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Who’s One Of The Oldest Professional Organizations In The United States? The American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 after 13 architects convened to protect the integrity of the field of architecture.

In order to rightfully claim to be an architect, a designer must be formally registered with the American Institute of Architects. There are currently over 90,000 architects throughout the United States, formally known as architect members, and denoted by the initialism AIA.

Robert Ivy has been the Chief Executive Officer since 2011, and also serves the AIA in the role of Executive Vice President. He first attended Sewanee, The University of the South, in earning a bachelor’s degree in English. Mr. Ivy then went to Tulane University and got a master’s degree in Architecture.

Ivy has been the recipient of several awards throughout his career. He is the only architect to have been named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, the national fraternity of architecture in the United States, in the 21st century. Mr. Ivy is one of only seven people to have been handed down this award in the more than one hundred years Alpha Rho Chi has been around.

Mr. Robert Ivy has also been the editor of Architectural Record, a magazine on architecture and design that’s distributed throughout the United States and most parts of North America. He started his career as Editor in Chief of the magazine in 1996. Later, he became Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, a conglomerate of media publications that all regard architecture, buildings, and other pieces of stationary equipment around the world.

He is trusted by many others in the community of architecture. Several years ago, Robert Ivy helped compile the information for and write a biography about Fay Jones, someone who got to learn directly from Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the top architects in the United States in modern days.

He helped win several awards for Architectural Record, including 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards.

Alongside the other 90,000 members enrolled in the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has helped grow the group into being one of the largest professional organizations in the United States.

Successful Journey Of Attorney Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a famous Brazil attorney who is influenced by passion and desire to achieve in his field. He is the founder of the famous Fagali advocacy that is based in Sao Paulo. He is famous for his commitment, professionalism, and integrity in the legal fraternity.

He possesses great expertise while dealing with several cases relating to anti-corruption and also all public related cases. He also has specialized in administrative actions, popular actions, expropriation, regulatory law, bidding law and other fields not forgetting the urban law and administrative contracts.

Brazilian law is a bit competitive and only requires competitive people who have specialized in their niche. Bruno Fagali has been able to venture well in the industry that statistics show that there are currently over 26,000 qualified lawyers in Brazil. People are still joining the growing industry, and Bruno happens to have done what it takes to become of the leading Sao Paulo’s based attorneys. For one to fully qualify as a lawyer in Brazil is a process, and one must undergo various procedures. He must have an undergraduate degree in Law from a recognized University and then pass the bar or rather the professionalism exam is a must. He must perform exemplary well in the field. Bruno happens to possess great skills and has done exemplary well towards changing how the industry operates.


Bruno Fagali before qualifying as a professional has been on the frontline ensuring that he work on skills and experience which are the qualities of a good lawyer in the world. He has made it a habit of reading widely and has been doing enough research regarding the profession. He has been working in various law firms as an intern so that he can expand his career. Then he was employed at Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. This was before Fagali advocacy. He has also invested in skills by attending the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He also happens to be an active member of various legal bodies whereby he has been involved in structuring several policies that guide their profession and has been respected because of his expertise in the industry.

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OSI Inc. Buys Baho Foods

OSI Inc. insists on feeding your family according to the strict food safety laws set by the government. David A. McDonald, COO, and president, ensures their customers are satisfied with food products. Under the leadership of McDonald, OSI has celebrated 20 years of being in a successful food partnership with China. Their food processing deal with Asia, and the United States had also been a successful addition to their portfolio for many years. He believes the success of these partnerships will continue to help the financial, and international growth of OSI, and have also impressed their stockholders.

Buying Baho Foods has been a part of their growth strategies. They were able to out bid several other big name food plants, to now being the owners, and operators of Baho foods. In fact, a similar deal in Europe had them operating the popular Flagship Europe. They will operate their facility plant to process their condiments, pie fillings, and hot dog products. Surprisingly, they have played a significant role in building the business industry in Europe, and the deal is worth an estimated $7 million dollars for OSI Industries Inc. food processing plant. Furthermore, they were one of the first to take part in a stabilized food market.

It was also important for OSI to let PRN Newswire readers of their transparent public disclosure to let you know where your food comes from, and what’s in it. Their website provides details of their ingredients, and were they’re derived. OSI Inc. won a bid for a Tyson food processing plant in Chicago. Their successful bid helped hundreds of workers keep their current position. They will operate their elite food processing assembly line with their signature products, and Tyson select. OSI remains committed the top food products on the table to feed your family.

