Ara Chakerian and his achievements as the Founder of TMS

Ara Chakerian is a known successful entrepreneur and an investor, besides; he is a philanthropist too and boasts many years of experience in the healthcare industry. Chakerian is a managing partner at the ASC Capital Holdings; a leading investment plant in Healthcare Industry.


Not only that but also, Ara Chakerian is the founder of the TMS Solutions, an organization which works with patients suffering from resistant depression. Chakerian strives to change patient’s experiences in clinics.


Chakerian is a successful businessman in the health sector; he has well invested in the Healthcare Industry and with an extensive knowledge of the trends in a particular market structure. He observed and identified a market gap. This prompted him to start up the TNS Solutions. Since it is always a challenge for doctors to manage their clinics with the Healthcare insurance covers that are out of their patients. When starting up the TMS Solutions, he was striving to link the gap between the Healthcare Providers and their Patients.


According to, Chakerian by founding the TMS solutions organization, he was targeting at assisting the many patients by offering a new dynamic facility. For each clinic, there are a consult and treatment rooms. The rooms are well designed to provide a serene feeling when inside along other factors to promote comfort for patients fighting depression.


For Ara Chakerian he thought this was of great importance as they were dealing with patients suffering from psychiatric issues. Chakerian attempts to make those visiting his clinics become staunch followers of the concept and seeks to further promote the TNS programme as a brand.


For Ara Chakerian, teamwork is vital. Thus he has partnered with other business units to come up with practical situations, and he upholds the fact that success is part of circumstances.


Besides, Chakerian in his early stages invested in healthcare companies, and he fore fronted towards reinventing the US Healthcare systems. He is the co-founder of the BMC Diagnostics a known company which provides diagnostic imaging services, PipelineRx a service provider of Telephamacy nationwide.  You can visit for more details.


Ara Chakerian is a charitable man and adores giving back a lot. For years, he has founded and supported non-profitable organizations aimed at youth development and education, currently operating in Armenia, Nicaragua and the US.


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