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Jason Hope Releases New Amazon eBook

Jason Hope Educating in a New Book about the Internet-of-Things

The name Jason Hope is well known for promoting the Internet-of-Things and to educate others he has published a book named Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution. In the book, he talks about how technology is on an accelerated path and the wealth of technology innovations today. IoT as Mr. Hope refers to this he says in his book enables devices connected to the internet to exchange information and services while interacting with people. This includes both industrial and consumer systems. The book continues to explain how IoT technology is or can be used in business models and why this technology can be key.

The book starts out with an introduction about the Internet of Things technology and acceleration. Then the next chapter discusses enabling technology and key applications with IoT. Mr. Hope says in his book he is educating readers to get them ready for the IoT era in both social and business implications. He brings up how the technology can change things in industries like hospitals, factories, energy plants and even oil refineries.

Jason Hope the author of the book prides himself on being a futurist. He has a passion to ensure people have a clear understanding about technology and he watches the industry to see where future technology is heading. Mr. Hope grew up in Arizona and attended Arizona State University earning an MBA in finance and the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Mr. Hope is known as an entrepreneur, technology writer, commentator, and now author. His focus on the Internet-of-Things he sees where the technology can include daily life. The devices can be for street lights, cars, and electronic devices including kitchen appliances. He also believes it can have an influence on the largest corporations and the global economy. The one thing he believes is that this technology can make life safer. He explains this by using public transportation improvements like monitoring and maintenance. The technology can choose alternate and safer bus routes due to real-time mapping to avoid dangerous road conditions.

Mr. Hope believes this convenient technology will become an option for many in the future since much of the public now depend on smartphones to do things like monitor their home and turn lights off or on when not at home. Because of this type of technology is becoming used by many companies are starting to compete in developing useful apps for consumers. They are doing this as a way to capitalize on this kind of technology.

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Saygus Praises Newswatch TV Reviews

Tim Rush, the marketing and PR representative for Saygus (an electronics and headphone company), reviewed NewsWatch TV and had nothing but good things to say about them. Saygus decided to team up with NewsWatch TV so they could get the word out about their products.

In the review, Rush said the video that NewsWatch created was of high quality and professional. He added that the company was able to convey the message Saygus wanted to send and he said he highly recommends using NewsWatch.

About NewsWatch TV
NewsWatch TV airs weekly in the United States. It’s a television show that’s 30 minutes long and it airs on the ION Network and AMC. It launched operations in 1989 and to date there have been over 1000 episodes aired. The content that the show covers includes a range of topics, such as new product releases, tourism, travel, national public awareness campaigns, health breakthroughs and more.

The company is based in the Washington, DC region and the staff has many years of experience. Throughout the years, NewsWatch’s series has reached hundreds of millions of people across America. This means it is one of the top independent news magazines on television. Many companies and celebrities have appeared on the show and many of them had nothing but good things to say about it.

Recognition And Awards
The series has received significant recognition and a number of swards. In 2017, it won a Videographer Award and it received a Silver Telly Award in 2016. It was also nominated for another Silver Telly Award.

Feel free to visit NewsWatch’s website to find out more about them or you can tune into the series if it airs on a station you have.

Protecting Your Reputation Online

The Internet is a powerful place to attain your dream job, make it big in entertainment, me even get discovered, but there are some things that can cause people to ruin the lives of others. Social media is a constantly growing industry that changes every single year, and for those who are in different businesses, they usually find themselves in I different positions with their life because they aren’t exactly so sure about their reputation. A single mishap with their reputation can damage their name forever.

Protecting Your Reputation Online

The problem with some individuals in their business and work is that they get too loose with their Facebook usage online. In other words, they are constantly trying to look for more ways to be free, share their opinion, and be too open online. Some may even post their personal opinions that may or may not be helpful with how you are viewed online. Many people have lost clients and potential customs because of their online status and what it is that they have posted before.

As a businessman, you will come to find that it can be hard and pretty tough at times to really understand the world of social media and your reputation. Single thing that you say online can disturb your brand and make you lose your entire job. Your brand can even close down if you don’t know what you are doing online.

Status Labs is a company that knows and understands the world of marketing and reputation marketing. Your reputation is constantly in question unless you know what you are doing. Status Labs works with different companies and marketing brands to help ordinary businessmen protect their brands. They can educate you and guide your every choice online.

Everything you do online is going to affect your overall company and brand. When you have somebody like Darius Fisher and Status Labs guiding your brand can make a world of difference to your company. Reviews online, what you say, and the things others say about you can drastically hurt your brand without a professional marketing team like Status Labs helping.

Facebook, Reputations, and Smart Postings Online

Where would people be without Facebook? Sadly, in some cases, people would be in better financial shape. Their Facebook activities ended up costing them financially. When on company time, it is a good idea not to spend too many minutes checking out what is happening on social media. Give 100% of work time to an employer. To do otherwise could lead to troubles. People have gotten fired for being too focused on Facebook and not on their job.

Does that mean a person can do anything on Facebook while off the clock? No, there are a lot of problems people run into when their Facebook activities veer into a certain direction. Darius Fisher, the co-founder and president of Status Labs, points out that anything posted on social media sites can eventually cause problems. Fisher’s company focuses on online reputation management. He has seen people create major messes for themselves with employers, clients, and customers due to inappropriate musings on Facebook.

Posting complaints about an employer or venting about customers could end up causing a host of problems. People read those things and get offended. Employers may be within their rights to terminate and employer due to something posted on Facebook or elsewhere online. Using a bit of prudence is always advisable when posting anything. Erasing the offending material might not do much good.

Darius Fisher has spoken publicly at marketing events and given interviews in online publications noting that Google and other search engines index what is published online. Once a post on Facebook finds its way into the search engine result, a crisis could emerge. Dealing with the crisis becomes a lot harder because a company such as the on run by Darius Fisher may have to take numerous reputation management steps to mitigate the situation.

Here is a word to the wise: do not saying anything rude, controversial, or inflammatory on Facebook or anywhere else online. Regrets are likely in the aftermath. Thankfully, a reputation management service can help reverse some of the harm. Hopefully, no one will lose their job before things are fixed.