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The Career Progression And The Life Of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth (Andrew Wirth) is a professional whose main area of specialization is hotel and mountain resort industry. Born in 25th July 1963, Andy Wirth has gone through tremendous transformation and has made notable achievements along the way. One of his most recent achievemets in elevating his professional career includes his appointment as the Chairman and President of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. He expressed satisfaction in his appointment to represent the organization and the greater Reno-Sparks region.

Having served in the hotel and mountain resort industry for almost 25 years, he has emerged with a great deal of experience and has amassed unique skills that have portrayed him as a dedicated professional.

Early life and education
Andy Wirth, born in 1963, spent most of his childhood in West Germany. He attended the Colorado State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. He also pursued the same specialty in the Edinburgh University, Scotland. His career kicked off when he joined the Rock Mountain National Parks to work as a backcountry ranger. He also received an appointment to join the Hot Shot Wild Land crew based in Northern Mexico.

At Steamboat and Intrawest

To further develop his career, Andy Wirth joined the Steamboat Ski and Resort in 1986, where he worked as an intern. He later got full employment and worked at the same company for about 20 years, working with different marketing departments in the ski resort industry. In 2007, Andy Wirth was promoted to join the parent company, Intrawest and was appointed the chief marketing officer.

In 2009, he pioneered the formation of the Mountain Villages Partnership (MVP) and became the president of the organization. MVP is a renowned marketing promotion company that supports small- and middle-level businesses and it’s sponsored Steamboat.

Career at Squaw Valley Ski

In August 2010, Andy Wirth was appointed Squaw Valley Ski resort President and CEO. His movement into this position would replace Nancy Cushing, who left the position after working as the CEO for 16 years. His appointment was a unique step by the company since this would be the first time somebody other than a member of the Cushing family would work as the CEO of Squaw Valley.

Under his leadership, Squaw Valley made upgrades valued at $70 million. These changes tremendously improved the company’s design and infrastructure, base facilities, culinary areas and lodging facilities. These changes and proper management improved the ranking of the company to appear among the best 20 percent in the industry in the same year.

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