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AvaTrade Review: An Outside Look

AvaTrade is one of the largest forex brokers in the world. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Unlike most of the forex brokers, AvaTrade is regulated by major financial institutions in Europe such as the Central Bank of Ireland and several others. The firm is registered as an investment company under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. Besides, AvaTrade is also licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Compared to other similar service providers, AvaTrade tops the list of forex brokers that offer the best kind of trading tools.


AvaTrade offers various trading platforms which give traders options to choose the best styles to trade on. We also noticed that AvaTrade is one of the few fore brokers that allow the trading of cryptocurrency on its platforms. Sometimes getting started on forex trading might be a little bit tricky especially someone has not been trading previously. However, AvaTrade has detailed guidelines which are meant to help amateur traders to pick up quickly. It also has online courses for those who would want to learn more about forex trading.


Pros and cons of AvaTrade




 AvaTrade has more than four trading platforms that traders can choose from

 AvaTrade provides its traders with an opportunity to access multiple financial markets globally

 AvaTrade never lets the account of any trader to fall below zero at any point.




 Withdrawal of funds can last up to 10 days in AvaTrade

 Traders pay the same spread regardless of their volume of transactions


Product and Fees


AvaTrade review explain they provides a range of products and services on its platforms. Among the common products it offers are cryptocurrency trading, stocks indices, forex among others. The other important thing to note about AvaTrade is that it does not incur transaction cost on its traders. However, it is also worth noting that AvaTrade does not provide discounts to traders who have large balances on their trading accounts.


In general, AvaTrade is one of the most trusted forex brokers in the world. Having been founded in 2006, the company has grown in bounds and attracted customers all over the world.

What You Should Know About The Oxford Club

William “Bill” Bonner helped to co-found The Oxford Club as a way to get investor groups together to connect with each other and discuss rare business investment opportunities. The Oxford Club was meant to promote investment opportunities through a personal connection, and not through the use of the mass media or investment brokers on Wall Street.

CEO, Julia Guth is the top executive in charge at Oxford Club. Guth with a team that is well versed in marketing and sales, customer service, operations, and research and publishing. The Oxford Club also hires investment strategists who are experts in asset classes, income investing (dividends and bonds), stocks and private equity, options trading and cryptocurrency purchasing.

The Oxford Club seeks to find investment opportunities with high gain, yet low-risk potentials. There are Oxford Club members located in 130 countries. The Oxford Club notes that it has 157 thousand current members.

The Oxford Club functions under a key investment mantra. The Oxford Club’s primary investment newsletter, The Communique delivers significant insights and important research. The Communique is issued twice a month, which means there are plenty of opportunities for the savvy investor to make money.

Investment U, which is a branch of the Oxford Club, was hatched in 1999. Investment U provides one of the primary financial education websites on the Internet. Investment U Daily is a free e-letter for members to utilize and learn essential investment strategies, vital information, and more. Investment U offers courses, videos, conferences, and other resources to help people become financially free through wealth building.

With the Oxford Club, there are three different memberships level available:

Premier Membership: These are for individuals who have subscribed to paid publications, at the introductory level. This membership renews on a yearly basis. The Director’s Circle Membership: This is for lifetime members. At this membership level, a member’s family can be a part of the Oxford Club. The Chairman’s Circle Membership: The top level at the Oxford Club, members receive access to the website as well as lifetime access to all of the publications offered.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Offers Dynamic Wealth Advisory Services

Without a doubt, market pullbacks are unnerving. This phase is typically capitalized with a series of falling prices. Moreover, the price movements may be seen as reversals of the original trend. Therefore, investors must work with their financial advisors to make plans that address pullbacks in light of informed perspective and not emotions. All too often, pullbacks are viewed as a purchasing opportunity.

Background Data

2017 was one of the least volatile years in history, with the largest pullback in stocks only -3%. Historically, the stock market has typically experienced pullbacks encompassing double digits. The question on the minds of many is whether 2018 will be more volatile.

The Future of Pullbacks

Given historical levels, the answer is likely no. The catalyst for a larger pullback is difficult to predict. It could be a rise in bond yields or a policy shift in China. Perhaps it will be a geopolitical event.

HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm. Its primary mission is creating strong working relationships with its clients and helping them develop individualized financial plans tailored to their needs and goals. @HCRwealth is on Facebook. Contact them today.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: Alleviating the Burden for the “Sandwich Generation”

More and more people are seeking the help of financial advisors like HCR Wealth Advisors. There are many reasons to seek the professional help of registered investment advisory firms. And HCR Wealth Advisors does more than support your standard retiree or investment client. In fact, the “Sandwich Generation” is in need of financial support more than ever before.

