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How an SEC whistleblower attorney can protect you

Have you seen some illegal activity being perpetrated by the company you are currently employed by when it comes to federal securities laws? Are you tired of turning a blind eye, and have decided it may be time to report the company to the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC?

If so, before you do anything at all, you must hire an SEC whistleblower attorney to represent you, as not doing so could get you in a lot of trouble.

How an SEC whistleblower lawyer can protect you — When it comes to reporting any federal securities violation, you want to tread carefully. Not only do most companies become vindictive when they realize one of their employees has just turned them in, if you do not report the information you have in the proper manner mandated by the SEC, you could end up in some trouble yourself.

A good lawyer that deals with SEC whistleblowers regularly, however, will make sure that you not only are able to hand over all the information you have to the SEC, but that your rights are not violated and your freedom is protected.

Getting the payment owed to you — Another reason to hire a lawyer is that, under SEC law, you are entitled to a certain payment should your information prove to be valuable. This payment can be between 10 and 30 percent of any money collected by the SEC due to your initial report.

As money collected can end up in the millions of dollars, plus additional bonuses later, it pays you to have a lawyer representing you that knows exactly what you are owed. Then goes out and makes sure you get it.

Getting a lawyer is as easy as having a free case evaluation — Another reason to hire an attorney before you contact the SEC is it does not cost you anything to do so.

Instead, most law firms that deal with whistleblower cases will meet with the person before they file an SEC report and give them a free case evaluation. The evaluation will tell you if your case is believed to be valid, and what you should do to proceed with it from here.

Even better, you can do this completely anonymously if you like, without having to give either your name or the name of the company you are planning to report to the SEC.

Helane Morrison Paves the Way for Business Women

Helane Morrison, a distinguished San Fransisco lawyer, has been instrumental in helping to pave the way to make the workplace better for women. She is one of the women at the top executives of Hall Capital Partners, LLC., a very successful investment firm in San Fransisco.

The firm’s CEO, Kathryn Hall believes in everyone coming into the office because collaboration is important in the finance industry. The firm offers maternity and paternity leave and encourages employees to be active and engaged in their communities, church and family lives. A balanced work and personal life does makes better employees. To read the article detailing Hall Capital’s changes for a better work environment, click here.

Female leadership is rare for women as far as financial services go. However Hall Capital is one of the largest and most successful money managers in the Bay Area, with $24 billion in assets under management with three women at the top of the company. They are managing the wealth of some of the Bay Area’s wealthiest families. The 3 women at the top are CEO Kathryn Hall, who also serves as co-chief investment officer, President Sarah Stein and Helane Morrison, a managing director and the firm’s general counsel and chief compliance officer.

Morrison’s strong position and work experience paves the way for other women to see their goals and reach them. As you can see from her LinkedIn, her resume includes being the first woman to serve as the San Fransisco Securities and Exchange Commissions district’s chief. Among other things, she also graduated with a journalism B.S. from Northwestern University and received her J.D. in 1984 from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, where she was Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review. She was a panel member of a Private Fund Compliance forum in 2012. One of only 4 members, she is obviously well respected in her field. More information on her can be found at

I am sure it is an easy decision for a career woman to join the Hall Capital firm seeing that she won’t be held back at this firm just because of gender. 

“The world is 50-50, men and women. My business school class was 50-50, and yet you see so many firms dominated by men,” President Sarah Stein said. 

It is tremendous that Morrison has worked so hard to achieve all that she has and still make it a priority to help diversify the workplace and foster integrity in the financial services business. Hall Capital offers accountability, integrity and regulatory compliance for its clients, elements that have become more vital following the historic financial crisis.

“The industry as a whole squandered the trust of clients in an epic way,” Hall said.

With these impressive women at the top I am sure that we will be seeing more growth from Hall Capital and that there is room for more hard working smart women to succeed in a man dominated business. 

How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Litigation

Finding the finest lawyer for your lawsuit or other legal issue can be the difference between getting what you desire and losing the case. It is vital to do a thorough research in order to find the best attorney for your case. There are a number of things you need to think about whenever attempting to locate the best legal representative for your requirements.

Locate a lawyer with adequate expertise in the specific area of litigation you are dealing with. This policy could not be overstated. There are plenty of areas of special legal experience. You don’t want to pay a legal representative to find out an unfamiliar area of the law or to reinvent the wheel. Even more, not adhering to this policy could lead to a devastating outcome.

Lawyer client communications are extremely important. Meet with your potential lawyer. Do you feel comfortable? Has your prospective attorney addressed all of your concerns? Instructed you what to expect? Explained the fee basis clearly? Explained their procedure for keeping you informed? All of these are very important issues to consider when looking for the best lawyer to handle your case or advise you on legal matters.

A reputable attorney ought to also be willing to provide referrals. In addition to checking references, you could check with the bar association to find out if the lawyer has a record of any disciplinary actions. The lawyer is probably the wrong choice if the attorney is unwilling to offer references. It is important to check experience levels, references, and performance history of any lawyer you are considering.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho acts on behalf of investment corporations, multinational companies and other important clients legal disagreements and regulatory issues. Peers respect him for his litigation and negotiation skills. Clients enjoy having the smart and hard-working Ricardo Tosto on their side.

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