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“Marc Beer Comes Through to the Rescue of Women “

Marc Beer is the father to Catharine Beer, Elizabeth Beer, and Nicholas Beer. He was born in 1965. He is also a sibling to Scott Beer and Michael Beer. According to records, Marc attended the University of Miami in Ohio where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. Before landing a job with Renova Inc. as their CEO, he worked at Erytech Pharma where he was a member of the board of directors. At the moment he is also with Miami University as part of the University Business Advisory Council, he is also a member of the board of directors at Good Start Genetics.


The company Marc Beer works at is involved in helping women with pelvic disorders with their treatment by providing the best devices for diagnosing such issues. The device is developed in a way that it allows a patient to be treated through monitoring usage and improvement in the pelvic floor during pelvic movement.


Marc Beer has produced $42 million, which includes $32million in series B equity, $10 in venture debt. All these financial assets are to be used to sustain clinical trials, product development pipeline, corporate development that may take place in the future.


With the improved technology and innovation at Renova Inc., patients now receive treatment options after discussing well the information. This in return not only provides information on the treatments but it also provides information on pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor a disorder is among the types of diseases that not only affects the patient’s immunity but also expensive and drains the patient financially considering it is a long-term disease.


The device that has been developed for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders can also help patients of urinary incontinence. This disease is common among women. The number stands at about 250 million globally. When the device is used in this case, it works through isolating and directing optimal movement of the levator plate. During the period at which the patient recovers the device collects data on their progress. Luckily the company’s first device Leva passed all the required clinical tests and was passed by FDA this year April.


Working together with Marc Beer to achieve this dream is Samantha Pulliam, Jessica McKinney, the VP of medical affairs as well as Jim O’Connor. In a recent interview when he was asked the secret to how far he has made it, he said that successful entrepreneurs do not let all for their emotions to guide their behavior and decisions. Learn more:


Marc Beer: How to Create a Medicine that Would Heal Diseases Around the World

Months ago, Marc Beer – the founder of Renovia Inc. – encouraged businesses in the United States to help them with their cause. He wanted to secure funding for his company’s research regarding the pelvic floor disorder, and he urged businesses to participate and start investing in his company. Recently, Marc Beer revealed that his plea to investors across the country resulted to more than $42 million in funding, and he is grateful with the generosity demonstrated by the business owners. He said that the funding was secured partly because the companies have felt a connection with their cause, and they also wanted to help these people suffering from these diseases. The Longwood Fund was also named as the most significant contributor to their fundraising event, giving millions of dollars in investments. The Longwood Fund is known for their massive investments, and they have been doing it to companies since 2016. Many startups are benefiting greatlly from this action, and they are paying the initial capital lent to them once they managed to become a successful company.



Marc Beer and his startup company stated that all of the money they received would eventually provide comfort to people who are affected with the pelvic floor disorder and based on the reports presented by government agencies, around 250 million women are affected by this disease. The development of urinal continence for female patients has been the inspiration of Marc Beer to create “Leva,” a medicine explicitly developed to destroy the disease and give those who were previously affected by the condition a chance to enjoy their lives. According to the founder of Renovia Inc., a donation as big as $42 million will come a long way, and they are hoping that more diseases can be eradicated through the collective power of millions of people across the country who are donating some of their money.Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn



Aside from the medical developments achieved by Renovia Inc., Marc Beer assured the public that their researchers are already studying different kinds of treatment for other diseases, apart from the pelvic floor diseases. Marc Beer has become a huge fan of medical miracles, and he felt excited knowing that the products they created have been tested and proven to be safe according to the experts working for them at the company. Marc Beer revealed that it is only the beginning of his journey in discovering something that would change the medical industry. He vowed to create several treatment options that would encourage the people to go back to their doctors and follow the recommendation for several activities like eating and sleeping, which would greatly help in metabolism. Today, Renovia Inc. is considered a company for those who are looking for treatment options that mostly targets women. Learn more: