Alexandre Game Is Such A Great Advertiser

     Alexandre Gama is a famous advertising executive who is native to Brazil. Although advertising is his forte, racking up nearly 100 prestigious awards over his 35-year career in the industry, he also is involved in judging artworks, producing art himself, sitting atop major companies boards of directors to help make meaningful decisions, and helping his fellow Brazilians excel in whatever careers make them happy, proud, and satisfied.

After precisely 30 years’ worth of time spent across various advertising firms, the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies – shortened to ABAP by native Brazilians – selected Mr. Gama as one of its select few board members to help maintain top-notch performance by participants in the world of marketing and advertising.

Gama has even been asked – which he obliged to, all three times – to serve the International Film Jury as one of its key Foreman, the formal title of judges that serve the organization. Such stints of service came in 2004 and 2013, with another appearance at the annual festival in 2008, though he was officially coined a Jury Member.

Once, in 2014, Mr. Alexandre Gama was asked to show off an art exhibition he created on his own at the Brazilian Art Museum, unarguably one of the most prominent art galleries across the spacious country of Brazil. The exhibit was open to the public, free of charge, for two consecutive months following its initial showing.

Mr. Alexandre Gama has also been trusted with the stringent demands of major corporations like the United Kingdom’s Briggs Automotive Company. He invested a substantial sum in the company and quickly became known as one of the most active voters at shareholders’ meetings.

All considered, in the 36-odd years Alexandre Gama has been employed in the advertising industry, Alexandre Gama has won 23 Cannes Festival Lion awards.