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Doe Deere Uses Lime Crime to Make a Difference

Doe Deere always knew what she could do to help people understand the options they needed. She didn’t have a lot of options when she first became interested in makeup and that’s something that pushed her to come up with an idea for her own makeup brand. She knew there were ways that she would have to make sure things worked for the brand. People saw it and wanted to use it to make their own makeup looks. There weren’t many other brands that allowed people to try different and bold colors. Instead, Doe Deere knew she had to keep making bold makeup choices and giving people the right way to do things. It was her way of showing people they had a chance to experience the best of what she had to offer. Lime Crime continues growing and has become a huge viral trend. Doe Deere knows it’s because of what she did.

Not only did Doe Deere want something that helped people have bright and bold color choices she also wanted to show people they could try different looks without compromising their safety. Before Doe Deere came up with the idea for Lime Crime, there were options available, but they were not safe for people to use. They were unregulated and they came with ingredients that were difficult for people to use on their skin. It was important to Doe Deere to make sure she could try something that gave her the option to use makeup as well as make sure the makeup came from quality sources.

As long as Doe Deere knew what people wanted, she felt good about giving them new options. It was important to her to try other things in the fashion industry. By starting her own clothing brand, Doe Deere could make sure things were working in her favor. As long as she could put bold makeup choices into play, she felt she could do the same thing with the fashion industry. Doe Deere made a choice to start Poppyangeloff so she could help people with bold clothing that matched her personality and the makeup she sold.

A Glimpse into the Life of Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson attended Central Michigan University and attained a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts. He later graduated with a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan. When you think about someone in the music industry who considers the thoughts and feelings of artists, you should think of Clay Hutson. He works day and night to ensure that the audience receives unique and beautiful performances. Since he has so much experience in live entertainment and tour production, he decided to form his own company. The company that had employed Clay faced problems during the recession; therefore, he decided to go solo. Currently, he is working on Kid Rock’s shows. He wakes up at 6:30 a.m. so that he gets to the venue before anyone else. His main agenda is to ensure that everyone on his team is productive. To achieve that, he creates a schedule that everyone has to follow.

Because of his past experiences, he can tell what will work and what will not work. He uses CAD designs to make his visions a reality. Additionally, he is the guy who should know the size of every door in a venue to ensure that all equipment fits perfectly. Clay Hutson believes that if you rest for a while, so much will pass you by. You always have to be on your toes with everything that is trending, especially in technology.

Clay Hutson is an event production manager based out of Nashville, Tennessee. On top of that, he is also a sound engineer, tour producer, and stage manager. During his successful musical career, Clay has worked with big names like Pink, Kid Rock, and Halsey. According to Hutson, hard work and commitment are some of the main things that got him to where he is today. The fact that he works hard has helped him build his brand.

Most of his clients get recommended by people that he has worked with before. The good thing about Hudson is that he loves his job and shows a lot of commitment. It is his responsibility to ensure that an event runs successfully and that the client is happy and content.

Choose Equities First Holdings For A Loan

For anyone who is interested in alternative lending, they have to do their research on a company called Equities First Holdings. Alternative lending is a very valuable resource for people who are not able to qualify for traditional lending. Traditional lending can be very difficult for a lot of people to qualify for because the rules and regulations have changed over the years. It is also true that traditional banks are very conservative when it comes to their underwriting criteria. Stock-based loans are more lenient, and it is very easy for anyone to qualify. When traditional banks have turned you down, turn to Equities First Holdings because they will be able to help you out. Anyone who’s interested in borrowing money with a very low interest rate should contact this company.

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Angel Investor Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Pulled The Blankets Off Trump’s Economic Reality

Donald Trump likes to talk about the economy. He can’t resist the urge to pat himself on the back for the strong stock market values. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to sing the praises of his trade war with China. Trump believes his steel and aluminum tariffs will force Canada to open their dairy market. And he thinks China will take the excessive tariff off American-made automobiles. Trump feels proud, and he feels the United States is in for the best economic years in history. And millions of people agree with him.

Trump’s voter base may buy the unsavory economic Kool-Aid Trump wants them to drink. But investment superstar Shervin Pishevar thinks Trump’s economic forecast is full of hot air. Shervin Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweetstorm at the beginning of 2018. Shervin wanted to warn investors that all that economic smoke Trump filled their heads with would evaporate in 2019. Pishevar 50-tweet investment lesson didn’t register with investors in February even though the stock market tried to adjust itself. Those investors were still under Trump’s economic spell.

But now that the stock market shows signs of investment decay, more investors want to know more about Shervin Pishevar. They want to know where they should put their money in 2019. One Pishevar tweet said all asset classes have too much hype in them. Another tweet mentions bond market yields. Shervin Pishevar thinks a recession may surface if the 2-year yield passes the 10-year yield. That may happen in 2019, according to Pishevar.

