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Doe Deere Uses Lime Crime to Make a Difference

Doe Deere always knew what she could do to help people understand the options they needed. She didn’t have a lot of options when she first became interested in makeup and that’s something that pushed her to come up with an idea for her own makeup brand. She knew there were ways that she would have to make sure things worked for the brand. People saw it and wanted to use it to make their own makeup looks. There weren’t many other brands that allowed people to try different and bold colors. Instead, Doe Deere knew she had to keep making bold makeup choices and giving people the right way to do things. It was her way of showing people they had a chance to experience the best of what she had to offer. Lime Crime continues growing and has become a huge viral trend. Doe Deere knows it’s because of what she did.

Not only did Doe Deere want something that helped people have bright and bold color choices she also wanted to show people they could try different looks without compromising their safety. Before Doe Deere came up with the idea for Lime Crime, there were options available, but they were not safe for people to use. They were unregulated and they came with ingredients that were difficult for people to use on their skin. It was important to Doe Deere to make sure she could try something that gave her the option to use makeup as well as make sure the makeup came from quality sources.

As long as Doe Deere knew what people wanted, she felt good about giving them new options. It was important to her to try other things in the fashion industry. By starting her own clothing brand, Doe Deere could make sure things were working in her favor. As long as she could put bold makeup choices into play, she felt she could do the same thing with the fashion industry. Doe Deere made a choice to start Poppyangeloff so she could help people with bold clothing that matched her personality and the makeup she sold.

Fabletics using the Power of the Crowd to Increase Sales and Customers

Savvy brands are now shifting their marketing strategies to focus more on consumer trends and behaviors. The use of crowdsourced reviews is gaining popularity, and companies like Fabletics have realized the power of the crowd in building clients portfolio. Technology has made things much easier and has changed the way people shop. A modern-day customer is a tech-savvy person thus shops online just by the click of a button. Almost everyone has a cell phone or a computer that is connected to the internet. Consumers when they want to purchase a product they go online and source reviews from other consumers. A customer will be influenced to purchase a product that has more positive reviews thus the power of the crowd. The power of the crowd is what Fabletics is leveraging on.

Fabletics was co-founded in 2013 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, and within a short period, its revenues have risen to over 235 million dollars. In addition, the company has more than one million who are subscribed to a monthly plan. Shawn Gold the corporate marketing officer of TechStyle attributes the rapid growth to the power of crowd-sourced reviews. Crowdsource reviews have helped Fabletics acquire new customers, retain the existing customers and as a result increased sales.

Reviews are what customer trust more than an advertisement. This is so because reviews give a firsthand experience of the products. A person who writes a review on a particular product is a person who has already purchased and used the product thus the review is a testimony of how the product is. The more the positive reviews a product gets, the more it attracts potential buyers. Trust is gained from other people’s opinion and feedbacks. Fabletics has capitalized on reviews, and that’s it is why it has succeeded in the activewear industry.

The power of the crowd has helped Fabletics retain most of its customers, over 85 percent of them and has also attracted close to 17 percent new customers through referrals says Gold. Reviews help improve the search ranking of a particular product or company.

Reviews help keep a company in check as no company would want to see negative comments on their product. For any business to be successful, they must be data-driven and take customers reviews more seriously. Being customer focused encourages a business to be more transparent to its clients. This is what Fabletics does. They take reviews and their customers with the seriousness they deserve and in so doing they at least try to respond to 30 % of customers inquiries and have an online platform where customers raise their concern for action and state their preference.

Kate Hudson is Fabletics Partner and also serves as the face of the brand. Don and Adam decided to have Kate as a partner because of her active lifestyle and the fact that she is so approachable.

Fabletics has made the shopping experience easier by creating a lifestyle quiz once you sign up for them. The quiz helps a client determine his/her lifestyle and exercises habits, and as a result, Fabletics creates a product that is customized according to client’s tastes and preferences.

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Different Preferences of Fit Served by Fabletics

One thing that each person has to think about when it comes to their own sense of style is the type of fit that they want for their clothes. Different people have different style preferences. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot that goes into style preference. For instance, the fit of the product has many different aspects to it. For one thing, finding a loose fitting or tight fitting piece of clothing depends on more than just the size. One has to figure out the different aspects of the clothing in order to be able to decide on whether to buy the clothing or not.


Fabletics has figured out the different aspects of the fit. The company encourages people to explore the type of fits they want. One of the difference between the tight fitting style and the loose fitting style is the shape of everything else. For instance, the neckline has to be considered when it comes to the fit. There are also other things that are done to the clothes such as darting in order to influence the fit. When people look at the different aspects of the fit of the clothing, then they will have a lot of fun in choosing their outfits.


There is so much that people can determine for themselves when it comes to the fit of clothing. For instance, one of the choices is how the shirt falls on the bottom. Some shirts by design are rather snug at the bottom while other shirts tend to fall wide at the bottom. These days, many people are looking for clothes that are very close to their body type. This often means avoiding the more boxy fits with clothes falling very wide.


One thing that attracts customers to Fabletics is that it offers clothing for people that make them feel like they went to a tailor. Fabletics offers clothing for physical activity that could also be worn on different occasions such as parties and events. These types of clothes also provide people with an effect on their body that makes them look closer to ideal.

How Fabletics Is Revolutionizing the Apparel Industry

If you haven’t heard about Fabletics yet, be prepared to have your mind blown. Yoga pants can be costly, especially the ones that are made of quality components. Now you have the unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor and purchase top-quality outfits at ridiculously low prices, and the deals get better the longer you stay involved with the company.


So here is how this plays out, you get and entire outfit shipped to you for the ridiculously low price of $25. That’s it, no strings, no bait and switch, a genuine sports outfit for one low price including shipping right to your front door. Now this deeply discounted deal applies to your first purchase, so what you want to do is become a VIP member to get these type deals for good.


These two-piece and three-piece outfits normally sell for over $100, but as a VIP member you get them from here out for under $50. Now although the first order was deeply-discounted and you got free shipping, you will still get free shipping as a VIP member on all orders. That alone can add up to several hundred dollars in savings over the course of a few months.


So you might be thinking this sounds too good to be true, so lets here from the experts about how they feel about Fabletics!


The Krazy Coupon Lady says, “This company is amazing. All you do is take a simple Lifestyle Quiz so the company better understands your needs. Then each month you get recommendations on the latest sports apparel based on your workout preferences. Each month you can make selections or skip months, completely up to you. Free lifetime shipping for VIP members, that is one great deal!”


A Foodie Stays Fit says, “Fabletics will never ship one piece of sports apparel without your approval. Although the company may handpick recommendations based on your quiz results, you get to select or override those choices and shop at your leisure. This is like having your own personal shopper online searching through all the latest releases to find apparel that matches your lifestyle perfectly!”


Trust Pilot says, “One of the reason more women are getting on board with Fabletics is that you have the ability to cancel your membership at any time. The styles rival apparel you will find at places like Lululemon, with prices you might see at Target!”