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The World of Jana Masserschmidt

Jana Masserschmidt deserves all the plaudits coming her way, having worked at reputable firms across the years. In her early years as a professional, she worked with DivX and AT&T before leaving for Netflix. Here Jane made her mark as a director, then embarked on a new challenge with Twitter. After leaving Twitter in 2016, she co-founded Angels, a company dedicated to getting women at the top of successful start-ups. Before destiny brought Jana Lightspeed, she supported founders with big ideas in different companies, including Color and Winnie. Apart from that, she’s very passionate about the women’s progression and community development activities and feels corporate industry is underrepresenting both women and minorities.

Right from her early years, Jana Masserschmidt had always found ways to improve the quality of companies and it’s no surprise she is currently a top executive. After working with billion dollar companies, the hunger for more brought Jana Lightspeed and she worked her way up and across departments including business, engineering and sales marketing. Her quality and knowledge helped improve companies like twitter and Netflix. Her sweet spot happens to be at the meeting point between business and technology. Jana Masserschmidt graduated with a bachelors in computer engineering from University of Illinois but found more value on the business part of operations. When she was vice president of business development at twitter, she stamped her signature on the office, improving platform marketing and partnerships.

Part of what influenced her decision to join Lightspeed, was the team model, mentorship and complementary skills of the firm. Jana Masserschmidt has invested in more than 50 start-ups in different sectors, like transportation, health care, fashion, retail and music. Before Jana invests in a company, it is important the company in question will improve the lives of people around because of her deep passion for community development.