A three Pillar Approach to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair is a highly qualified and experienced businessman. Besides, he has various professional certifications that have enabled him prosper in the business world. According to Blair, every person requires a plan to be able to achieve their financial goals. His aim is to help people of the greater region of Austin, Texas to attain financial freedom through proper planning.

In order to come up with a comprehensive financial plan, Richard Blair uses a three-pillar approach. This helps him to look and assess the current financial situation of every client for the purposes of developing a holistic financial strategy. He has done this for several years and helped many people in Austin, Texas realize their financial dreams.

The first Pillar

The main purpose of the first pillar is to help develop a financial roadmap for the client. Richard Blair determines the route by finding out the client’s goals, risk tolerance, strengths and growth opportunities. This pillar is important because it also helps build a stronger relationship between Richard Blair and his clients. It also helps him to understand a client’s personal goals as well as concerns and therefore being able to develop clear expectations.

The second pillar

The second pillar, unlike the first pillar, is meant to establish long-lasting and effective investment strategies that are tailor-made to specific clients’ unique goal. It is at this juncture where Richard Dwayne Blair properly reallocates and manages the assets of his clients by maximizing transactions when the market is moving upwards and minimizing them when the market seems to go down. This is meant to ensure that clients get the most out of their investments.

The third Pillar

After determining a client’s financial goals and enacting various effective strategies that guarantee financial growth, Richard Blair then moves to the final pillar after a thorough review of the entire process with every client.

The third pillar is mainly about implementation and monitoring. This is where Richard

Dwayne Blair closely implements and monitors his clients’ goals by simply tracking and comparing them to their earlier expectations. Most of the people who follow the three pillar approach end up attaining their financial goals.

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