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Talos Energy, a Leading Workplace in the Oil and Gas Sector

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company formed in 2012, under the partnership of Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. The company has made a name a name for its expertise in exploration and production of offshore hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Mexico.

Before the establishment of Talos Energy, the current management group of the company had operated two gulf companies; Gryphon Exploration Co. and Phoenix Exploration Co., with significant returns to equity investors.

The company maintains a deeply experienced senior management team, which has worked together for over a decade. The team has a track record in using innovative techniques to develop a valuable portfolio of investment frontiers within the oil exploration and Production industry.

The main focus of Talos Energy is to maintain a team of management with the right information in Energy and petroleum exploration. The team creates the strength needed to face the challenges posed by external changes in the industry with every aspect of the business in mind.

Timothy Duncan, the expert at the helm, is the brain behind Talos Energy. He has an in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry, which is backed by his educational background. He studied Petroleum Engineering at Mississippi State University and later earned an MBA from Bauer Executive Program at the University of Houston. Additionally, Duncan is a very dedicated professional, who derives satisfaction from turning risky ventures into a profitable business.

Monetary incentives are not the major part of the motivation for the Talos Energy workforce. Teamwork and sacrifice is the driving force that has propelled the company to the top of the oil and gas industry. For this reason, the Houston Chronicle recognized Talos Energy as the Top Workplace in the Houston area for companies with less than 150 employees. The company has since maintained the position for five consecutive years.

For the efficient and smooth running of the company’s operations, Timothy Duncan is assisted by Stephen Heitzman. The visionary business executive doubles up as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Talos Energy. Stephen Heitzman’s extemporary service in the oil and gas sector earned him the Distinguished Engineer Award in 2015. He holds a bachelors of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University.

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Talos Energy Maintain a Consistent Trajectory Towards the Completion of Zama Discovery

Recently, CNH approved Talos Energy’s appraisal plan. This marks the beginning of the appraisal of the Zama discovery. CNH is working on other permits that are required for drilling to begin. Talos aims to spud the Zama-2 in the end of this year and it also aims to complete the appraisal program by mid next year.

In addition, Talos and Block 7 Consortium have entered into a contract with an Ensco PLC subsidiary to use the Ensco 8503 semi-submersible rig for the appraisal plan. In the contract, the rig will be used for the drilling of a sidetrack, two wells and a well test.

The Houston-based company has laid down foundations and even started on the appraisal plan. It is on a trajectory to the targeted Zama discovery initial production in 2022. Its workforce incorporates Mexicans, an indication of presence of inclusivity in the company’s culture. The company has been resilient in its efforts to grow and acquire, explore and produce over the last one decade.

The company is reaching out to valuable resources, otherwise seen as unreachable, through innovation in exploration and production. It is always working towards acquiring, exploiting and exploring in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast region using sizable seismic database. It also incorporates proprietary techniques in their operations to realize its goals. The company has a strong geophysical, geological and operating experience in the oil and gas industry.

As a cohesive group, the company is working in unity to continue improving on its strong track record of positive results. It harnesses the power of empowering employees to drive their productivity. The company is an equal opportunity employer with career opportunities in exploration, production and corporate areas.

Talos Energy offers competitive benefits, advancement opportunities, flexible work schedules to encourage work, and life balance and more. The company has established a great working place for its employees. Employees were surveyed on their working conditions and Talos Energy on top in the Top Workplace in the Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces. The company has featured on top of the list for 4 consecutive years. The privately-held company has about 250 employees.

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The Profitability Of The New Talos Energy Inc.

The Boards of Directors of Talos Energy LLC and Stone Energy Corp agreed in 2017 to merge the two companies. The acquisition which was worth $1.9 Billion took place in mid-2018. Each company employed the services of their preferred strategic advisors who guided them through the entire merger process. The new company’s head office is in Huston, Texas, and other offices are in Lafayette, Louisiana and New Orleans. Besides, Mr. Timothy Duncan maintained his position as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Overview of Talos Energy LLC and Stone Energy Corp

Talos Energy is an offshore company that produces gas and oil. The company has Zama Oil that has approximately 2 Billion barrels of oil.

Stone Energy Corporation is also in the same industry as Talos, and it focuses on maximizing the flow of money generated from its assets.

Company’s shares

The result of the merger is that the shareholders of Stone Energy Corp will get 37% share whereas the Talos Energy stakeholders will receive 63% of the total shares. In November 2017, each stock of Stone traded at $35.49. The per share price of Stone Energy will result in the new company’s business value to be around $ 2.5 Billion.

