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A Day in the Life of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is the founder of the XPrize Foundation as well as the innovator behind the currently popular vAtomic Systems. Pulier himself is one of the tech fields most prominent entrepreneurs thanks to his willingness to branch out, try something new, and keep focused on the task at hand once he is in the business. Pulier is meticulous in his preparation and he has been forward thinking ever since he first leaped into the field. Let’s look at a routine day in the life of Eric Pulier in order to see how his success is propelled by his own willingness to work hard.

Eric Pulier starts each day like the one before it. Pulier’s focus is to get up early enough so that he has some time before his children get up and about. Pulier likes to have an hour or so in the morning to quietly drink his coffee, focus on his tasks, and create list of technology things he wants to accomplish for the day. Then he goes about getting his children to where they need to go. After that Pulier gets down to work.

A typical day in the life of Eric Pulier is all about exploring the different concepts that he has been working to develop. Whether Eric Pulier tech working hand in hand with the XPRIZE Foundation or he is working with his mobile company, vAtomic Systems, the approach is the same. Pulier needs quiet time in order to focus and he doesn’t like jumping back and forth between tasks while he works. Doing so is detrimental to everything involved. Pulier says, “I believe in delegating uninterrupted time to each task that needs my attention.”

In terms of note taking, Eric Pulier relies upon it for his business to succeed. Pulier is like every other entrepreneur — he focuses on ideas that can bring about great change to career. Pulier knows that inspiration can come at any time so he is always ready to jot down his latest concept. He’ll mark a note or a word and then revisit it all at the end of the week to see where these ideas have taken him.

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