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Sheldon Lavin Of OSI Aims To Change Public Perceptions On Food Processing Companies And Sustainability

Large manufacturing centers and food processing companies are usually thought of as running companies that run machinery and high powered equipment that puts strains on the environment, but OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin has been working to change that perception in how he runs the company. Lavin has worked with a team of food sustainability and technique research specialists who have figured out how to run the company with a focus in those areas. They even opened an executive role for Chief Sustainability Officer which is currently held by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman. Lavin’s statement on sustainability has also been reiterated in a note listed on the website of Amick Farms, a subsidiary of the company.

Sheldon Lavin was an investment bank advisor before he joined OSI Group, though back then it was known as Otto & Sons. He had become an independent financial services firm owner, and his first business with Otto & Sons was acting as a consultant and helping them get a bank loan to open a new factory. The bank wanted Lavin to become an owner in Otto & Sons, but he didn’t want that at the time because he wanted to remain in the financial industry. He did increase his involvement in the company though and helped it grow its locations. Sheldon Lavin also was instrumental in the company opening its first plants outside the US, and eventually at the request of Otto & Sons partner the McDonald’s restaurants, he became CEO.

Sheldon Lavin has been with the company for more than 40 years, and while he has made changes over the years to the technology they use and the processing system, he has never changed their family culture. He has tried to keep the company in tune with local customer needs and an understanding of how things are done in each region the company serves. They’ve bought several companies like Baho Food and K&K Foods, but they have kept the company names and Lavin has seen to it that current employees are retained as much as possible. Lavin took OSI Group from a small meat market to a $6.1 billion revenue company, and in recognition of this he was given the Global Visionary award from Global Vision Academy.

Rona Borre Defines Success As Action Taken

When Rona Borre left her high-paying job as the top sales producer for a global staffing firm, she had been through the meat grinder. Although she had broken every sales record that existed in that company, it had just been sold, and Borre had enough.

It was time for her to move on, so she founded her own company in 2001, Instant Alliance, in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo.  Related article on  In six months, she had 50 employees, and the company was taking off spectacularly.

Borre was using the same techniques that got her to the top with her former job, and she was teaching her new account executives the same processes. However, she did make a mistake with formed a good learning experience. She had hired some very well seasoned sales people who knew the staffing business backward and forward, but they were used to lots of support and had a tough time establishing accounts with a new startup company, so they failed miserably, and cost her a good bit of money.

The lesson learned was that she would have to grow and train her own talent from scratch and that was just what she did. Once these people were trained and in place, good things began to happen.

Borre is an action figure, as no two days in a row finds her doing the same thing. She loves to be out selling and developing relationships that help her zero in on the needs of customers. That is what landed such accounts as McDonald’s Corporate, the University of Chicago, and Argonne National Laboratories along with many other Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized, and smaller firms as well.  Additional article here.

Once the HR departments and hiring managers see what Borre and her troops can do, they are anxious to give it a try. One area that Borre does is to specialize in niche candidates. People who are in finance and technology are in demand because these are the types that are needed when a growing company needs to get to the next level and stay there.  More to read on

Borre is very articulate and full of energized action because she doesn’t sit still very long until she is on to her next appointment.

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Rona Borre Has Made a Difference and The Difference Continues to Grow

Rona Bore is the CEO and founder of a staffing company called Instant Alliance. Formed in 2001 in the back spare bedroom of her Chicago condo, Borre started with only her dog Henry as a companion. Today she has many employees who help her every day in the continued success of a company that is billing millions of dollars on an annual basis.  For more of the above,


The staffing business is very competitive, and many companies compete on a fierce basis contesting territories and prime candidates. Borre seems to have risen above it all, as she utilizes a principle that many staffing companies have overlooked.

Many recruiters insist that they agonizingly pour through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes to find the best candidate for hire. Borre takes a different approach by taking the time to interview the hiring executives to learn exactly what they need and want in the way of a new hire. Borre examines the corporate culture closely as well, as an employee must be able to survive in that environment to succeed.

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Once these questions are answered to Borre’s satisfaction, she and her people comb the hills for the best client, and the results are astounding. She has achieved a 3:1 interview to hire ratio, and only one percent of hired employees have ever left their job over the past 15 years. This alone is unheard of in this industry, period.  Related article on

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