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Chris Villanueva Accomplishments in MB2 Dental

Chris Steven Villanueva is a respected dentist. He is also the founder of MB2 Dental. The successful practitioner established the institution with a vision of promoting some of the best corporate and sole practitioners in the dentistry industry. Chris has been in the dentistry world for a long time, and he used his experience to establish MB2 Dental.


Villanueva knew that most of the dental practitioners in his country needed to have specialized assistance that did not have any strings attached, and that is why he partnered with other dentists to come up with MB2 Dental. Since it was established, the firm has managed to support very many practitioners in over seventy affiliated locations. The company is believed to have over five hundred and thirty employees who are well trained in their professions. The close-knit leadership in the organization ensures that everything runs smoothly.


MB2 Dental was established on the fundamental principle that physicians should work together to accomplish one goal. It was impossible to achieve a lot when every doctor was working on their own. The company offers all its practitioners a youthful and fresh perspective on dental management and practice. The mission of the organization is to change the lives of the dentists and patients for the better.


The company is considered to be unique when compared to all the other similar institutions in the industry. Dental practice management is similar to the traditional dental practices. They are uninspired and drab. However, MB2 Dental has brought something very new to the industry, and it focuses better things other than the profit margins. The firm is dentist owned, and this means that it only focuses on working together, support, personal growth, and autonomy. The organization also supports practices that improve and also benefit the welfare of the patients who visit. This simple technique ensures that the operational standards in the organization are high. The practitioners are happy to do whatever they do, and this facilitates a healthy business growth.


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has been in the dentistry world for a long time. In his career, he has worked as an associate dentist, a mentor, an associate dentist trainer and an advocate of the doctor focused practice in the US. He has also worked as a practice owner, dental director and CEO of MB2 Dental. The dentist has a clear understanding of both the business and provider side of business, and this allows him to follow and maintain the standard doctor clinical autonomy.