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The History Of OSI Industries, And Their Recent Merger

OSI Industries is a network of food production and distributors. The company is operational all over the world. Their Australian brand recently merged with Turi Foods, further expanding on their outreach. The new company formed from the merger is called Turosi Pty Ltd.

Turi Food, which is based out of Thomastown, Victoria, Australia, had Sam Cuteri, their chairman, speak on the merger. “OSI and Turi Foods believe that a shared ownership will enable the organization, whose cultures are similar, to share their expertise to build a world-class food solutions group,” he said.

Factories owned by Turi and OSI Industries will both continue to operate. Turi’s plant in Thomastown will remain operational and OSI’s Geelong factory will continue production as well. The company also has operations out of Broadmeadows, Victoria; Blacktown, New South Wales; and Eagle Farm, Queensland.

OSI Industries has had a hold on the fast food industry for a while. Partnered with McDonald’s, OSI supplies millions of people with beef patties and other processed food products. They have been in the food industry for over a century.

Originally founded by Otto Kolschowsky in Chicago, Illinois, OSI was able to grow to what it is now due to excellent partnerships. Originally, the company was called Otto & Sons and was a simple local butchery.

OSI Industries partnered with McDonald’s at the early stages of the restaurants existence. This brought about synergy that allowed both companies to flourish to unimaginable levels. McDonald’s is now the world’s biggest fast food restaurant, and OSI is still supplying them with some of their products.

McDonald’s and OSI were able to expand when new flash freezing technology was developed. This allowed the companies to move hamburger patties longer distances without them going bad. By 1973, OSI, still known as Otto & Sons, had built a facility which had the sole purpose of producing burgers for McDonald’s.

OSI Industries is a true American dream, growing from being a simple butcher’s shop to a global entity.