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Talk Fusion: For all Your Video Communication Needs

For anyone looking for better ways to keep in touch with family, friends or even clients, video communication is one of the best ways of doing exactly that. Video communication has been taken to another level by Talk Fusion. This is a forum that connects people from all over the world. Through their cutting-edge video technology, people are not only able to keep in touch but also expand their circles.


Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion. He is a respected professional and his community knows and appreciates him for his passion for community development and charity. The CEO has had a long relationship with marketing which earns him a part-time income. The police officer by profession has a passion for technology and his entrepreneurial spirit led to Talk Fusion.


The company recognizes that there are emerging trends in technology and communication. Bob Reina, therefore, uses this knowledge to promote innovative and easy-to-use video market technology. In this way, he helps businesses and individuals to realize their dreams.


Some of the features which come with Talk Fusion include video emailing and conferencing. With their emailing features, users can be able to embed a personalized video message in an email before sending it. You can also host meetings from anywhere and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Their conferencing features also enable the user to design effective presentations to deliver during video conferences.


With their video live chats, users can be able to easily communicate with anyone from all over the world. The video chat can be done on any platform, whether you are using a PC or Mac. It is also supported by cell phones and tablets. They also have video newsletters and a wide range of video marketing reporting and analytics.


The team at Talk Fusion is made up of technology wizards, dream builders and master wordsmiths. The team also comprises pros in video technology and graphics. Talk Fusion is also associated with bodies such as the Direct Selling Association. This means that they adhere to the DSA Code of Ethics.


To take advantage of their video communication package, buy Talk Fusion today!

Madison Street Capital Spreads its Wings

America has several investments banking institution, and one of them is Madison Street Capital. Many people in the country benefit a lot from the investment company, and many have received great opportunities from it. The company recently released a Youtube video on how it well handles any matters that deal with finance, and this earned the company a lot of respect.
For any banking institution to do so well in the competitive market, the employees must have high levels of ethical integrity, and this is what has kept Madison Street Capital on top of the rest. The company has reliable advisors who make sure that the clients who come to the company seeking financial advice are well handled and that they make informed decisions. Financial debts, secure lending and credit activities are well handled by the team of professionals employed by Madison Street Capital. Capital investment matters and portfolio valuation are also handled well by the company.

Madison Street Capital is an international company, and this means that the international community looks up to it too. The company has to be very accountable, and this can be achieved by giving annual reports about its transaction activities. To ensure that it continues to remain accountable to its clients, Madison Street Capital released its fourth edition report to the international community recently. The Bloomberg Business report indicated some shocking and some positive changes in the investment market.

The total amount of deals closed or announced during the year 2015 was forty-two according to the recently released report. Compared to what was reported last year, there has been a good increase of ten transactions, something the company is happy about. The transaction volume also increased from what was announced in 2014, going up by 27%. This has also laid a good foundation for 2016, and experts say that all signs indicate that the year will be prosperous. The hedge fund companies, however, had very poor strategies throughout the year, but they shocked many investors after their assets were reported to have remained high.

Madison Street Capital is crunchbased in Virginia, although it serves many countries in the world. Since it was started years ago, it has done a lot for the companies and individuals who come looking for help. The company has a special spot for education, and it has done a lot to ensure that quality education is attained in many places. It partners with governments, churches, schools and organizations in its philanthropic actions most of the time.

Customers Get Ready for Fabletics Spring and Summer Clothing Line


The last two years have been great for Kate Hudson and her clothing line. The Fabletics brand has evolved into one of the most exciting lines in the fashion world for athletic gear. This is a mighty brand that has become the talk of the town thanks to a lot of social media buzz, blogs and websites.

The Clothes Maiden is another site that puts the Fabletics brand in the spotlight. There are a lot of clothes from this line that are bound to give women a whole new perspective on what is means to work out in style.

