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Doe Deere Uses Lime Crime to Make a Difference

Doe Deere always knew what she could do to help people understand the options they needed. She didn’t have a lot of options when she first became interested in makeup and that’s something that pushed her to come up with an idea for her own makeup brand. She knew there were ways that she would have to make sure things worked for the brand. People saw it and wanted to use it to make their own makeup looks. There weren’t many other brands that allowed people to try different and bold colors. Instead, Doe Deere knew she had to keep making bold makeup choices and giving people the right way to do things. It was her way of showing people they had a chance to experience the best of what she had to offer. Lime Crime continues growing and has become a huge viral trend. Doe Deere knows it’s because of what she did.

Not only did Doe Deere want something that helped people have bright and bold color choices she also wanted to show people they could try different looks without compromising their safety. Before Doe Deere came up with the idea for Lime Crime, there were options available, but they were not safe for people to use. They were unregulated and they came with ingredients that were difficult for people to use on their skin. It was important to Doe Deere to make sure she could try something that gave her the option to use makeup as well as make sure the makeup came from quality sources.

As long as Doe Deere knew what people wanted, she felt good about giving them new options. It was important to her to try other things in the fashion industry. By starting her own clothing brand, Doe Deere could make sure things were working in her favor. As long as she could put bold makeup choices into play, she felt she could do the same thing with the fashion industry. Doe Deere made a choice to start Poppyangeloff so she could help people with bold clothing that matched her personality and the makeup she sold.

Real Real the Secret to Second Hand Shopping

Most people would love to have genuine goods with popular fashion brand tags but just cannot afford the prices. Anything that is imitation looks fake so people have no choice but to shop for goods that do not come with high price tags. The other side of the coin is that people buy luxury items only to decide that it would be best to resell them and get back what money they can. This is where Real Real comes in. It is a consignment website where people can list the luxury goods they do not wish to keep and those who want these goods can purchase them. This works out well for everyone because the people selling get back some of the money they spent and those buying get a most coveted luxury good at a cheaper than store price.

For Real Real which is seven years ole business is booming and they even have tangible businesses in New York City and Los Angeles. The CEO and founder tells us that the three most coveted brands of luxury goods are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel. Among the other items sold on Real Real are home goods, art, and menswear. The turnaround is 90-days or less in which time the products are sold. They have set up a successful process to get goods in and out quickly.

When goods arrive they are first assessed as to the condition they are in and then they go through an authentication process. Everything is inspected down to the last stitching. When fine jewelry and watches come in there are certified and trained professionals who inspect them closely. Once the process is complete and the product passes inspection it goes to copywriting where a detailed description is added and a price is determined. The item is photographed and put on sale. This is the best way anyone who has long wanted a certain luxury item can purchase it without emptying their bank account.