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Alex Hern- The Man With a Knack for Starting Businesses

Alex HernAlex Hern, the co-founder of Tsunami XR, has been in the entrepreneurship business for more than 25 years. Within that time, he has largely contributed to the incubation of several technology companies. With his extensive expertise in the field, he has helped several companies reach maturity. However, his contribution does not end there. Alex co-founded Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT), where he also served as the Director. This company is well-known because it powered the search algorithm behind MSN, AOL and Yahoo.

Alex Hern was still the cofounder and Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO director. This was a web directory and email marketing company. However, he did not stay with this company for too long. Instead, it was sold a mere 10 months later for a whopping $650 million. From there, Alex Hern went on to co-find yet another technology company. This time, it was named Military Commercial Technology. As you can tell from the name, this company developed technology for the military. This company was funded byL-3 and Lockheed.

After this, Alex co-founded another company called Arcsight (ARST). He served as the director of this company as well. This company dealt with cyber security and eventually went public. The company was later sold to Hewlett-Packard for an impressive $1.5B. However, this was not the end of Alex Hern as an entrepreneur. He went on to co-found CloudShield where he also served as the director. This was a network security company which was eventually sold to SAIC- an even larger technology and engineering company that specializes in government and commercial products.

Other notable achievements by Alex Hern include co-founding and Triton Network Systems (TNSI) where he served on the Boards. Alex Hern was also appointed to the board of Zero Knowledge Systems. This was a security and encryption company which was eventually renamed Radial Point.

So, what advice does this guru have for upcoming entrepreneurs? Alex Hern reminds entrepreneurs that the most important thing when it comes to achieving goals is to maintain focus no matter how hard it may be.

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Dr. Mark Mckenna: A Doctor and an Investor

Growing up Dr. Mark Mckenna saw his father be a successful doctor with his own practice, supporting a family with some comfort while helping people with real problems every day. Not surprisingly, he wanted to do that too. So when he got older he enrolled at Tulane University and began studying medicine.

His time at Tulane was eye-opening for Dr. Mark Mckenna. There he learned not only the medical profession, but also how much had changed since he was kid watching his father make money left and right. It had become a more litigious industry, with much more of the money going to shareholders. It was harder to find work and harder still to provide for a family by being a doctor.

So Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to begin investing. He worked nights as a medical examiner in a prison and used that money to start Mckenna Venture Investing and began buying real estate. The world of real estate was fascinating and rewarding for Mckenna, but he continued at Tulane and got his medical degree. He went to work at his fathers practice and spent five years being a doctor before deciding to go into real estate full time.

Dr. Mark Mckenna did well for himself in New Orleans real estate, acquiring over $5 million in property value and earning a revenue stream of over $500,000 per year. Real estate was being very kind to Dr. Mckenna. Until Hurricane Katrina hit the city and surrounding areas.

After the disaster of Katrina Dr. Mckenna, like many, found himself with much less value in his portfolio. Nonetheless he decided to stay in NOLA and help rebuild, flipping damaged houses and rebuilding his real estate portfolio.

When the housing crash came Dr. Mark Mckenna saw it coming and was able to get his investments out before the worst of the disaster hit. He moved into medical investing where he is currently involved in the company OVME. OVME is an online app that allows patients to order Botox deliveries to their home via online order. This covers an empty niche in the Botox market.

Will the Ad Fraud Subject by Sahm Adrangi Influence the Investment World?

Since 2009 when Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale LLC, he has led the capital management firm into unforeseeable success. Within only nine years in the financial industry, the firm’s Chief Investment Officer has helped the company expand to managing about $180 million. He revealed this during his Ad Fraud Presentation at the 2018 Short Selling Conference.

The investment skills of Adrangi results from his Economic Degree at Yale University. He has also built a reputation in the financial industry through his tasks at Kerrisdale and Longacre Fund Management. Before founding Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi was an Analyst at Longacre for two years, where he managed at least 2 billion dollars of distressed debt for the company. His popularity is also a result of his constant attacks on targeted Chinese firms, which made the Securities and Exchange Commission to taking action against the companies.