Shervin’s tweet about a Bitcoin devaluation came true in November. And his tweet about Silicon Valley losing its startup edge seems to be coming true now that countries like India, Brazil, and the U.K. are in the startup space in a big way. Shervin saw the signs of a recession in February. Other hedge investors saw the same signs around the same time. Those investors jumped into the gold market. Pishevar thinks that’s a safe move. In fact, it may be the only move that seems sensible to some investors

Cloudwick Helps Businesses Stay On Target

Is your company working hard to stay on top of metrics and other important data coming from several sources? Do you want to have instant access to all of the crucial information that can help you plan a marketing or growth strategy? An advanced consulting partner like Cloudwick may be the answer you have been looking for. They offer a variety of highly effective, useful services that help you get results and stay protected and on the cutting edge of technology.

How A Company Like Cloudwick Can Help Companies Get Ahead

Companies today have a wide variety of data coming from many sources. It can be a challenge to take in all of that information and process it so it can benefit a current or future growth strategy. That is where companies like Cloudwick can really offer beneficial services designed to streamline your business. It is scalable and offers analytics and report generation, so you always stay on top of activity and your strategy. No need to guess because you know how your company is performing and whether or not current efforts are productive.

More Than Just A Data Lake

In addition to storing your vital data, a company like Cloudwick can analyze and report as well as offer top of the line cybersecurity. With the company’s offerings, you can use them to ensure that all of your information is not only transformed into usable formats for a variety of processes, but you will rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is secure at all times.

When you make the choice to work with a company like Cloudwick, you are getting the tools and support you need to modernize and streamline all of your information and security into one sleek platform. You can store information via cloud too, so you get an extra layer of security and flexibility that can also keep you compliant. For more information on Cloudwick and all that they have to offer companies who are interested in getting ahead and staying ahead in today’s competitive landscape, check out their website or contact a representative.–23152948/

Kokkinides and Shinto Use Experience to Move InnovaCare Health Forward

At InnovaCare Health, quality healthcare is a top priority. That top quality is provided through the leadership that’s employed, leadership’s guiding principles, and the technology that makes creating an integrated approach to healthcare a reality. InnovaCare Health has a value-based approach to providing healthcare. Some healthcare providers look at quantity of services provided over the quality of care. This means that patients spend more time at the doctor’s office, but they don’t necessarily receive better care. This can lead to some patients paying more than what they can afford without necessarily getting better. At InnovaCare Health, outcome-based performance is placed at a higher level of value. InnovaCare Health also has the top leadership to make these processes available.

Dr. Rick Shinto’s Experience

Rick Shinto graduated from medical school, and then he went on to become a pulmonologist. After spending some time as a medical doctor, he went on to earn an M.B.A to work in healthcare leadership roles. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Some of his largest appointments include the NAMM California CEO and the Aveta CEO. He has also worked at Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. At Cal Optima Health Plan, he was the Chief Operating Officer, and at Med Partners, he was the Corporate Vice President for Medical Management. He currently works for InnovaCare Health in two capacities. He is the Chief Executive Officer and President. He has also won awards, including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Penelope Kokkinides’ Experience

Kokkinides first started her education in classical languages and biological sciences, and she later went on to earn two master’s degrees. One was in social work, and the other was in public health. A post-graduate degree in substance abuse is another one of her accomplishments. She’s worked for companies such as Touchstone Health, Centerlight HealthCare, and AmeriChoice in roles such as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. She currently works at InnovaCare Health as the Chief Administrative Officer. Through a combination of her schooling and work experience, Kokkinides has built a thorough understanding of government programs and clinical programs that help her create more efficient and organized structures within InnovaCare.

Jeunesse Global Product Review (You Won’t Believe This Anti-Aging Technology!)

What’s Jeunesse Global?

Jeunesse Global’s a manufacturer for cosmetics. Their business utilizes a sales structure of multi-level marketing. The company’s well-known for its lineup of anti-aging skin creams called Luminescene.

Two network marketing veterans, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, established Jeunesse Global back in 2009. The pair had the urge to form a cosmetics firm that connected the advanced cosmetics technology with the sales system of network marketing. Jeunesse Global now sells a variety of nutritional supplements and beauty products including their premier product lineup termed Luminesce. The skin creams are a little more expensive than their competitors. This is because the creams will actually promote new skin cell growth. This has the ability to help your skin become more radiant and beautiful.

Jeunesse Global Products

Let’s begin by discussing the Jeunesse product lineup. The products differ from personal care to nutrition. The company is extremely popular for their product called Luminesce for skin care.

Luminesce Review

Their flagship product is the product they feel is the highest quality skin care merchandise across the globe. Luminesce has the unique characteristic in that it has a formula that restores firmness, luminosity and gives you smoother skin (patent pending). Every Luminesce cream contains a trademarked formula for cell growth. Jeunesse Global maintains that this growth factor formula was specifically intended to promote cell regeneration. This stem cell renewal formula is usually labeled as being “adult stem cell contained media derived from adipose.”

