known for 529 plan college-savings programs. On the wake of the acquisition, College Savings Bank of New Jersey continued with its operations as normal under new ownership.

The New Jersey, Princeton bank was founded in 1987 and it has been focusing on college savings since then. It is also known for Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan and the Indiana College Choice CD 529 Plan. NexBank, with almost a century in business, it has made other acquisitions and strived towards excellence in its core areas of business including commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking.

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