During his presentation at Short Selling, Sahm Adrangi displayed his level of expertise in exposing frauds. His primary objective was how businesses could identify fraud by looking at its interconnection with short-term investments. He also highlighted how fraud would impact markets and how investors can remain on the watch. As he notes, it is prudent for investors to identify fraud in Ads as soon as possible before they experience stock value depreciation.

Even though Adrangi was passionate about defeating Ad Fraud, he and like-minded executives face a difficult task in this fight. Big players in the business community will surely fight implementation of Adrangi’s proposals in the business community and investment sectors. This is because these players are reaping massive profits and cannot let go of their opportunities. But any wise investor would agree that Sahm Adrangi has an advantageous proposal to the investment community. And these investors can utilize the opportunities to optimize their success chances.

Indeed, the topic of Ad Fraud is has attracted diverse interests from different market players. But everyone agrees that Sahm Adrangi has yet again used his market research skills to come up with a fresh topic that everyone has to think about. The decision lies with investors: to choose between using Ad Fraud knowledge to their benefits or let other people use to soil the ad market.

Lori Senecal Leads At CP+B As The Corporations CEO

Lori Senecal plays a major role at the CP+B corporation and is directly responsible for its growth to a global player over recent years, Lori oversees various parts of the company, including various international offices that play crucial roles in the companies development. Only joining the CP+B team in 2015, Lori hasn’t been at the company long but has still managed to create a major change in the market for the company. At CP+B, innovation is the fundamental driver for every move the company makes. In 2017, CP+B earned the award of Creativity Innovators of the Year for their impressive innovations in the industry. Lori Senecal was named one of the top four business people to keep an eye on in2016 for the role she played in CP+B’s development. Lori has been recognized as a leading businesswoman for several years and has even been named in the Power 100 List on AdWeek.


Lori has earned other titles over the years as well, such as Most Creative People in 2017. Lori’s strategies for inspiring growth and accomplishing feats others haven’t yet tried has earned her international recognition. Even before her time at CP+B, Lori was successfully playing a leader in the industry with her roles at various other companies. Before CP+B, Lori Senecal worked as a chairman for the company KBS and earned a tenured position for the revenue she brought to the company. She managed to grow the companies employee pool by more than 600 during her time there. Lori Senecal isn’t a seen as a cutthroat either, with regular remarks for being kind and creating healthy workplaces for her employees. You can visit their website



According to Lori, many of her ideas are collaborations of various different subjects and goals that she has throughout her daily life. Lori says that having a vision is one of the critical aspects in achieving all of her goals. In order for goals to be realized, they need to be written down and practiced on a daily basis, otherwise, they are just wishes.



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Shervin Pishevar: Monopolies vs. Small Business

Shervin Pishevar has been warning against monopolies for some time. They fundamentally destroy markets and limit innovation. Small businesses have a hard enough time competing against larger competitors. However, when monopolies can manipulate the rules that govern the markets, small businesses have much less of a chance.

Many people know small business as the backbone of an economy. This statement holds true for free market economies. Since small businesses require a lot of hard work and some luck, not everyone owns one. The modern economy can be considered responsible for the demise of small businesses. Prior to modernization, when goods were readily traded between individuals, small businesses were prevalent. Working the land was needed for survival and small enterprises were the only means available.

Today, discussions like Shervin Pishevar’s about small business is not about returning to the old days. It is quite the opposite. The varied interests of small business are good for innovation. This is one proof that modernization is not synonymous with business mergers. The world has become more educated. When only royalty and the wealthy were privy to an education, a monopoly driven economy might make sense. But, now that individuals are capable of valuable contributions to innovation and new ideas helping shape the world, monopolies are poison. Surely, Shervin Pishevar would agree on this point.

Blockchains can make small businesses more prevalent. They transform digital transactions by empowering the individuals directly involved in a trade. Now everything is not a fight when it comes to money. Large corporations do not need to fear blockchain technology and cryptocurrency applications. These new technologies offer the opportunity to weed out the transactional waste. If a corporation, or one of its ventures, does not add value, then smart contracts operating on blockchains can remove this aspect. Smart contracts bring a surgeon’s precision to digital transactions.

