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Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital Gains Recognition

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Marsala, was just listed in the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts’ “40 Under Forty,” placing him in a small selection of leaders in his industry.

NACVA compiles a list of intrepid persons in the field of finance under the age of 40. Chief Operating Officer of NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute, Brien K. Jones, talked a bit about the selection process for those included in the list. Both NACVA and CTI are run by experts in finance and consultation, granting them a position from which they can determine the individuals that have the vision and skills to use their position to invigorate companies in their fields and positively affect their communities.

Marsala and the 39 other honorees were selected from a list of 125 nominees compiled by executives at CTI and NACVA. Those selected for the list were seen as most impressive from that collection of impressive persons in finance.

Marsala has had a long career in this field that has made him deserving of such recognition. He is a co-founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital, where he has managed the firm and led it to a point where it enjoys an international presence with footholds in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Marsala’s focus has been in valuation of businesses and corporate finance. In his 13 years in the field, Marsala has had a diverse set of experiences that allowed him to determine the value of companies of disparate sizes, and has placed significant focus on companies in middle markets and those in the early stages of development. These engagements have included, but not have been limited to, companies involved in the energy sector, agriculture, manufacturing, technology development and biotech.

Anthony Marsala studied Finance and Information Systems at Loyola University of Chicago, and went on to Said Business School at the University of Oxford where he earned a Master’s Diploma in Strategy.

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm with an international presence, promoting excellence, leadership and integrity in financial counsel and business services to their clients all over the world. Madison Street Capital has placed intense focus on emerging markets, which can have profound influence in the global economy and impact the success of their clients. By emphasizing the need for this concentration along with their commitment to their clients, Madison Street Capital has made irreplaceable relationships with clients who trust them to provide them with insight that can make the difference between success or failure in their respective fields.

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The Role Of Investment Banking In The Economy

Investment banks are vital for the economy to keep on running smoothly. To start, investment banks raise money for companies that need capital to expand facilities, develop new products, or money to keep the business operating. An investment bank helps a firm raise money by helping to determine the value of company stock. The investment bank can then actually play the role of a salesman and try and sell company stock to investors. In exchange for offering these services for companies needing capital, investment banks get paid or receive a commission from the sales of company stock.

As you can see investment banks play a crucial role in the economy by being a major player in the raising of capital for companies in need of money. Investment banks play another role in the economy, and that is actually buying and selling stock, commodities derivatives, and equity. By buying, selling and trading commodities, stocks and financial instruments investment banks help keep the economy moving.

Other tasks that investment banks due are aiding companies with mergers and acquisitions. They often act as mediators between two companies that are about to merge. Investment banks also help lay out the terms of an acquisition. In both cases the investment bank tries to negotiate a fair deal and settlement for both parties. This tasks is another crucial part that investment banks play in the economy.

A highly successful investment banker that has done all of these tasks is Martin Lustgarten. He founded his own firm called Lustgarten Martin. The firm is based out of South Florida, in Ponte Verda Beach, where Mr. Lustgarten also resides with his family. The firm is famous for its extensive investments in South America.

Mr. Lustgarten has built up his firm Lustgarten Martin through hard work, dedication and sound investment strategy. The firm operates on several principles. The first is to carefully analyze the risk and return ratio of all investments. The second principle is to ensure transparency in dealing. The third principle is to try and minimize risk while at the same time maximizing returns. These principles have been the cornerstone of success for Martin Lustgarten’s firm.