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Jim Toner: An Expert in Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Jim Toner is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s College where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. After graduating from Saint Joseph’s, he attended University of Pennsylvania, where he received degrees in medicine and a PhD. Recognized for his high level of achievement, Dr. Toner was selected as a member of an elite medical honor society.

After completing his residency, Dr. Toner worked as a professor at Jones Institute. Due to his excellence as a Resident at the institute, he was awarded a position as a professor. Dr. Toner served at the institute for 15 years and achieved a position as an Associate Professor before his departure.

Dr. Toner currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he practices Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He has worked at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine approximately 18 years. Dr. Toner has worked as a medical doctor for 27 years. Dr. Toner combines his expertise as a Doctor of Psychology along with his practice of medicine to address the emotional and medical issues that occur during infertility.

Regarded as a leader in reproductive medicine, Dr. Jim Toner was recognized as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors of American Society for Reproductive Medicine for 2017-2018. As a published author, Dr. Toner has written on the topic of infertility. Dr. Toner published for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Clients have provided positive feedback regarding the treatment they have received from Dr. Toner. One client gave Dr. Toner a five-star rating and indicated that she was hopeful regarding having a child in the future because of Dr. Toner ‘s level of medical expertise and the care she received by his staff. Additionally, one client who drove four hours round trip to her appointment with Dr. Toner gave him a five-star rating and said the trip was worth the investment of her time.

Patients have a great deal of respect for Dr. Toner. His performance rating for trustworthiness, communication with customers, responsiveness to patient questions, and time spent with patients is excellent. Moreover, patients regard Dr. Toner’s staff as excellent in each area they were assessed which includes: the office environment, appointment scheduling, and friendliness. Clients commended Dr. Toner and his staff for the low wait time they experience after they arrive for their appointments.

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Try the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner for Beautiful Hair

When looking for a hair cleansing product, you must be careful not to pick a product that will cause more harm than good. Cleansing conditioners usually promise a lot but they end up disappointing. However, the good news is that there are some genuine products in the beauty market. One of them is Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner.

According to the Wen Facebook page, there are many people who have tried the cleansing conditioner and found that it is indeed helpful when it comes to hair management. One particular lady used the product on her fine hair and thought the product would break her hair. To her relief, none of that happened.

When you use the cleansing conditioner, you will notice that your hair will start gaining volume. You will also not experience any hair breakage in the process. There are some people who think that the suggested number of pumps recommended for use is too much. However, the reality is that after using the suggested amount, your hair will become moisturized. You will not experience any grease and oil buildup on your scalp either.

For anyone who is looking for a hair cleansing product that works both as a shampoo and conditioner, the Wen Hair cleansing conditioner is the product to buy on eBay. It comes also acts a treatment and styling agent. After you wash your hair with the product, you should rinse it thoroughly and then style it the way you want.

If your hair is fine and prone to breakage when washing, this is also the best product to use. It makes your hair nourished and strong because of the nutrients with which it is made. Wen hair care product also smells good and it does not contain any harmful chemicals that may cause buildup and dandruff.

Choose Wen by Chaz Dean Products today for beautiful and healthy hair.

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Shea Butter Has Many Benefits


Shea Butter is an amazing, healing and hydrating moisturizer that has many benefits. While this well known moisturizer has an array of functions it is most known for the exceptional dermatological healing and cosmetic properties. This is just some of the reasons that this powerful moisturizer has been used for centuries to ward off dry winter skin.


The cold temperatures of winter months, do so much damage to our skin. Not only does the cold cause our skin to dry out, but the heat from our homes causes the moisture in our skin to evaporate at a much higher level. Aside from hydrating more, using a humidifier to help combat winter skin, but one of the most important steps is to moisturize. There are many moisturizers on the market that promise to help the skin. One of the reasons that Shea Butter stands above the rest is the deep penetrating factors that help ease common skin conditions of redness and drying. Regular use can even prevent other weather related skin problems like wind burn, aging and inflammatory issues.


Eu’Genia Shea is a family-run enterprise devoted to all natural premium Shea Butter moisturizers. The attention and dedication to high quality products helps its users to fully benefit from all that Shea Butter has to offer. The mother-daughter duo started this company in 2014 with the help of hundreds of sustainably paid farmers. Becoming an acclaimed expert in the Shea Butter business the pair shows how much care and appreciation is put into the product that is produced. At the end of it all the consumer is the one who wins by getting the best of the best.


With uniquely formulated products Eu’Genia Shea has a product line fit for anyone. For women who are expecting, they have created a special blend of Shea Butter, Shea Butter oil and other all natural oils to help prevent stretch marks. They also offer a 100% Pure Shea Butter formula that is usually reserved for dermatologist use. This formula is a great way to fight dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. Eu’Genia has a unique subscription program that delivers a moisturizer to your door step once a month. It would be beneficial to take advantage of this great offer because the individual items are going fast!

