Bruno Fagali: The Exceptional Lawyer

     Bruno Fagali from Brazil is not your usual lawyer. He is a man who decided that he will stand out from the crowd of lawyers and practice differently. Bruno is a professional in administrative law. Nevertheless, he also focuses on other types of law. Bruno has gathered his experience by working for various law firms. Currently, Bruno is working on introducing a new division or aspect in the nation’s legal system. He wants to change the society and the country.

All the experience Fagali gained from other firms enabled him to start his practice. Fagali Law Firm is growing steadily and aiming to become more prominent with time. All these achievements are founded on Bruno’s education. He started his journey by attaining a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo. He added a master degree to reinforce his skills and qualification. Bruno’s education has a significant part in the progress he has made.

While practicing administrative law,Fagali developed an interest in urban compliance, regulatory law, and ethics. Integrity is an essential virtue to Bruno in every sphere of his life. This passion has driven Bruno to fight corruption through his career. Corruption characterizes Brazil’s allocation of public funds. According to Bruno, mitigating or ending this kind of impunity is possible. He has founded an initiative that will prevent misappropriation of public funds.

The program will be launched in government offices, especially those dealing with government contracts. Since Bruno introduced this initiative, he has been quite busy. Private organizations are also using it to maintain transparency and integrity in their entities. Bruno Fagali is impressed by the reception of this initiative, and he is supporting organizations wherever he can.

A specific advertising company hired Bruno to be their integrity manager. Nova/sb mainly deals with business from the government. They are glad to have Bruno’s expertise in compliance and ethics. The company also gets business from non-governmental organizations. Bruno Fagali appreciates whatever services he gives this company. Bruno Fagali is not an individual who focuses on one area. He believes in impacting the society from all possible perspectives. Bruno is exemplary to his peers and the community in its entirety.