Kate Hudson has some awesome picks for the The Clothes Maiden site, and everyone that checks out the site will have access her favorites. For the spring and summer line for 2016 Hudson is bringing forth some yoga clothes that come in a variety of styles. There is the 2 piece Poppy set, the 3 piece Hyacinth set and the 3 piece Peony set that are among Kate’s favorite picks. Hudson has become an innovator of style, and the website shows just how much she is into this clothing line.

The new summer line will also feature the active wear clothing line that Kate models on the website herself. People that are getting ready to work out this summer will really be in for a treat. There are boundless options to consider, and the website is just the beginning. Hudson and her team have decided to bring 100 additional stores into various cities in the next five years. This is going to create an even greater level of popularity for Fabletics brand.

Fabletics represents a new level of higher quality fashion in the industry today. This is the type of clothing that will make women want to work out. Many females will shy away from the gym because they don’t have true gym wear. They may not have the desire to workout because they may have never felt comfortable in the gym clothes that they had. This website changes all of that and gives people the ability to find something that is both comfortable and visually appealing.

Women are praising this brand and the new styles that are coming into view for the spring and summer collection of 2016. Those bright colors will lighten the mood of those that want to work out. These clothes will give women great variety for their gym wardrobe.

Thor Halvorssen Openly Speaks About Socialism

Thor Halvorssen Speaks From Experience
Thor Halvorssen is a man does speak from his own personal experience. His father had been a political prisoner and his mother was shot during a peaceful protest. He does have a cousin who is currently in prison in Venezuela. He is a person who speaks from real knowledge. He has seen first-hand exactly how a dictatorship and socialism can rob and violate basic human rights.

A Violation of Human Rights and Socialism
Thor Halvorssen gave an interview to Fox News that was about socialism and Bernie Sanders. This interview had aired on February 26, 2016. Thor had make a contribution to Bernie Sanders previously. It was the largest amount that is allowed. Socialism is a violation of basic human rights, in the view of Thor Halvorson. This does not necessarily include every aspect of socialism. There are several definitions of the word socialism. The big objection, according to Mr. Halvorssen, is when socialism is done under an authoritarian government or if they actually use socialism as a mask. Looting a country when a government takes full control may be considered to be a violation. The government may create massive shortages for people. Dictatorship is a big problem. There are some countries that are practicing socialism within the government that do not violate human rights. Free markets will work and the creation of more wealth for everyone is a positive outcome for socialism. Taking full control of a government does not help the people. Bernie Sanders is a socialist senator. Mr. Halvorssen would prefer to have a socialist democrat in government. Separation of power must be incorporated. Restrictions of human rights does not work for the people. Bernie Sanders is pro socialism for America. If rule of law is followed, socialism can work. Socialism in government is a recipe that may be negative or it may be very positive for the people. Redistribution of wealth will not prove to be a positive solution with socialism. These are the views of Thor Halvorssen. Constitutional rights must be included in the socialist government if it will prove to work for all people. Socialist policies must be included. Dictatorship and socialism are not a good recipe for anyone.

Wen By Chaz Review by Bustle


Wen by Chaz Dean contains natural extracts and plant-based oils. This makes it particularly attractive to women who want to use shampoos and conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals. So, how well does Wen work? The products have been endorsed by a number of celebrities, so Bustle’s Emily McClure decided to try WEN conditioner for seven days to see just how well it works. 

McClure shares that she was surprised by how much product she had to use on the first day. However, she followed the instructions on the bottle, and noticed that her hair was immediately thicker than normal. The next two days, she showered and applied the conditioner, and started to notice that her hair was less frizzy. 

By the fourth day, McClure didn’t have time to wash her hair that morning, but she states that her tresses were oilier than they usually were. She also curled her hair once she got to work (at a hair salon), but said that her curls fell shortly afterwards. 

McClure did mention that her friends complimented her on how shiny her hair was, and that Wen definitely made her hair feel and look thicker. She states that she’d recommend the product to women with thin hair, but shares on facebook that the conditioner is best for women who wash and style their hair daily.

The Benefits Of Healthy Dog Food


There is a lot of territory when it comes to innovations for healthy dog food. The Daily Herald did an interview with Mr. Richard Thompson. Richard Thompson is the owner of Freshpets. He is a man that is obsessed with the high quality of his dog food products. Freshpets only uses fresh ingredients and it limits the meals that sit on shelves.