OSI Inc. food processing plant processes vegetables, pie filling, sandwich filling, frozen poultry, organic vegetables, and more. Feed your family a quality meal they while love while providing the top ingredients to keep your love ones, or food customers healthy. Choose OSI Industries food processing to supply your restaurant, deli, supermarket, or meat market.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Integrative Cancer Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is collaborating with Allscripts and NantHealth in carrying out a practical tradition solution that enables eviti, a NantHealth medical consultation support solution, the right of use of clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise Electrical Health Record. With the efficacy of this support solution, the Clinical Pathways program guarantees adequate cancer treatment progress with no interruption with the practitioner’s clinical workflow. The clinical operating system (NantOS) was developed with the participation of some oncologists throughout the nation and embraces an inclusive group of progressing cancer care data.

Clinical Pathways considers the patient and incorporates the most recent cancer research, therapy programs, and similar treatments into the Allscripts Sunrise Electrical Health Record, enhancing the oncologists’ capability to come up with a list of care procedures.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a countrywide network comprising of five hospitals that cater to adult patients who are suffering from cancer. CTCA provides an integrative tactic to provide care that combines improvements in gene testing and intensive cancer treatment, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, with evidence-informed supportive therapies considered to assist patients emotionally and physically by guaranteeing quality life while handling side effects that occur during and after treatments. Cancer Treatment Centers of America attends patients globally at its hospitals in Phoenix, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and Tulsa. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides general information about therapies choices to the patients and the caregivers and ensures they actively participate in therapy decisions.

Richard J. Stephenson, the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, established the center after the death of his mother who had cancer. Richard felt the need to offer more treatment options since he was not contented with the therapies, which were provided, to his mother. In 1988, he initiated the first center, followed by others, which were established, between 2005 and 2012.

JHSF Head: Jose Auriemo Neto, is Now a New Yorker?

Is Jose Auriemo a New Yorker now? Who is Jose Auriemo Neo? If you are asking yourself either of those questions you may find this article to be quite informative. José Auriemo Neto is an entrepreneur, the chairman of JHSF’s board of directors. Jose Auriemo Neto is a graduate of the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo. Recently Neto and his wife, Mariana, recently moved into a six-month stretch in New York. Neto is a family man with children whom are currently attending school in New York.

JHSF is a pioneer real estate company that originated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although the company is currently run by Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto, it was initially founded in 1972 by siblings Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo. JHSF is credited as the first company in brazil to “prioritize recurrent income assets”. The JHSF has many locations including a building in Manhattan, NY, USA.

Since Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto assumed leadership the company has only continued to grow. Over the years Jose Auriemo Neto has done a great job of making good impressions and forming many important partners and customers. In 2009 Mr. Auriemo Neto decided to bring the company into the market of retail; to do this he signed exclusive partnership aggrements with Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Choo to open a luxury retail story; this is JHSF’s first retail branch from these luxury brands.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s entrepreneurial attitude will only take him to new heights and one can only imagine what the future holds for JHSF (a company that has already reached historical milestones). To learn more about Jose Auriemo Neto, chairman and cheif executive officer of JHSF, and as of late, full-time New Yorker, you can actually just google him; he is quite a famous and highly regarded man.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) And What It Does

     Due to the reason to support and make a good working environment for the architects in the US, American Institute of Architects (AIA) was established. With its headquarters in the Washington, D, C, AIA is committed to training architects, supporting them regarding career development and making sure that a good architectural image is presented to the community. In addition to that, the AIA works closely with the design and construction team to revamp the building industry through enhanced coordination.


The Executive Leaders

Presently, the AIA is under the leadership of Robert Ivy, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Thomas V, Voiner serves as the president. The leadership of the AIA is based on the focus on key goals which is to make sure that the community is served with the best architectures that have a clear comprehension of modern building and construction techniques. It is important to note that the organization has done pretty well under the leadership of Robert Ivy, and Thomas V, Voiner as the tow keyleaders.


Brief History

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857 in the New York City by a group of thirteen architects who were looking to modify the architectural industry by coming up with the modern construction solutions. With Richard Upjohn as the first CEO of the organization, they came together on February 23, 1857, and invited sixteen other young architects to join the team so that its impact on the society and the department of engineering could be enhanced. In that meeting, the members of the organization came up with constitutions and by-laws that governed all the undertakings.