Small businesses have less bureaucracies than the monopolies mentioned by Shervin Pishevar. More of their operations are driven by filling needs, rather than, the perception of profitability. They simply have less waste, and thus, can form a symbiotic relationship with blockchain technology.

Jordan Lindsey Massive Success in Bitcoin

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of Bitcoin Growth Bot and JCL Capital. Lindsey is the CEO of Try Information and Vice President of Maximum Capital Management INC. He was born and brought here to New York. He played tennis and ice hockey in his teenage years. What made Lindsey different from other children has he had an entrepreneur mind. He looked up business opportunities to make the things better and could change the world. He went to school at Mount Angel Seminary and the St. Joseph College.

He moves to the San Francisco Bay area. He has professional skills in Asset Management, Equities, and Blockchain Technology. His current Forex Trends are: Arbitrate-which is the first thing to keep eyes constantly on the trend and must study it on a different time interval so that is the exact ideas of the trend could be understood. The next one is Planning the Entry-the most important step was different from the massive success or failure. The last trend is Mounting your Target- which set the target to a prior in advance and it could end in a decisive result most of the time. Forex is an online trading company with over 1.429 billion in assets. He began creating foreign trade algorithms and he saw an opportunities to initiate algorithms for the cryptocurrency. He wanted to supply and demand.

Lindsey was a self-taught programmer who offers his Bitcoin Growth to the trading community. He experienced in algotrader and a leader in Finance and Technology Industries. The Nucleus Token released in Q3 2017 resulted in a successful crowd sale. The great things about a successful person in public is that if they make a mistake on some of the products and they can correct the mistake at the same time to keep the trading community satisfied. Lindsey learns to trust and keep fiction being with others. You can make a huge profit from investing in Bitcoin and using these platforms. Bitcoin has not only become a way to make money, but many people use it to earn a living and take care of their families.

Malcolm CasSelle Discusses The Future Of His Company WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is the founder of Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX for short, and he discussed the future of his company. One of the things the company, which is a virtual game marketplace, wants to do is reduce the costs of transactions.

WAX is going to tokenize its assets, but they will work to ensure tokens that are on the blockchain will remain associated to their asset. The exchange of virtual assets are done via a process that is conducted through people who are responsible for transferring assets. These people are known as transfer agents and if they fail at their duties, then their supervisory committee will take action.

WAX will continue to make improvements to its platform and they will continue creating an ecosystem of assets that will be able to be exchanged in a way they were never exchanged

About Malcolm CasSelle
The president of WAX is a serial entrepreneur and has held prominent positions at numerous of companies. He was the president of New Adventures at the company Tronc and he was once the senior vice president and general manager of digital media at SeaChange International. Other companies he has held prominent roles at includes Xfire and MediaPass. During the early stages of Zynga and Facebook, CasSelle was an early investor in them. He has also invested in various Bitcoin-related companies.

Besides being a successful businessman, he is well educated. He went to MIT, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. After attending MIT, he went to Standford University, where he graduated with a master’s degree. Both of his degrees are in computer science. Another interesting fact about him is he can speak both Mandarin and Japanese.

WAX has enjoyed incredible success and this is in part to CasSelle’s leaderships skills, as well as his team. You can visit his website or company’s site to learn more about him.ehe

The Influence of Desiree Perez on the Entertainment Industry Recognized

When “Billboard” releases its list of the most influential female executives in the entertainment industry it is no surprise to find the name of Desiree Perez mentioned in a major way. The Roc Nation executive has been an integral part of the business career of Shawn Carter, better known as rapper Jay-Z for more than a decade and has guided the Roc Nation label to the amazing success it has become in recent years; as both a mentor to artists and a tough negotiator, Desiree Perez has built a powerful career as one of the top female executives in many areas of the entertainment community.

