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George Soros Predicting A Bad Outcome For Potential Brexit

George Soros has recently floored the United Kingdom to stay apart of the European Union. Recently they had voted to sever ties with the 28-nation Union. RS claim that pulling away from the union could cause a financial crisis for Great Britain. He has to make that a 20 to 15% drop in the pound results directly because of a move to part-time with the Union.Other well-known figureheads are joining in the campaign to oppose this motion including British prime minister David Cameron and David and Victoria Beckham. George Soros is predicting an unprecedented decline in the value of the pound If This Were to take place. He claims that this will be more devastating than the economic crisis in which he made his 1.5 billion dollars on which is referred to as black Wednesday. Critics of George Soros point out that he is indeed wrong before but will take into consideration all pertinent information. In a recent radio interview, Boris Johnson who was a former member of parliament in London mayor claims that he will formally apologize to the country if the exit from the European Union causes a recession.thIs possible impending crisis is being dubbed as Black Friday by Soros, in the event of the Brexit, which is the nickname for the British exit from the European Union.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary in 1930. He was able to flee the Nazi invasion of World War II and made his way to England in 1947. Gets into the London School of Economics from which she graduated. It became an international investor in the United States after he moved there and sounded many profitable businesses. George Soros has been extremely active as a philanthropist dating back to 1979. Originally he began helping black students to attend college at Cape Town University during apartheid.

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Brad Reifler Helps Non-Accredited Investors

Forefront Income Trust was recently introduced by Forefront Capital. Forefront Income Trust focuses exclusively on non-accredited investors, which is an unusual market strategy, but is in line with his plan to help out the middle class, which he’s been doing for years. The CEO and Founder of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, stated, “For several years I was only focusing on the accredited investor that makes $200,000 a year or has a net worth of more than a million dollars not counting their house… I’m now shifting everything to the non-accredited investor with a plan specifically designed for the 99 percent who are overlooked.”

Brad Reifler has many years of experience, both as an investor and as an entrepreneur, with proven success at many US firms. Mr. Reifler worked his way from the bottom to the top to found Forefront Capital, LLC. It all began with his 1980s startup, Reifler Trading Company. Soon the company managed hundreds of millions in discretionary investment accounts before evolving into an institutional research center. Mr. Reifler sold the successful business to Refco, Inc, after growing into a top independent futures trader. Refco is considered the biggest futures company in the world.

Brad Reifler has grown into an internationally trusted professional financial services provider. He started Pali Capital in 1995, focused strictly on equity markets. He basically invented the scientific analysis “packaged strategy.” He directed Pali Capital into record-breaking profits with many employees and wide international acclaim. He has attacked the problem of saving for college in a big way. And this is also because he has experienced some of the higher-education problems within his own family. He has a heart for all those struggling to remain employed while repaying huge student loan debts. He recently said, “In 2005, student debt in this country was at 400 million. Today, it’s over a trillion dollars. Forty-four percent of people have less than six-thousand dollars in savings.”