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George Soros Philanthropic Influence across the Globe

In the list of the world’s famous philanthropist, it would be a mistake if George Soro’s name did not appear. The enthusiastic philanthropist has donated over $32 billion to Open Society Foundations all of which are from his fortunes .George in his many years of supporting and advocating the freedom of expression for groups like the LGBT has not only earned interest from many conspiracy theorists but also the title of the boogeyman.Having had experienced the Nazi Era first hand, which saw over 500,000 Hungarian Jews murdered, he for sure built the tough skin from his childhood experience. George Soros and his family had survived the Nazi brutality by forging their identity and hiding their backgrounds. His father had gone ahead to assist other Hungarians in concealing their identity. He left Budapest for London in 1947 for London. George was studying at the London School of economics at the time and doubling as a railway porter and a night-club waiter to financially support his education. He later moved to the United States in 1956 where he got into finance and investment industry and gradually accumulated his wealth. The Soros Fund Management was launched in the year 1970.

The launching of the firm brought him into becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American history.Soros started his philanthropic work in the year in 1979 by giving Black South Africans scholarships. The beneficiaries were mainly victims of the Apartheid. He also extended his support to the idea of communism in Hungary by funding educational visits of the Hungarians to the west and helping independent cultural groups. He put up the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin wall. The University was meant to help critical thinkers at the time. He later on expanded his philanthropic deeds to Africa, the United States, Asia, and Latin America.Criticism has met his ideas and ideologies, but he remains as vocal in what he stands for, he was the first man to openly criticize the war on drugs and termed it as more harmful than the drugs themselves.

Soro’s has also been very vocal on the fight for the rights on same-sex marriage.The Open Society Fund Management is a hedge fund that works to promote the rights of the discriminated groups all around the world. The organization focuses on teams like the LGBT, commercial sex workers and drug addicts. George recently transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation to fund its future projects. His great philanthropy has indeed extended over and beyond different continental borders. He supports other organizations such as the Institute of New York Economic Thinking, International Crisis Group, the Global Witness, The European Council on Foreign Relations and many more. He remains one of the most influential people in the USA.

Jim Tananbaum is Optimistic about Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health announced that it had completed its Series A round of financing a month ago. The neurological startup had raised $14 million that would finance the development of its diagnosis and treatment platform. Dr. Tom Insel is the president and co-founder of Mindstrong Health. He said that he was excited about the potential of the technology and how it could be used. Jim was impressed that they could come up with measures of cognitive function by observing an individual’s scrolling and typing patterns. Dr. Insel noted that this could be considered a foundation in the move to develop interventions that would improve mental health care. Mental disorders affect people on a global scale. Smartphones were the perfect solution. This is because they have the potential to be adopted globally.

The financing round was led by ARCH Venture Partners and Foresite Capital. Other firms that were involved include Berggruen Holdings, the One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, and Optum Ventures. Jim Tananbaum is the CEO of Foresite Capital. He made some remarks about Mindstrong and the team. He said that the founding team had shown that it was capable of understanding the challenges that the medical community faces regarding caring for patients with cognitive health disorders. The founders of the company were a perfect blend. They had backgrounds in medicine and business. Tananbaum said that this allowed them to come up with an innovative and modern platform that would change how medical care is provided. Dr. Paul Dagum is the CEO of Mindstrong Health. He stressed that tracking medical health was limited because it was done in a clinical environment. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder of Foresite Capital Management. This is a venture capital firm that focuses on healthcare companies. Tananbaum is a scholar at heart. He has degrees from the Yale, Harvard, and the M.I.T. Jim has been involved with various programs at the universities where he studied. The programs include serving on the advisory board of the Yale School of Engineering. He has led investments in successful companies in the healthcare sector. The companies include Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. He was named to the Forbes Midas List for the third consecutive year this year. Visit the Foresite Capital Facebook page.

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How NTC is Addressing the Issue of Title Defects

Nationwide Title Clearing has made it easier to check and detect errors in title deeds before making any transaction. People can now order property reports online from the company’s website. Title defects were considered a major obstacle to the growth of the mortgage industry for a long time. This is because title defects have led to many wrongful foreclosures. They are an easy problem to address. Executives at the company have said that property records decrease the chances of buyback or foreclosing inability since they present property history clearly.