Since its launch, AIA has gone through ups and downs, but its primary goals have never been shattered. Through training and support provided to the architects by the organization, the construction industry has done lots of amazing work. The modern buildings have the great architectural touch that makes them strong and durable; courtesy of the organization, through the training and constant exposure to the modern technological construction tactics.

Robert Ivy is one great leader that has an unshakable belief in teamwork and coordination. That way, he has influenced the staff and other aspiring engineers to leverage the power of teamwork in ensuring that the impossible is made possible. With that kind of spirit, Robert Ivy has made it possible for the AIA to gain lots of recognition from all parts of the world as the best organization for architects.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Gives Hope to Cancer Patients

The most prevalent form of malignancy in men is prostate cancer. To promote prostate cancer’s awareness, the NFL, LabCorp, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) joined hands in educating men and increasing cancer screening accessibility. The team projected that 2,000 men with ages of 40 and above meeting the eligibility requirements for the screening could benefit from the exercise free of charge. At the end of the 2,000 males’ target, other eligible men would be able to access screening at LabCorp’s clinics at a discounted price.

The American Cancer Society gives an estimation of 161,360 new diagnoses of prostate cancer for 2017 because 1 in 7 men develop prostate cancer. High-risk men should get screenings from the age of 40. Race and family history are the most common risk factors for cancer. The African-American men are at a higher risk of suffering from the disease. The public service announcements’ prostate campaign, termed Prostate Pep Talk, a team consisting of Herm Edwards, Bill Cowher, and Dick Vermeil raised awareness of the risks of prostate cancer and encouraged men to get screened.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. It consists of five hospitals that treat adult patients fighting cancer. The national network offers an integrative model to healthcare combining advancements in precise cancer therapy, genomic testing, immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, with evidence-based supportive treatments. The supportive therapies aim at improving the patients’ quality of life both emotionally and physically. The supportive therapies also manage the side effects arising from medicines. The treatment centers offer patient-centered care in its hospitals based in Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago, Tulsa, and Philadelphia.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides unique and individualized care because it believes that cancer affects people differently. The system has helped patients fight cancer for over 30 years now using advanced technology. The system uses an integrative approach to cancer therapy.

Richard Stephenson founded the Cancer Treatment Centers of America after his mother succumbed to cancer. His lack of satisfaction in the treatment options motivated him to start CTCA. The system continues to help cancer patients increase their quality of life.

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Oncotarget journal

OncTargets is an international, journal-based journal focusing on the pathological foundation all types of cancer, possible therapeutic goals and treatment protocols used to increase the take care of cancer patients. The review also centers on the impact of management programs and new therapeutics and protocols on the patient’s perspective, such as quality of life, compliance, and satisfaction. This kind of review examines the proof of new and existing therapies in conditions of improved outcomes and, moreover, attempts to define their use in conditions of acceptance and acceptance by the individual and the healthcare professional. Oncotarget posts documents online with the aim of making clinical results available quickly and comprehensively, maximizing the impact of research through a thorough review and getting rid of the border between biomedical specialties. Oncotarget promotes important scientific and clinical applications for disease control. Contributed by the most prestigious scientists, the magazine helps all researchers to chip into the advancement of science. Oncotarget strives to get a life without illnesses. Oncotarget works carefully with all high-ranking technological directories and archives to make scientific results available to medical field research workers, practitioners, and the standard public quickly and adequately.

To speed up the indexing process, he posts two issues per week. After assigning page amounts and numbers, they are permanently displayed in PubMed. Volume 31 numbers 31-34 appeared in PubMed previous week. Volumes 35 through 36 are being modified this week in the National Library of Treatments.The name Oncotarget centers on all the pathways, molecules and cellular functions that are routine in time and cancer, lymphocytes and neurons, cancer cells and microbes. The growing recognition of Oncotarget is linked to a review by several constructive, timely and meaningful couples. The characteristics played a major role in helping the reviewers to raise the impact of their research. Oncotarget is posted by Impact Journals. Oncotarget believes that it is essential to face the issues of the twenty-first hundred years, our task is to be a well-known scientific journal for the rapid spread and scale of biomedical research to be valued, “said the Office of International Affairs and legal.

