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How to Become a Model

Becoming a model is not a walk in the park. Most of the aspiring models give up early because they think they are not qualified for the runway. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Take Action.

This is a very important step when making any decision in life, and many people neglect it. Many people will think about how to become great models but they do nothing about it. All the successful models in the world spend a lot of time and effort trying to develop their career. Start with fifteen minutes a day and you will succeed.

Quit Making Excuses.

Many people tend to make excuses why they cannot become great models. The most important thing is to ensure that they remain positive and very aggressive about their plans. Without this, it will be difficult to reach their goals.

Start Practicing Your Poses.

All the great models in the world are known for their ability to pose. This is one of the ways to separate the professionals from the amateurs in modeling. You can look for great possess on Instagram or Google and try to emulate them. Your arms, face and legs should be involved when doing possess.

Get a good photographer then find an agent.

Before you can start thinking about getting an agent, get quality photographs from a photographer. Get a good professional who will be offering you good services at a reasonable price. It might take some time to get the quality photos you need. It is also important to get a good and reliable coach or mentor to help you in your modeling journey. It will be easier to become successful if someone is holding your hand.

Brown Agency is one of the modeling agencies in the world. The famous modeling and commercial agency opened its doors to clients in Austin in the year 2010. The agency is part of the renowned Brown Agency Family, and this made it grow very fast to become one of the leaders in the industry.

The Brown Agency was started with the main aim of establishing reliable and big market standards that have never been experienced in Austin or any other part of the world. Since 2010, the modeling agency has given employment opportunities to fashion models that grace their runways during the Austin Fashion Week and many other events in the country. According to, the agency has remained on top of their game, despite the high competition.

The president of the agency is Justin Brown. According to him, the company has done so well because it picks the best talented models in the city. The agency only selects the best, prepares them for the competitive market and then delivers them in the most professional way.


Wen By Chaz Is Made For Women That Want Great Hair

Having great hair can be a chore for many women. They run into trouble because they try so many different products that don’t work right for their hair type. Even when the product says that will make their hair look great it doesn’t seem to work for them. They go to great lengths to find these products, and they spend a lot of money. It is time for them to try the hair care product that is called Wen by Chaz Dean ( It will do wonders for their hair, as many women have seen already, and they will be glad that they tried it.

Why Do So Many Women Use Wen By Chaz?

Women use WEN by Chaz because it works. It was made to help any hair type, so women with oily or dry hair can see results almost immediately. Their hair feel soft to the touch, and it will be easy for them to handle. This product was made for women of all ages to use, so all types of women are using Wen by Chaz on a regular basis and love it.

How Does The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product Work?

The Wen by Chaz hair product comes in one, single bottle. This is because it is both a shampoo and a conditioner. This makes it easy to apply. Results can be seen right away. For the best results, most women follow the instructions that come with it, and they like what they see.

Since having great hair is very important indeed, using Wen by Chaz is the answer. Women everywhere are raving about how great their hair looks after they begin using it, and they won’t use other products ever again. It is a good time to try Wen by Chaz, and reap all the benefits that it can give to a woman.

For more info, check out WEN’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Brushing One’s Hair Can Make It Grow Fuller

Studies have shown that hair brushing is going to help hair grow, and it is also very important that women are learning how to take better care of their hair. The Internet has a lot of resources for women who want to look better, and one of the best resources is Wengie. She is a brilliant style blogger how makes videos every day, and she covers things like hair care and hair styles.

A woman who is trying to learn something about taking care of her hair can watch Wengie to learn what to do, and every one of Wengie’s videos is going to show women something new and unique about their hair. Women want to have the best hair possible, and they also want to make sure that they are going to see a step by step process of what to do.

