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Wen By Chaz Review by Bustle


Wen by Chaz Dean contains natural extracts and plant-based oils. This makes it particularly attractive to women who want to use shampoos and conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals. So, how well does Wen work? The products have been endorsed by a number of celebrities, so Bustle’s Emily McClure decided to try WEN conditioner for seven days to see just how well it works. 

McClure shares that she was surprised by how much product she had to use on the first day. However, she followed the instructions on the bottle, and noticed that her hair was immediately thicker than normal. The next two days, she showered and applied the conditioner, and started to notice that her hair was less frizzy. 

By the fourth day, McClure didn’t have time to wash her hair that morning, but she states that her tresses were oilier than they usually were. She also curled her hair once she got to work (at a hair salon), but said that her curls fell shortly afterwards. 

McClure did mention that her friends complimented her on how shiny her hair was, and that Wen definitely made her hair feel and look thicker. She states that she’d recommend the product to women with thin hair, but shares on facebook that the conditioner is best for women who wash and style their hair daily.