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OncTargets is an international, journal-based journal focusing on the pathological foundation all types of cancer, possible therapeutic goals and treatment protocols used to increase the take care of cancer patients. The review also centers on the impact of management programs and new therapeutics and protocols on the patient’s perspective, such as quality of life, compliance, and satisfaction. This kind of review examines the proof of new and existing therapies in conditions of improved outcomes and, moreover, attempts to define their use in conditions of acceptance and acceptance by the individual and the healthcare professional. Oncotarget posts documents online with the aim of making clinical results available quickly and comprehensively, maximizing the impact of research through a thorough review and getting rid of the border between biomedical specialties. Oncotarget promotes important scientific and clinical applications for disease control. Contributed by the most prestigious scientists, the magazine helps all researchers to chip into the advancement of science. Oncotarget strives to get a life without illnesses. Oncotarget works carefully with all high-ranking technological directories and archives to make scientific results available to medical field research workers, practitioners, and the standard public quickly and adequately.

To speed up the indexing process, he posts two issues per week. After assigning page amounts and numbers, they are permanently displayed in PubMed. Volume 31 numbers 31-34 appeared in PubMed previous week. Volumes 35 through 36 are being modified this week in the National Library of Treatments.The name Oncotarget centers on all the pathways, molecules and cellular functions that are routine in time and cancer, lymphocytes and neurons, cancer cells and microbes. The growing recognition of Oncotarget is linked to a review by several constructive, timely and meaningful couples. The characteristics played a major role in helping the reviewers to raise the impact of their research. Oncotarget is posted by Impact Journals. Oncotarget believes that it is essential to face the issues of the twenty-first hundred years, our task is to be a well-known scientific journal for the rapid spread and scale of biomedical research to be valued, “said the Office of International Affairs and legal.

Oncotarget In the end, Oncotarget is the journal of scientists, “and” will continue to be a resource to help researchers contribute to the advancement of science as we fight together to see life without disease.Mikhail V. Andrei Sixth is v. Gudkov Blagosklonny and are the publishers of Oncotarget. Oncotarget has become a popular medical journal thanks a lot to its impressive work and editorial skills. In addition to oncology, the magazine deals with other issues such as metabolism, neurosciences, pharmacology, cell biology, cardiology, endocrinology and many others.Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist who studies aging and cancers. In fact, he is a professor of oncology at the Roswell Playground Cancer Institute based in New York. However, Andrei V. Gudkov is also a recognized expert in cancer research. He is chairman of the Cellular Stress Biology Department and Senior Vice President of Fundamental Research at the Roswell Park Cancer Company. Oncotarget is a biomedical, freely accessible, peer-reviewed, 48-hour publication that features research on all areas of oncology and subsequent publications on issues beyond oncology and maturing, immunology. and microbiology, autophagy, pathology and chromosomes and more. He has released seven volumes, 324 quantities since 2010 which is now in his eighth quantity. Oncotarget gives each released work a direct thing identifier (DOI) and can be applied the advice of the Ethics Committee of the publication (COPE) to all published works.

How Dr. Clay Siegall has impacted Cancer Research and Therapy

An Overview of Clay Siegall

You may be wondering why Clay has that relent pursuit in cancer research and therapies. His determination emanates from the fact that he knows the pains and losses that cancer brings given that his father was diagnosed with brain cancer when he only nineteen. Sometimes Siegall would accompany his father for the therapies and get an opportunity to ask the oncologists many questions like where they would get their tools and how they would know which drug to use among other queries. His inquisitive nature is what became a driving force to go to graduate school to study and do research on the medicines that he would give oncologists to use in pursuit of the cure for cancer.

The academic Journey of Clay Siegall

Currently, Clay is a Ph.D. Holder from George Washington University which works in close collaboration with National Institute of Health where he undertook his internship. Following his graduation, he returned to NIH for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in a full-time position. That provided him with an opportunity to publish his papers that related to cancer research. These research papers attracted many offers from pharmaceutical companies. However, he turned down most of the offers as some of them would derail him from his career path whose focus was in line with cancer therapies.

Interestingly, there was one company whose offer was in line with his career goals, and he would not deny himself that opportunity to work with the company as their concentration was also cancer therapies.

Seattle Genetics Inc.

Clay Siegall is the CEO, chairman of the board and the president of the Seattle Genetics Inc. that offers cancer therapy. The company offers twelve cancer medications and one approved product called Adcentris.

Clay suggests that standard cancer treatment is such that it destroys the dividing cells regardless of whether they are healthy or not.

However, for his research therapies, he divides the treatments into three: that which focuses on the immune system, another whose target is inside the cell and the final one which targets outside the cell. Thus, for the therapy he offers, through Seattle Genetics, he spares the healthy cells which is a great stride in cancer research. There is indeed great hope for the entire world when we have dedicated people like Clay Siegall who will provide a breakthrough in the study of cancer. Everyone remains indebted for the sacrifices of such people.