The pet food industry alone makes over $23.7 billion a year. Many dog owners want their dog food to be healthy, because they want their pets to be able to eat as healthy as them. Apart from new companies that are popping up, there are many traditional petfood companies that are trying to step up their game when it comes to beating the competition. Colgate-Palmolive has introduced a new dog food to help dogs lose weight. Purina has customized special blends of dog food in order to meet the nutritional needs of each dog. Pet care has put a harvest line on the market. This dog food is mixed with cranberries and blueberries.

The healthy pet eating plan is a plan that many dog owners love. People now see the importance of disease prevention through healthy eating. Both old and new companies are competing to get more clients. Freshpets is breaking into new territory when it comes to refrigerated dog meals, and the owner of Freshpets believes that they will turn a profit in 2016.

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food is a dog food that has been on the market for many years now, and that is why they have so many loyal customers. Beneful dog food has over 33 experts that are consistently and constantly checking the quality of their dog food brand. Many individuals trust Beneful for their dogs because it is full of nutritious and healthy ingredients that can keep their dogs healthy over their life. Beneful dog foods is regulated by the FDA and the USDA, along with many state laws. The suppliers of the ingredients of Beneful have to meet with Beneful‘s high standards when it comes to ingredient specification, safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices.


Top Texas Doctors Are In Demand

Selecting a doctor to perform plastic surgery is a very difficult task. It is also a task that requires a fair amount of time devoted to research. Of course, there are sites online that supply list of the top Texas Doctors, but it is important to use due caution. Make sure that the doctor selected is one like Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is indeed one of the Top Texas Doctors. Dr. Walden is a member of the ASAPS. She has her own practice in Austin and plenty of experience performing various plastic surgeries on patients.

Dr Jennifer Warren
New people moving to Austin, Texas and looking for a competent plastic surgeon are in luck. Dr. Jennifer Warren recently returned to Austin, Texas. The Austin native spent several years in New York running a very successful practice. Here is a little more information about the plastic surgeon’s background. Dr. Warren is a board certified plastic surgeon. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr Walden is also presently a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and several other groups. Dr Walden is well regarded by the plastic surgery community and often acts as a media spokesman for plastic surgery groups providing information to sources that include television, radio, and more.

Dr. Walden managed a very successful practice in New York. She received excellent training with some of the most prestigious doctors in the country. Her excellent knowledge and experience makes her one of the top doctors in the country. Dr Walden is a native of Austin, Texas. She returned with her twin sons recently. Dr. Walden’s practice in New York made it extremely difficult for her sons to get to know their family in Texas. Dr. Walden made the decision to return to the area and let her twins get to know their relatives. Visit her website for news and appointment information.

The Role Of Investment Banking In The Economy

Investment banks are vital for the economy to keep on running smoothly. To start, investment banks raise money for companies that need capital to expand facilities, develop new products, or money to keep the business operating. An investment bank helps a firm raise money by helping to determine the value of company stock. The investment bank can then actually play the role of a salesman and try and sell company stock to investors. In exchange for offering these services for companies needing capital, investment banks get paid or receive a commission from the sales of company stock.

As you can see investment banks play a crucial role in the economy by being a major player in the raising of capital for companies in need of money. Investment banks play another role in the economy, and that is actually buying and selling stock, commodities derivatives, and equity. By buying, selling and trading commodities, stocks and financial instruments investment banks help keep the economy moving.

Other tasks that investment banks due are aiding companies with mergers and acquisitions. They often act as mediators between two companies that are about to merge. Investment banks also help lay out the terms of an acquisition. In both cases the investment bank tries to negotiate a fair deal and settlement for both parties. This tasks is another crucial part that investment banks play in the economy.

A highly successful investment banker that has done all of these tasks is Martin Lustgarten. He founded his own firm called Lustgarten Martin. The firm is based out of South Florida, in Ponte Verda Beach, where Mr. Lustgarten also resides with his family. The firm is famous for its extensive investments in South America.

