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Alex Pall Uses His Position with The Chainsmokers to Help Others

As a member of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall knows he has a lot of influence on the people who listen to his music. He wants others to realize he does the best with his music and that’s something that sets him apart from other artists. He also does a lot of work that makes people understand he’s good at creating musical opportunities. For Alex Pall, there are things that might make it easier for him to try the best musical opportunities. He believes he can show people what they need to know about the music industry and what they need to get out of it. Even though he’s a member of a pop music group, Alex Pall knows he can make sure people have a chance to try different things. It’s his goal to always let others know what they can get on their own.

After spending a lot of time learning how to DJ, Alex Pall made a career out of it. He was on his way to a successful career as a DJ in New York City. Alex Pall even realized he was one of the best in the industry and that’s what pulled him toward doing even more. He wanted to be more and do more. He didn’t feel fulfilled with the DJ scene in NYC. There were times when he had to make sure he was making all the right moves toward a better career and that’s part of what made him want to help even more people with the options he had.

Alex Pall felt good about doing this kind of work and that’s what allowed him to try different things. It also made him push toward a better career. Since he started working with The Chainsmokers, he knew there were things that would set the band apart from other bands. It made sense for him to want to be a better musician. Even though he knew he could be successful, he had no idea The Chainsmokers would take off. He didn’t imagine the band would get as big as what it currently is in the pop industry.

The Chainsmokers Release the Single “Sick Boy”

In the world of Electronic Dance Music, the Chainsmokers keep changing the game with songs that are not only technically beautiful but lyrically as well. After 9 months of waiting, fans finally got to hear new music from the duo that included their hit song “Sick Boy”. A true reflection of society according to their generation, “Sick Boy” is much darker than their music has ever been before. “Sick Boy” is not about someone needing a doctor, instead it talks about the sick obsession the United States seems to have with social media. While Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of the Chainsmokers admit in their song that they have chosen to live in this lifestyle with no privacy and constant judgment, it is still a concerning problem to them and for society in general. Social media breeds narcissism, and while it is not always a bad thing and sometimes even necessary, sometimes it’s taken to far and people have an identity crisis over who they are portraying themselves as online.

The Chainsmokers may have taken a big risk by moving in this direction, they did have some concern about alienating some of their fans, but it has paid off with hit after hit coming off of their new album. Taggart and Alex Pall are definitely coming into their own and are not afraid to say what they want to say. Their music of the Chainsmokers seems to be maturing with the artists and their fans. “Sick Boy” managed to reach the top 100 in the United States as well as hitting the charts in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, and others. Their single is refreshing and a candid look at life as a celebrity.

The Chainsmokers got together in 2012 and released their first hit single, “#Selfie”, released in 2014. Their first album, Bouquet made its debut in the fall of 2015 featuring their single “Roses” which made it to the Billboard top 10.

A Look at Magic Mike XXL and the Role Played by Crystal Hunt in the Film

Magic Mike XXL is a comedy-drama movie that premiered on July 1, 2015. Gregory Jacobs is the man responsible for directing the film. It was released as a sequel to its predecessor film, Magic Mike, released in 2012.The story line revolves around a group of retired entertainers called the King of Tampa. They reunite in a bid to stage their last performance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which was the host of the Stripper’s Convention.

In an effort to make their endeavors successful, they make various stopovers at Savannah and Jacksonville to rekindle their relationships with past acquaintances. Consequently, they meet with Rome, a strip club owner as well as Andre. Upon reaching Myrtle Beach, they are surprised to meet Rome, who agrees to be their Emcee after failed convincing attempts by Mike to be their Emcee. Malik and Andre, who act as her helpers, also accompany her.

Due to Rome’s affectionate relationship with the organizer of the Convention, the group manages top secure themselves a spot. The performance works in their favor and concludes with an impressive display of the July 4th fireworks.

The Cast for the Movie

The Movie is graced with talented Hollywood actors ranging from female to male actors. Channing Tatum, who is the main character, plays the role of Mike. Other actors include Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez, and Gabriel Iglesias. Andie MacDowell, Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Crystal Hunt, and Elizabeth Banks are some of the numerous female actors present in the film.

Crystal Hunt is a popular actor in Hollywood. She was also privileged to be part of the Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL. She plays the role of Lauren. Hunt displays her talented character, which is inspired by the other talented female actors featured in the film. Her vast experience in directing, producing and advertising, make her an ideal candidate for the Lauren role.

Hunt has also featured in other major films such as Queens of Drama, One Life to Live, Sydney White, 23 Blast, The Derby Stallion and NYC Underground. She also offers premium services to pet owners through managing My Pet Dream Boutique, which is a luxury pet store situated in Clearwater, Florida.  She also has a photography website, where Crystal shares all of her artistic photographs.