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How EOS Became A Success

EOS didn’t start out selling one million lip balm products per week and outselling Chapstick and Blistex. They had to get there from the beginning like any business does, but their growth factor in just a few short years has been overwhelmingly successful.

Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller have created one of the most successful lip balm products on the market by taking advantage of a niche they felt was missing. The two, one with a background in packaging at big name brands, and the other with experience working in startups, came together and took on that niche together focusing their small startup based around what is first noticed about EOS lip balm. Those colorful spheres that pop out at you from drugstore aisles are eye catching and user friendly.

The two asked their female market what it was they liked and disliked about chapsticks, noting that females dislike sticking their fingers into sticky pots of balm, and that chapstick tubes were easy to lose. The pods are spherical, conform to the mouth’s shape, are good looking and easy to use. The organic ingredients, flavorful blends, and ever changing offering of new scents, flavors and packaging offers consumers a fun carousel of new choices.

Breaking into the market wasn’t easy but they did find their start with a female buyer for Walgreens, who happened to see the appeal in the product that most other females did. In their first year they sold one million units and today that number has increased to one million per week. The two intend on expanding their business even further beyond the lotions and shaving creams that are also now offered. No doubt their other products will continue to be a success and a big hit. The products are now being sold by online retail outlets luckyvitamin and Ulta. See,


Why are natural Cleansing Conditioners Better than Shampoo

Every woman in the world is struggling with hair problems. It might sound like an exaggeration but it is almost true! How many of you have not had dry hair? Or damaged hair? Or perhaps the most damning prospect of hair loss? A big reason for these problems to crop is actually the shampoo that you use.

Hold on a minute, but isn’t shampoo supposed to do the exact opposite? Don’t they show in ads that shampoos nourish your hair and take care of their health? In an ideal world, what ads show would be correct but most shampoos contain cleaning agents like sulfates and sulfates are bad news for your hair. To put things into perspective, these are the same compounds that are used in soaps and detergents. Since they are very good cleansing agents, they do clean your hair well but also strip it of the essential oils that your hair needs to flourish.

The way out is to use natural cleansers. Women across cultures in the world have been using different natural ingredients to nourish their hair. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone made a product out of it, bottled it and sold it in the open market? That is exactly what Chaz Dean has done.

In his range of cleansing conditioners called WEN, Chaz uses only natural ingredients. He started his career by working as an assistant in an upscale saloon. Upon realizing the negative effects shampoo has on hair, he went on the quest to invent cleansing conditioners using only natural ingredients. He tested his different formulas on his own hair for months. Once he was sure he has got a formula which seemed to working great, he tested his formula on this friends and his clients in his saloon. Only after trying the formula on numerous people with different hair styles did Chaz release this product line called Wen. Watch the product infomercials on QVC , visit the Wen Twitter account and Facebook page ( to learn more about this brand.


Lime Crime Cosmetics Sweeps Social Media

Los Angeles based cosmetics company Lime Crime continues to pull market share away from the “traditional” makeup brands. Although they are not a name you will often hear in your local pharmacy or grocery store isles, their unique product, savvy social media presence, and innovative leadership has allowed them to create an impressive online presence.

The first thing one will notice browsing Lime Crime products is that they are not a typical cosmetics retailer. Examples abound; eschewing 100 shades of the same red lipsticks, Lime Crime markets colors like Alien, a soft velvety green, and Zenon, a reflective gold. Liners and shadows are similar, providing not only the standard colors, but also vibrant blues, greens, and beyond. The products are designed to professional standards, and manage to be bold and different without falling into the realm of costume.

The company markets itself as “Makeup for Unicorns,” and the emphasis on the unique customers who use their wares is on full display. Lime Crime engages its customers on social media by encouraging posts from the women (and men) who are enjoying their products. They showcase the creativity of their customers across multiple social media platforms, and have turned Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @limecrimemakeup into a multi-platform showcase of their customers and product. Company founder Doe Deere explains the attitude, saying, “We are always amazed by the looks our unicorns create with our products, and we love showcasing them, we are always excited to see what they come up with next, and hope they inspire our other fans as much as they inspire us.”

The inspiration seems to have caught on, as Lime Crime recently passed two million twitter followers, and seems poised to continue its record online growth. As summer approaches and people prepare for a season out of doors, Lime Crime has put itself in a position to show its fans and followers, and be shown in turn, new ways to stand out in a crowd. Follow alongside Doe Deere on her personal blog,, where new updates about Lime Crime are posted frequently.