Mr. Lustgarten has built up his firm Lustgarten Martin through hard work, dedication and sound investment strategy. The firm operates on several principles. The first is to carefully analyze the risk and return ratio of all investments. The second principle is to ensure transparency in dealing. The third principle is to try and minimize risk while at the same time maximizing returns. These principles have been the cornerstone of success for Martin Lustgarten’s firm.

Sergio Cortes Writes About The Real Dangers Of The Zika Virus

Sergio Cortes is a doctor that is very concerned with the state of health of those individuals that live in Brazil. He is also the Secretary of Health for the country and he has a very informative blog in which he speaks about disease prevention and health matters. The name of Sergio Cortes’s blog is Those individuals that are interested in learning more about Sergio Cortes and getting more valuable medical information from him can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Cortes speaks about the Zika outbreak that has been affecting many areas in Brazil. He sheds light on some valuable information, and he dissipates some untrue information about the virus as well.

The Zika virus was first identified in some African countries and later the disease spread to Asia. Within recent months there has been outbreaks of Zika in Latin America as well. Brazil has been a country that has been featured in many news programs, because there have been large amounts of individuals that have been affected by the Zika virus there. While many of the symptoms of the Zika virus are non-serious, the ramifications of the disease can cause health problems to unborn babies. It has been investigated that the Zika virus can cause microcephaly. Microcephaly causes abnormally small heads in newborn babies. In studies that were done in Brazil, they showed that the degree of incidence of microcephaly correlated with Zika outbreaks months before. Apart from that, the Zika virus has been associated with Gillian-Barre syndrome.

There is no cure for the virus, all that an individual can do is wait for the symptoms of the disease to disappear. If an individual desires to get medication to help their symptoms, then they can take anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers. It is important not to take any aspirin or aspirin containing medications, because aspirin can cause an anticoagulant effect. There are things that an individual can do to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. The first thing that attracts mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus is standing water. Individuals do well to avoid having any standing water inside or outside of their home. Even a little bit of water can allow these mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Also it is smart to have the body fully covered to avoid mosquito bites. Mosquito nets are good to sleep under, and it is wise to put screens on windows and doors. Pregnant women in particular should take these precautions, because of the previous mentioned FAQs about microcephaly and newborns.

Global Markets To Remain Volatile In The Eyes Of George Soros

The financial markets of the world could be heading for a repeat of the 2008 economic slowdown if serious issues are not addressed as a matter of urgency, claims hedge fund icon George Soros. Over the course of his career Soros has brought his personal fortune up to around $23 billion in total through a hedge fund averaging 20 percent growth each year during the course of its operation. Bloomberg Business reports an economic conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka was the site of an interview by Bloomberg held with George Soros, in which he explained his belief that the conditions in the world were replicating those leading to the 2008 economic slowdown.

George Soros believes the global markets are moving towards another crisis similar to that seen in 2008 after various problems were seen in the Chinese and European economies over recent years. Born in Hungary, George Soros believes eastern Europe could hold the key to the entire collapse of the Euro zone single currency. Ukraine and Greece are already seeing issues with debts, but a failing Ukraine fills Soros with dread over the possibilities of a rising Russian nation forcing its way into mainland Europe. Soros himself has seen the issues facing Europe after his own Open Society Foundations was barred from working in Russia after being identified as a security threat, CNBC reports.

The major problems facing the world have been identified by George Soros as coming from China, including the failure of the nation to cope with the changes being seen in their economy. The success of the Chinese economy was largely based upon the manufacturing and investment sectors, but in recent times the economy has been shifting to a more service and consumption based market. Soros believes Chinese officials have not handled the changes to their economy in the correct way with large amounts of currency flooding the market, and lower interest rates than have been seen in living memory. The many different trade agreements the Chinese government have established with countries around the world mean the problems seen in the economy will cause a ripple effect throughout the world, which the hedge fund legend believes could see major issues if China continues to struggle.