Title defects are commonly caused when someone lays claim to property that is owned by someone else. Other little-known causes may render a title invalid. These include wording errors, the omission of required signatures, and failure to observe the correct filing procedures when recording documents. John Hillman is the CEO of NTC. He said that the key to improving the real estate business is addressing these errors before the property is sold. The reports available on the company’s website for online ordering include the Tax Status Report, Current Owner Report, and the Assignment Verification Report.


Hillman added that the report services are derived from research on actual land records. They are available for all residential properties in the nation. He added that the company had made it their mission to offer a simple process of securing a property report. The enterprise collects data from various sources including the counties and then uses automation to compile it. Human verification is important in this step. A team of people counter-checks the data for any errors. This process is what has made NTC a successful company despite the fact that it operates in an industry with massive compliance regulations.


The process has been streamlined and can detect when a client has ordered too many fields. It corrects this by removing any unnecessary documents and customizing the report according to the data sets that the customer has checked. Nationwide Title Clearing is a document and research service provider servicing companies in the residential mortgage sector. It provides a wide array of services such as document tracking and retrieval, lien releasing, and imaging. NTC was founded in 1991. Its clients include mortgage investors, lenders, and servicers in the country. Nationwide Title Clearing is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. It recently opened a new office in Dallas, Texas. The new facility serves as a disaster recovery site and a data center to provide a backup in case of any disasters.



The JustFab Success Story

Don Ressler is an American born entrepreneur and CEO of an increasingly popular American based athletic retailer Fabletics. To discover the source of this man’s success, you need to look all the way back to when his successful string of creating startups began. In 2001, his very first startup, was purchased a company by the name of Intermix Media. Through this company Don Ressler met Intermix COO Adam Goldenberg, and they formed Alena Media together. After Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp in 2005, the company started to see a sharp downturn because of the new management. Instead of sitting by idly to watch their division be ignored, Adam and Don left to pursue new interests.

Knowing of their skills in online performance advertising, Adam and Don Ressler decided to create a brand building company that they could run remotely. After gathering together some former coworkers and several brainstorming sessions, their company “Brand Ideas” was born. Later, Brand Ideas would change their name to Intelligent Beauty. Ressler and Goldenberg very first creation was DERMSTORE, which was an online business that specialized in skin care and cosmetics. Two years after the success of DERMSTORE, they launched a weight loss system known as SENSA. Although Intelligent Beauty does not release financial reports, both SENSA and DERMSTORE are said to be highly profitable.

The success of the prior startups sparked them to launch a third company in 2010, called JustFabulous. Marketed as a subscription ecommerce fashion retailer, the company went on to receive 33 million dollars in funding. By the end of 2011, business was thriving and the company had over 4 million subscribers. Just four months later in April of 2012, the 6 million subscriber point was passed. After passing that milestone, the startup was able to receive an additional 76 million in funding from various partners including parent company Intelligent Beauty.

After having such success in just it’s first two years, JustFab starting seeking opportunities to move into new markets. On January 18th, 2013 JustFab purchased a children’s fashion subscription service by the name of FabKids. Four months later in May, they acquired European ecommerce site The Fab Shoes, adding not only their business but over 500,000 customers to the company. JustFab went on to launch Fabletics later that year, a fashion service for activewear developed in collaboration with Kate Hudson. In August 2014, an additional 85 million dollars funding round closed and brought the company’s total capital to approximately 250 million dollars.


Michael Zomber Speaks About Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan was a society that has attracted a great deal of notice and study. People have been drawn to this society for many reasons. Historians like Michael Zomber have found this period of time intriguing. During the Samurai period in Japanese history, the society of this time was very much one in which certain concepts such as honor and loyalty were in vogue. The code was also one in which warriors would choose to fight but only under certain circumstances. Zomber has made a study of the weapons that were used during this time such as swords and armor. Each particular item was crafted carefully using the finest metal techniques of the time to turn ordinary metal objects into objects of beauty and elegance.

