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New Product Offerings On Slyce

Shoe Carnival is one of the largest and most popular footwear retailers in the nation. They have 400 stores spread out across the United States, and they also sell their products online. They are now partnered with the online visual search recognition platform called Slyce. This new partnership allows users to search for shoes online through Slyce, and users will have an easier time finding exactly what they are after thanks to this partnership. Slyce is refining the way that people shop online, and they are making finding the right products online easier than it has ever been before.

Visual Search Recognition Explained

The idea of taking a picture of something in order to find it online is a new concept that is changing the ways that we purchase things online. It is much easier to find exactly what you are looking for without having to conduct lengthy keyword searches. The trouble with keyword searches is that you never know what to type in the search engines to bring up the product that you are after. However, Slyce has made this concept of coming up with new keywords to find a product a thing of the past.

It has never been easier to shop online. Today, you can use your camera on your smart phone to take a picture of virtually any object around you, and Slyce will do the rest. Slyce is using artificial intelligence to bring about the products that you are looking for in your visual search. They are also backed by one of the best customer support teams that routinely check to see that the AI is functioning at full capacity.

Slyce has been making huge waves in their market. They are partnering with more and more retailers all the time, so their offerings to consumers are growing exponentially. They are the most popular and widely used visual search platform out there. It’s free to download Slyce, and it is really easy to use. With Slyce’s new partnership with Shoe Carnival, you can take a picture of any type of shoe that is around you in order to find a similar or identical product in their catalogue. Users on Slyce also get to take advantage of the best deals that retailers have to offer in their product catalogues.