Desiree Perez was one of the original members of the SC Enterprises brand created by Jay-Z to give him a base for his business and musical interests. To build a successful business, Jay-Z allowed a different kind of executive management model to thrive at SC Enterprises and Roc Nation; the decision to create a group of experienced executives was an easy one to take and has seen various executives take on wide-ranging roles within the company allowing Desiree Perez to build her knowledge of different aspects of the entertainment sector. The wide-ranging role undertaken by Desiree Perez has seen her named to the multisector list of influential female executives created by “Billboard”.

Gaining from the experience and business skills of Desiree Perez has been the aim of many of the artists at Roc Nation and the label itself. When the 10-year, $100 million deal to establish Roc Nation as part of the Live Nation business group was negotiated in 2008, Desiree Perez appeared as the lead expert for Jay-Z; a similar role was undertaken by the entrepreneur when the deal was renegotiated in 2017 and a further distribution deal was created with the Universal Music Group.

Todd Lubar: Baltimore is the New Hot Spot For Realty.

Todd Lubar is the current President of TDL Global Ventures as well as Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has been in the realty business for more than twenty years. He has worked in many industries over the years but the realty business seems to be his calling.

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a degree in speech communication. this would serve him well in the years to come as he has become of the hottest entrepreneurs in the Maryland area. In interviews with Lubar explains his thoughts on the current Baltimore real estate market and the current trends in the Baltimore real estate market today. You can visit Patreon for the details.

One of the biggest trends that are happening in Baltimore today is the conversion of older buildings as well as historical landmarks into chic new buildings. One example is Under Armor taking the first floor of a historic building and turning it into a modern gym. Lubar also believes that Baltimore is becoming the perfect place for millennials to start and grow their businesses. Baltimore has one of the lowest costs of living in the country and is very close to Washington D.C. Check out Crunchbase for more.

By turning older buildings and other places into more apartment space the growth for new businesses to take root in Baltimore is already beginning to take shape. Lubar believes that a major renovation of the city can only help it bring in new entrepreneurs and in turn increase property values for the city and its current residents. Lubar points out that one area of improvement for the city to make it more attractive is the need for more public transportation. With a better transportation system, it will be more likely for people to move in and around the city of Baltimore. Once this project is completed Lubar believes that Baltimore will be one of the nicest towns in the country and make it more of a viable option for people and entrepreneurs alike.

Todd Lubar has seen many ups and downs in the real estate industry. With more revitalization, Baltimore will become a new property hot spot.

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Desiree Perez: Roc Nation’s Ace in the Hole

Desiree Perez has spent her career defying the stereotypes of a male dominated music industry to become one of the most successful businesswomen of our time. A close insider to Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, Desiree has been a major proponent in launching Jay’s career from Hip-hop musician to one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. With a hand in every aspect of Roc Nation, and the skills to negotiate, make major deals, and work with artists, athletes, and executives alike, its easy to see why Desiree Perez has been the arbiter of some of the most lucrative and important deals in the history of the company.

For the last 22 years, Desiree Perez has served as the woman behind the man that is Sean Carter. From the launch of Roc Nation to brokering a 150-million dollar deal between the company and LiveNation, Perez has been responsible for some of Roc Nation’s, and its many sister companies, greatest achievements. A 25-million dollar Samsung deal to promote Rihanna’s concert tour for the album ‘Anti,’ achieved Perez an inside spot in the artist’s circle, and has produced several more lucrative opportunities for Perez and the Roc Nation vocalist. Perez has established herself as one Roc Nation’s most important and integral team members thanks to her years of experience and her charismatic and confident approach to business.

Perez has continually optimized profits and developed the talent of the artists she has worked with. As a member of Jay-Z’s negotiating team, Perez has propelled Roc Nation to new heights, and signed partnerships with some of the world’s biggest companies. Perez has shown that she is a strong and intelligent businesswoman with a head for negotiation and a heart for her work. Even though Desiree has helped several make a career of being under the spotlight, that has never been the place for her. Her quiet commitment to Roc Nation’s developing empire speaks for itself.