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Parents Interview Teachers At The New Rocketship Education In D.C.

Recently, a group of parents interviewed prospective teachers to be hired by the Rocketship D.C. Elementary School. The school selected a couple of parents who have to clear a teacher before they are offered a job at the new school. This revolutionary approach is in sharp contrast with the traditional strategy where school owners are responsible for employing the teachers that they feel are right for the students. At Rocketship Educaton, a teacher must satisfy his or her abilities to the interviewing panel, which is made up of parents.

Some of the parents who have taken part in the interview sessions are Rhodesia Small and her boyfriend, Christopher Smith. The couple has a five-year-old daughter who they plan to send to the school when it officially opens early next year. The daughter, Beautyful, is one of the many students in Washington D.C. who will benefit from this uniquely interviewed team of teachers. The new school will be located in Ward 8. It will be the first Rocketship elementary school to be constructed in the city following a vote by D.C. Public Charter School Board to allow the network to enter the state. In addition, the vote allows the network to build up to five elementary schools in the region.

The California-based charter school network aims to provide children from low-income families with quality education. The school’s efforts have helped many students to be the first in their families to graduate from high school. Beautyful is set to be the first in her family to achieve this milestone. Her father, a 29-year-old D.C. native, did not graduate from high school. Smith believes that Rocketship will help his daughter to get a better education and be set for a more successful career and life.

Rocketship elementary school in D.C.’s Ward 8 is located opposite Woodland Terrace, a sprawling residential area. The school is two minutes-walk away from Hope Village. The village houses convicted felons. According to the school, the location is ideal, as it makes it accessible to the children who need such system. The school believes in educating children right within their locality rather than forcing them to travel to a different neighborhood. The network notes that teacher’s diversity has better influence on children compared to new locality and class diversity.