The “Sandwich Generation” is considered to be a group of people in their 30’s to 50’s that experience financial pressure from both supporting their own children and supporting their parents as they age. Not only is this generation supporting two groups of people, but they must also worry about their own future and retirement. They can feel extra financial burdens that may not be experienced by others, but there are ways to alleviate that pressure.

With the help of reputable advisory firms like @HCRwealth, the “Sandwich Generation” can prepare for their future and better-handle current finances. For more than 25 years, HCR Wealth Advisors have been establishing relationships through education, trust, and service, while developing strategies to help their clients reach their financial goals.

For this select group of “Sandwichers,” wealth advisors can help direct finances where they need to go. HCR Wealth Advisors suggests putting your retirement first. It is essential to continue to put money away, even when it feels like it is impossible. At minimum, you should try to contribute as much as your company is matching for your retirement account, so you’re not leaving behind any free money.

To prepare for college-aged kids or adult-aged children coming back home, you should consider putting money away into tax-advantaged accounts, to help minimize the impact of possible student loans. If you need to take in parents or other elderly relatives, be sure to understand what they need from you in regard to finances and health care. This includes having an understanding of their financial situation, health, resources, and long-term outcomes.

HCR Wealth Advisors consists of a team of independent advisors that serve the best interests of their clients, no matter their financial situation. Finding the right financial and educational support should be a priority to everyone.

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The Oxford Club Provides Daily Actionable Investment Recommendations

The Oxford Club is a membership organization of elite investors and wealthy individuals that utilize their networking and investment expertise to provide the organization with daily actionable investment recommendations that provide high potential returns on investment. The Oxford Club was established in 1989 to provide wealthy individuals with an opportunity to network with like-minded investors to create an organization that provides resources through data sharing and networking opportunities to increase profits and asset growth.


The Oxford Club was founded by Bill Bonner a global businessman and founder of The Agora Companies a billion dollar organization. The Oxford Club is a very professionally run organization that provides reliable analysis and evaluation of various asset categories to provide tips and strategies to capitalize on the information provided within its publication. Julia Guth is the Chief Executive Officer of The Oxford Club and successfully leads a professional staff of editors, researchers, publishers, marketing, sales, operations, customer service, and other valuable personnel that provide the highest levels of quality and skill in providing valuable resources for The Oxford Club members. The Oxford Club provides valuable information and resources on various investment asset categories including bonds, real estate, equities, currencies, stocks, dividends, cryptocurrencies and various other investment classes that provide substantial returns on investment.


The Oxford Club currently has more than 100,000 members from around the globe in more than 131 different countries that provide a global perspective for the organization to capitalize on assets from around the world and produce tremendous returns on investment. The Oxford Club provides research and strategic information daily, weekly, and monthly to provide its members with information on a 24/ 7 access regiment to capitalize on opportunities that present themselves doing any time frame. The Oxford Club networking opportunities provide members with real-time access to opportunities that are not available to the general public and provide an opportunity for members to produce huge returns on investment. The daily actionable investment recommendations provided by The Oxford Club publications and website provides its members with extremely informative asset investment opportunities to produce high potential returns with the lowest risk of loss.

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Financial Expert and Humanitarian-Greg Secker


Recently the CEO/CFO magazine conducted an interview with Greg Secker and this is how the interview went about; CEO/CFO senior editor asked Greg about him being a “why not guy and not a why guy”, and according to Mr. Secker that has always been her philosophy. Secker confessed that he is the type of person who always says things which he later figures out. This is not different with what he is doing with Flying Trader Initiative where he said many people asked why he was doing it and the first question that came to his mind was why not. He wanted to give people money and help the needy as he teaches them how to trade and that they can trade anywhere, and anytime.

Another interesting question asked by the magazine was how Greg Secker changed into the finance industry yet he studied Agriculture at the University. Mr. Greg said that how he switched careers was interesting. At the University he was also selling and constructing computers and the job gave him an opportunity to learn more in the world of computers and he achieved a lot among them constructing a 3D interactive model of the fluid dynamics of a follicle. He later joined Thomas Cook Financial services and it is there that he was introduced to financial trading.

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur who is also an expert in the Foreign Exchange market. Greg is not a business person but he has many other titles including; a motivational speaker, humanitarian, trader, and entrepreneur. His trading and business skills were gained while he was still young. Greg loved to do things with his hands, and while still studying at the University of Nottingham built and sold computers. Mr. Secker began his career serving as a technologist at the Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the financial institution, Greg learned about Forex trade and he used his knowledge and experience to teach and help others. He is also a writer and has published several books, and a philanthropist who helps the community through his non-profit organization; the Greg Secker Foundation which was established in 2010.