Wengie does discuss things like hair brushing because she wants women to stimulate their hair, and she also wants to make sure that women are going to give themselves the best chance of looking great all the time. She incorporates new hair and makeup news into her videos, and she is always going to be on topic when she does her videos. She is going to talk about what is going on in the world at that time, and she is going to take questions about things that are happening in the makeup world. People who are very interesting in making a better style for themselves can watch Wengie, and they will be able to feel better about themselves instantly.

Wengie is becoming a style icon who knows that every video she makes makes a woman look better. She wants to help every woman look amazing, and she also wants to show women that they can do these things on their own. She wants to show women an easier way to look good, and she wants to show women that they can make a change to what is the most current style. Current styling is actually easy to do with a tutorial, and the best tutorials are on Wengie’s channel.


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YouTube Superstars are on the Rise

What if being famous were easy? What if people recognized you instantly as you walked on the streets and knew you by name? In today’s society and with different technologies at our finger tips this fame, glory and celebrity status can be gained simply by creating a YouTube channel. It is through YouTube that many individuals have become in home celebrities.One such individual is the famous Australian YouTuber named Wengie.

Wengie is known for many things in the YouTube world. One of her many talents include make-up and fashion trends. She creates tutorial videos and shows others how to apply make-up like her. Wengie also gives fashion advice to many women around the world.

Overtime her YouTubing has led her to an in home fame. She has even reached the Asian crowd and has given them separate fashion and make-up advice, since she herself is an Asian Aussie. Wengie is all about natural make-ups and the natural look that beauty itself possesses. She refers to her mother as someone who never wore make-up and only used water to wash her face. This upbringing led Wengie to discover make-up and fashion on her own.

Another rise to YouTube fame can be found in a young man named Ray William Johnson. Johnson is best known as a comedian, producer and actor. His YouTube channel has had roughly three million views and ten million subscribers. This stay at home fame has landed him jobs with FX. One of his most popular webseries was titled Equals Three. His latest webseries include Booze LightYear and Comedians On.

Many other people are well known on YouTube and some of these famous people are Anthony Fantano, Amy Walker, Chris Crocker, Gavin Free, and many more. So whether you are talented at singing, or have a hidden talent, or can make people chuckle with your stand up comedy routine perhaps you as well can become a stay at home celeb.

Beauty YouTubers

Everyone knows a good beauty routine starts with good beauty habits that result in glowing, youthful skin, as well as makeup applications that result in blended splashes of color, smooth eyeliner strokes, and a flawless complexion. And while many may desire this look, they may not know the latest makeup and hair styles, or have the ability to create them. Famous YouTubers, however, offer fans the ability to access shows, channels and vlogs that feature latest fashion style trends, and application techniques to learn how to create stunning, flawless looks.

Famed beauty and fashion YouTubers, such as Bethany Moda, Zoella, Michelle Phan, and others are considered experts in beauty review and promotion, and offer reviews of various products, application techniques, and makeup and beauty tips. Their videos allow for sampling products on eyes, lips, and eyes. Sampling them online gives a much better idea of not only how colors look once applied, but also ease of application, and application techniques for best results. No matter where in the world beauty experts and consumers are they can access thousands of videos at various beauty channels.

Australian based beauty guru and famed YouTuber Wendy Huang, of The Wonderful World of Wengie, offers beauty fans product reviews, tutorials, and the latest fashion trends. The vlog was launched in 2011 when Wengie was working for a digital marketing agency. While at the agency Wengie helped clients with blogs and social media. The site has grown to hundreds of thousands of loyal fans who rely on Wengie’s expert beauty advice.

What makes Wengie’s tumblr unique is that her advice focuses on western make-up, but also offers tutorials and advice for Asian make-up and Asian eyes. While the online make-up tutorial market is flooded with Australian and American based products, Korean and Japanese products are often missing. This fills a specialized need in the make-up market, and allows fans to understand differences in western and Asian makeup. The channel includes latest trends, such as contouring in western makeup, and the lighter application of Asian styles. She also offers a wide variety of tutorials on natural, glowing skin, and hair colors, outlining the latest trends.