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Jeunesse Global Product Review (You Won’t Believe This Anti-Aging Technology!)

What’s Jeunesse Global?

Jeunesse Global’s a manufacturer for cosmetics. Their business utilizes a sales structure of multi-level marketing. The company’s well-known for its lineup of anti-aging skin creams called Luminescene.

Two network marketing veterans, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, established Jeunesse Global back in 2009. The pair had the urge to form a cosmetics firm that connected the advanced cosmetics technology with the sales system of network marketing. Jeunesse Global now sells a variety of nutritional supplements and beauty products including their premier product lineup termed Luminesce. The skin creams are a little more expensive than their competitors. This is because the creams will actually promote new skin cell growth. This has the ability to help your skin become more radiant and beautiful.

Jeunesse Global Products

Let’s begin by discussing the Jeunesse product lineup. The products differ from personal care to nutrition. The company is extremely popular for their product called Luminesce for skin care.

Luminesce Review

Their flagship product is the product they feel is the highest quality skin care merchandise across the globe. Luminesce has the unique characteristic in that it has a formula that restores firmness, luminosity and gives you smoother skin (patent pending). Every Luminesce cream contains a trademarked formula for cell growth. Jeunesse Global maintains that this growth factor formula was specifically intended to promote cell regeneration. This stem cell renewal formula is usually labeled as being “adult stem cell contained media derived from adipose.”

Instantly Ageless Review

During the ever-present pursuit of maintaining beautiful and youthful skin, a lot of us have attempted to use various different procedures, products, exercises and more. With this search for the ideal facial cream, Instantly Ageless from Jeunesse has been produced to fight early aging indications by diminishing pores, wrinkles and lines on the face. By using the revolutionary peptide, argireline, the manufacturers of Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse had the chance to produce a powerful micro cream that functions in the same ways as Botox, but with no needles.