Instantly Ageless Review

During the ever-present pursuit of maintaining beautiful and youthful skin, a lot of us have attempted to use various different procedures, products, exercises and more. With this search for the ideal facial cream, Instantly Ageless from Jeunesse has been produced to fight early aging indications by diminishing pores, wrinkles and lines on the face. By using the revolutionary peptide, argireline, the manufacturers of Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse had the chance to produce a powerful micro cream that functions in the same ways as Botox, but with no needles.

HGGC, LLC Led The Merger Between Mi9 And MyWebGrocer

HGGC, LLC is a California-based, middle market private equity firm. The firm was founded in 2007. They specialize in numerous financial activities performed for their private and public clients. Their areas of expertise include leveraged buyouts, add-on acquisitions, recapitalizations, growth equity, investments, corporate carve-outs, and corporate restructuring. The headquarters of the firm are located in Palo Alto, and they have additional locations in West Palm Beach, FL, Salt Lake City, UT, and Foxborough, MA.

HGGC, LLC invests in business and financial services and in industries such as manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare services, industrial companies, chemicals, infrastructure, and information services. The company previously operated under the name of Gay Global Capital, LLC. The company recently announced that a formal agreement has been entered into regarding merger plans for Mi9 Retail and MyWebGrocer, one of their portfolio companies and a software and digital media company. They cater to the grocery and consumer goods industries. Mi9 Retail is a leading service provider of omni-channel retail with hundreds of clients.

HGGC, LLC further reported that the merger will result in a significant expansion of software solutions at Mi9. The rapid growth of the company will also place them in the ranks of being one of the largest independent retail software providers. The force of the two companies combined will power the operations of an estimated 500 retail companies and consumer brand companies throughout the world. These include such prominent companies as Abercrombie & Fitch, BevMo!, ShopRite, Cole Haan, Giant Eagle, Levi’s, Nike, Shopko, and Tommy Bahama. The Mi9 Retail and MWG business estimates that between $250 million and several billion in revenue will be reached. Furthermore, the market segment is historically growing at a rate of five percent or more each year.

Richard F, Lawson, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of HGGC, LLC. The other key members of the company include Gregory M. Benson, Leslie M. Brown, Jr., Neil H. White, and J. Steven Young.

CEO Steve Ritchie Addresses Customers Through An Apology Letter

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s. He took over the role of leadership in this company not so long ago, but his impact on the management can already be felt. He has done an incredible job of ensuring that the reputation of the company remains intact. After some racist utterances associated with one of its leaders, the company was quick to dissociate itself from those utterances. Steve Ritchie took an immediate step to write to the customers of the company informing them that the company had listened to their opinion and it was ready to act. The company respects its customers, and there is no way it would allow its reputation to be damaged by any person no matter who they are.

Steve Ritchie wrote an apology letter to the customers and which was sent to all subscribers of their newsletter. The letter expressed regrets for what had transpired and also pointed out to some solutions that the company will apply to ensure that the customers are served with respect all the times. Papa John’s is now operating in many locations around the world, and therefore it needs to work on its culture to include more diversity. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns has pointed out that the company will seek the services of external auditors who will look at the culture of the company and recommend necessary changes. The company is willing to work on the weaknesses that might affect it.

The measures that the company will take to ensure that there is an immediate solution to outstanding issues include sending senior managers to the field, to talk with the customers, employees, and franchises. These hard-working partners of the company need to be considered during in decisions making since they hold the highest share in the business. Steve Ritchie is also willing to incorporate transparency in the operation of the company. He wants to ensure that at all times, no single person will feel neglected by the company. Transparency is a critical factor in business since it assures the customers that they are getting the best deal. CEO Ritchie will lead from the front by taking charge of the restoration process. Check out Ritchie’s profile on

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Talos Energy introduces new rig

Talos wants to place a new oil rig in Mexican national waters. The oil and natural gas rig operations company needed to get approval from the National Hydrocarbons Committee to build the Zama-2 platform. Mexico’s government recently gave the company the green light to start building the rig.

The new rig uses the latest technologies to make the new well safe and efficient. The company believes the new rig is capable of increasing the company’s production by several hundreds of barrel equivalent per day.

The construction of any new rig brings high paying jobs to people from many different countries. It also provides additional employment opportunities on the mainland of Mexico. The newly produced jobs exist in the shipping and logistics fields.

The new oil rig employs several dozen people who live on the rig while working. People usually go to the rig for several weeks. When there shifts are done, they return home for several weeks off. Rig workers work unusual schedules and often work long shifts. Many systems on the drill need to be monitored around the clock. Each shift of workers must comprise two normal shifts. The rig must also have all the services the workers need, including access to basic medical care.

Talos operates oil and natural gas rigs throughout the gulf of Mexico. They acquired even more rig operation services when they acquire Whistler Energy earlier this year for $52 million. A company spokesperson referred to these events of bringing exciting times to the company.

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