Oncotarget In the end, Oncotarget is the journal of scientists, “and” will continue to be a resource to help researchers contribute to the advancement of science as we fight together to see life without disease.Mikhail V. Andrei Sixth is v. Gudkov Blagosklonny and are the publishers of Oncotarget. Oncotarget has become a popular medical journal thanks a lot to its impressive work and editorial skills. In addition to oncology, the magazine deals with other issues such as metabolism, neurosciences, pharmacology, cell biology, cardiology, endocrinology and many others.Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist who studies aging and cancers. In fact, he is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Playground Cancer Institute based in New York. However, Andrei V. Gudkov is also a recognized expert in cancer research. He is chairman of the Cellular Stress Biology Department and Senior Vice President of Fundamental Research at the Roswell Park Cancer Company. Oncotarget is a biomedical, freely accessible, peer-reviewed, 48-hour publication that features research on all areas of oncology and subsequent publications on issues beyond oncology and maturing, immunology. and microbiology, autophagy, pathology and chromosomes and more. He has released seven volumes, 324 quantities since 2010 which is now in his eighth quantity. Oncotarget gives each released work a direct thing identifier (DOI) and can be applied the advice of the Ethics Committee of the publication (COPE) to all published works.

Understand More About NuoDB

NuoDB is an elastic SQL database that is technologically advanced. The database is mainly meant for container and cloud-based atmospheres although basically, the structure delivers five core requirements. The requirements were intended to ensure that the integrity of data would be maintained even during modification of database sizes and execution on demand. At the same time, they also ascertain consistent transactions and the reliability of the standard SQL interfaces that your designers are accustomed to. NuoDB’s peer-to-peer structural design also makes it easy when one wants to insert additional nodes in a manner that saves costs and enhances utilization.

Explore What Cloud Database Entails

A cloud database is one whose access is offered as a service and runs on a cloud computing platform. The elastic SQL database provided by NuoDB integrates the availability of cloud and flexible dimension with the stability and transactional regularity demanded by the databases of record. As such, you can be assured that your application logic is kept simple and your database smart. At the same time, NuoDB’s solutions come with the benefits of maintaining manageable costs and keeping a structure that is attractive, which will keep you ahead of the curve. Their contemporary approach has already proved to revamp database design and management.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: An Onocologist Conducting Research to Improve Human Lives

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is an Oncology Professor at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. He has devoted his life to researching cancer and a variety of treatments for this devastating disease. Among other work, he has advocated the use of Rapamycin to increase human longevity. Rapamycin was first isolated in 1972 from a bacterium. When it was first discovered, scientists used it to make an anti-fungal treatment. Subsequently, it was discovered that this drug could be used to fight a variety of diseases. It is also currently being researched as a treatment for more illnesses.

One of Rapamycin’s most famous uses is as an immunosuppressant. In this use, it can help an organ transplant procedure be a success by helping the patient’s body accept the organ. Many drugs used for this purpose negatively affect the kidneys. However, Rapamycin is less toxic on the kidneys. It can also be used to treat different lung diseases. Another major use of this drug is as a coating for stents. This is done to prevent an artery from becoming blocked again following an angioplasty procedure. Patients with a Rapamycin coating take longer to form blockages in the same area.

Another important use of Rapamycin is in cancer treatments. Taken in appropriate doses, this drug can enhance a body’s immune response towards tumors. Patients who have transplanted organs can lower their risk of cancer by taking this drug. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is researching the possibilities of using this drug to increase a person’s lifespan. This research is still ongoing. Other ongoing Rapamycin research include its use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

Dr. Blagosklonny also has plans for the future of Onocology and cancer treatments. His present focus is trying to determine why cancer is seen more often in older people. This ties into his research in increasing the human lifespan. He also tries to inspire future researchers to continue his work. Dr. Blagosklonny is interested in finding ways to treat cancer more cost effectively. His goal is for cancer treatment to become an easily afforded thing instead of a luxury.

Another part of Dr. Blagosklonny’s work focuses on make cancer treatments less painful. Current cancer treatments kill normal body cells that could help a person recover quicker. Dr. Blagosklonny hopes to find a treatment that can kill cancer cells without damaging normal cells. He has made progress in this area and hopes that other researchers will expand upon and continue his work.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an Oncologist who is working to improve and extend the lives of humans. He has conducted and continues to conduct fascinating research aimed at improving cancer treatments and making them more affordable. He also works with innovative drugs, like Rapamycin, to find new ways they can help people.