Studying Japan

Zomber has found a home of his own in ancient Japan. This world is one that he has been able to make his own in the last decades. He has found a home in this part of the world where the codes of the time appeal to him. He has also found a great deal to admire in the creation of swords and armor under the auspices of intelligent and thoughtful workers who really knew how to make objects of lasting durability. To that end, Zomber has done much to help people fully understand the objects they see from that time and how such objects reveal much below the surface. His efforts have led him to open up a business dedicated to teaching others to appreciating such items.

A Modern Career

In doing so, Zomber has made a very modern career from a very ancient period. He has helped bring modern understanding and modern metal techniques to this region. This is why he has garnered so many followers. People know they can count on him for access to reliable information about this time frame that makes it easier to understand the mindset of the Samurai and the code that was in place in Japan during that time. He hopes to continue to see his understanding of the period only grow in the future.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Latest Role: Improve Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir recently became the CEO and Board Chairman of Coriant. Before taking the position as the CEO, he worked with the senior management team as an Operating Partner. Kheradpir has 28 years of experience in the telecom industry.

At Coriant, it will be Kheradpir’s responsibility to help grow the company while competing against companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco and Infinera. According to a special report, Coriant revenues in 2014 went down by 11%. At the same time, major competitors had very big revenue gains of 12%, 23%, and 26%. Coriant is counting on him to turn the company around so that they can compete and possibly overtake their rivals.

Coriant has created great deals with customers to win them over. Some of its major customers include NBN and BSNL located in Australia; Unicom, from China; and Telia Sonera International Carrier.

Prior to working for Coriant, he worked for Barclays. Before that, he was a major executive for Verizon and GTE. When he worked for Verizon, he was their EVP and CIO. He was one of the major individuals involved in helping Verizon develop and roll out its FiOS FTTH service. This program included a capital investment of over $20 billion.

After working for Verizon, he worked for Barclays. Within this position, he was the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. He also was involved in the Executive Committee of the bank. Another major accomplishment while in this position was that he was one of the creators of the TRANSFORM Program. This was a historical transformation at the bank for the 21st century. There were 50 countries and 150,000 employees involved in this transformation.

In his next position, he was the CEO of Juniper Networks. He created and integrated an Operating Plan for the organization which focused on execution of the strategic growth markets of Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking.

Shaygan obtained a bachelor’s, master’s, and a Ph.D in engineering from Cornell University. He also has many different patents in the areas of telecom, media, and payments. In addition to going to school at Cornell, he also had another role at the school. He was on The Advisory Board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and was on the Cornell University Engineering Council.

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Sanjay Shah’s Success as a Business Executive

Sanjay Shah is British business person that was born in September 1970. Shah is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital Partners, and he is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Autism Rocks Organization. Shah founded the Autism Rocks organization in the year 2014. The idea behind establishing the organization was motivated by his youngest son, Nikhil, who was diagnosed with autism. His son’s condition drove him to create awareness on autism through the use of music. The philanthropist partnered with the music industry enabling him to raise awareness on the neurological disorder. He has also established an outlet that funds the research conducted on autism.

Autism Rocks is an invitation-only event that takes place in London. It is a live concert and a charity that raises awareness and donations for autism research. Famous artists have performed in the Autism Rocks live concert among them Drake, Michael Buble, and Lenny Kravitz among many others. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the normal development of the body leading to difficulties in establishing social relationships and communication skills. Reports indicate that the neurological disorder affects one in every 68 children annually. There has been reported 12 percent increase in those affected since the year 2012.

Solo Capital Markets is a globally recognized company dealing in financial matters. The company is headquartered in London, England. The firm was established in September 2011, and it is known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. The company specializes in proprietary trading, professional sports investment and consulting services. The company’s partners had a net worth of 15.45 million Euros as of the end of March 2015. The assets of the company were announced to be amounting to 67.45 million Euros and a cash flow of 30.26 million Euros. The company is controlled by Solo Group Holdings. It is also being controlled by Aesa S.a.r.l, which is also owned by Sanjay Shah. Shah is also reported to own other companies located in other places around London. The companies are in the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Luxembourg, the Cayman Island, and Malta. The founder used to earn 19 million Euros before the incorporation of Solo Capital Limited in the year ending March 2011.