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American Institute Of Architects CEO’s legacy

Robert Ivy was born in Columbus and currently resides in Washington DC. He has a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. He is now the current Vice President and CEO of American Institute of Architects. He acquired this position on 1st February 2011. His main aim at AIA is to address today’s issues and future issues such as environment and public health.

CEO Robert Ivy has dedicated his profession to the public health through various ways such as draining of swamps in Washington DC. He also came up with the idea of the Olmsted design of Central Park in New York which was to normalize a part of the city that was highly challenged and to eliminate poor housing structures. This idea was initially conceived in the context of improving public health.

AIA is the organization of architects and its mission to promote professional perfection within its own community of members. They have more than 900,000 members across the United States.

Robert Ivy commitment to public health is also evident in the way he comes with ideas on how buildings should be built considering on how they have access to sunlight, as well as fresh air. Buildings can also be built in a way that the can promote body exercise example constructing an apartment where it is necessary to walk to access your house will help to keep the local healthy since they will not suffer from conditions such as diabetes or obesity.

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On the interview with Robert Ivy found on the, he mentions that there is high need in collaborating with other professions. Here he tries to emphasize the benefits of teamwork since nothing good is done in isolation. He says that one of the essential skills of successful architects if the ability to manage large or huge teams.

Robert also lays emphasize on the importance of using safe materials for construction, constructions equipment make up a large part in any building and once the materials are faulty they can cause health problems. He urges architects to get their building materials from qualified and established suppliers. Since this guarantees safety.

His passion has also been seen in his work, Robert Ivy is active in supervising the construction of safe houses as well as recreational areas that are environmental friendly. He also urges future architects to work closely with public health officers to ensure the environment is safer and healthier for all.

Robert Ivy’s impact in the community has been felt and his legacy in advocating for a safer environment will leave on for future and upcoming architects to follow.