Growth Potential

The combination of the resources of the two companies will result in rapid growth of the new company. Talos Energy, Inc controls Zama Oil and Gulf of Mexico Deep Water, which are the major areas of production. Also, the new company has a combined inventory, which means it has control of a more substantial part of the Gulf of Mexico that is approximately 1.2 million acres.

Besides, the financial status of Talos Energy Inc. has improved due to the merger. The flexibility of the economic state of the new company has improved its ability to venture into other profitable opportunities.


The merger will see the new company become the top in the gas and oil industry and also improve its growth potential. Talos Energy, Inc. now has qualified expertise in management and its assets base has also been expanded. The merger has also created opportunities for potential investors.

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Talos Energy Aims To Complete The Appraisal Plan For The Zama Discovery By Mid-2019

Talos Energy recently announced at the end of September that the Mexican oil and gas regulator, CNH (the National Hydrocarbons Commission) approved the appraisal plan regarding the Zama discovery. Getting the approval of the appraisal plan from the CNH was a key approval that was required in order to start the appraisal of the Zama discovery. The National Hydrocarbons Commission is reviewing the application for permits to start drilling, which are necessary in order to begin the operations. Talos Energy estimated that it will spud the Zama-2, the first appraisal well, in the 4th quarter of this year, and that the appraisal program will be finished by the middle of 2019.

The appraisal plan contains 3 new reservoir penetrations. The first well, the Zama-2, will be deepened by about 500m in order to test an exploration prospect entitled Marte, which contains an unrisked recoverable resource ranging between 60 and 150 MMBoe. In order to deepen the Zama-2 wellbore to commence the Marte test, the estimated cost is approximately $10 million, with $3.5 being the approximate expected share of Talos Energy.

The National Hydrocarbons Commission approved a budged of $325 million for the plan, which also includes $75 million of contingent operations. The budget includes the cost of hole coring across the Zama reservoir, performing a drill stem test in order to gather information about the reservoir productivity and continuity, drilling the wells, as well as collecting a number of samples of rocks and fluids. Talos Energy is expecting its net share of costs to be between $75 and $80 million for the whole appraisal campaign, prior to any contingency costs.

The President and CEO, Timothy S. Duncan stated that the company is pleased to reach another milestone with its partners in Mexico, after the previous announcement regarding the Pre-Unitization Agreement with Pemex. The approval received by the CNH, according to Duncan, will allow Talos Energy to continue to maintain a fast-paced schedule of investments when it comes to the Zama project in Mexico, and to begin drilling operations by the end of 2018. This will allow Talos Energy to stay on track towards their ultimate goal of achieve initial production in 2022.

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Talos Energy Preps For Big Year After Merger.

Talos Energy is a Houston-based oil and energy company that has been making headlines all around the world thanks to their historic work off of the shallow-water of the Sureste basin located in Mexico’s national waters. Talos Energy was one of three companies that was granted a winning bid in order to drill in Mexico’s waters, the first time that a foreign company has been granted the request by Mexico’s nationalist energy production network. Talos Energy holds a 35% interest in the Zama 1 Well which is being touted as one of the biggest discoveries in offshore drilling in many years. With that kind of momentum and energy behind their work, it should surprise nobody that CEO Timothy Duncan is pushing forward with some major moves, including a huge merger with Stone Energy Corporation.

It was announced that Stone Energy and Talos Energy would be merging following a unanimously approved vote from the Board of Directors at both companies. The all-stock transaction will help Talos Energy to continue pushing themselves into the upper echelon of offshore oil production companies in the world. Stone Energy and Talos Energy combined to produce roughly 47 thousand barrels of oil in 2017 and their reserves are Pro forma estimated at 136 million barrels. It’s easy to see that the combination of their efforts will lead to long-term growth for Talos Energy and their growth expectations are only fueled more by the recent discoveries of Rampart and Tornado II.

Once merged, Talos Energy and Stone Energy will seek to capitalize on their backlog of exploration prospects all across the Gulf of Mexico. As we stated above, Talos Energy made history by becoming the first foreign, private sector offshore drilling company to come into Mexico’s waters. The move set up Talos and Stone Energy for more profitable work throughout the region of which they have access to nearly 160,000 acres of coverage. Timothy Duncan has been loudly touting the benefits of the merger and he has good reason to be confident in his companies decision. With more projected growth in the coming years, Talos Energy is primed to become a premier offshore oil production and exploration team.

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