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Why Is Waiakea Water The Better Brand of Bottled Water

The bottled-water industry is on top of its game, and it’s consistently bringing in billions on an annual basis. Bottled water is very desired amongst people of all ages. It provides some of the freshest tasting water in society today. The bottled-water industry generates an estimated $100 billion in revenue every single year. Did you know that Italians drink more bottled water than any other nationality? That’s right! The only drawback to bottled water comes from the lack of recycling. If you were to drive along any stretch of open highway, you’ll surely spot a plastic bottle on the side of the road. The truth about plastic bottles is that it takes the actual plastic at least 1,000 years to degrade.

Pollution is a huge problem in society because people aren’t doing their part. We must protect out the environment, and if we don’t protect something, we’ll certainly lose it. In 2017, up to 50 billion plastic bottles were used, but 38 billion plastic bottles were recovered from the environment. That’s a 23 percent discrepancy, which is not good at all. There is one brand that is making a world of difference by creating the first fully degradable water bottle. This brand is known as Waiakea, and it has dramatically grown to become one of the fastest growing businesses in America. The brand’s flagship product, Waiakea Volcanic water, offers some of the purest drinking water on the planet thanks to the water’s high-electrolyte levels. In addition to that, Waiakea Volcanic water has a pH-level of 8.8. This high rating crushes the competition, which makes it one of the most alkaline beverages on earth.

Waiakea Volcanic water also has healthy minerals. With consistent use of this liquid-gold, your health could potentially improve in a number of ways. In the end, Waiakea is the brand of choice for the 21st century, and it is setting new standards in bottled-water consumption.