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Brenda Wardle, And The Oscar Pistorius Case

With an education like Brenda Wardle’s, it’s no wonder that she has propelled her legal career to new heights. She possesses an Intermediary Degree Qualification in Criminal Justice, a Master of Laws Degree and a Bachelor of Laws Degree. With these three educational accomplishments it is easy to understand why she is the CEO of the Wardle School of Law.

Brenda also writes about different issues in the legal field in legal journals and newspapers. Her abilities are impressive because she has also written Odyssey of A Woman, which is about her life, education and career. As a South Africa woman, she possesses the ability to give pertinent information for others to learn from in her writings. She develops a good story with details that will enlighten others when they read her works.

Another book that she has written is To Kill A Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. This work details the case and trial of Oscar Pistorius. The case involved the murder of Reeva Sttenkamp. He was not convicted of the murder charge, but rather culpable homicide. For this reason, he served an initial 5-year sentence followed by three more years. He had other gun related offenses that were also part of the case making it an interesting one that others read about widely. The case was widely publicized, and Brenda’s book details the case and trial impeccably for others to use for reference.

Since she is well respected in her field, she is a legal analyst for many individuals and businesses in South Africa. Her expertise is admired, and her ability to give the information that is needed is exceptional. As she continues to give her special legal analyst views on a variety of cases, she will help others to become more informed than ever before.

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