Career Life of Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a well-known person in the health industry who was born in the year 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam. Shafik went to the University of London, in 1975 where he pursued a degree course leading to a dental surgeon from the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. After his education, he practiced his dental surgeon in England, and he was able to gain vast experience. Mostly, he voluntarily served with Aga Khan and Jamati Institution since Shafik Sachedina had a great interest in healthcare. The role that he executed while serving at the Jamati Institution and Aga Khan was significant since he was providing coordination to about 16 critical areas in Ismaili community programs. Besides that, Shafik was able to serve in various prestigious positions where he played a crucial role, and his contribution was evident since it leads to more significant growth and development.

Sussex Healthcare is homecare that has a remarkable reputation since the services that it provides to people are many and are very sensitive. Most of the care services that are offered by Sussex healthcare comprises of looking after the elderly in the society, people affected by Alzheimer’s disorders, dementia, and many others. It has been the objective of Sussex Healthcare to offer quality care services to all its patients and more so to be outstanding health center in Sussex that has quality care services. For this reason, more employees and caregivers have been employed to work with the Sussex healthcare so that it can be able to accomplish its dream and objectives of serving the humanity.

It is significant to note that Sussex Healthcare has been able to benefit from the University of Chichester where it has personnel that is highly qualified. Six staff members from Sussex health care were able to get awards with this university since they completed their level 5 category serving in the social care. This qualification is crucial as it makes it possible for the workers that have completed the internship program to have a chance of studying a BA degree.

This is a great contribution of Shafik Sachedina in Sussex healthcare, and that has propelled it to be competitive in the industry. All the working team in Sussex healthcare do receive lots of appreciation from Shafik Sachedina since he knows it is their effort and hard work that has made it possible for this firm to achieve its goals. Thus, Shafik ensures the welfare of all the employees so that they can be motivated by working hard.