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Steve Lesnard Points Out The Importance Of Modern Marketing

According to Steve Lesnard, social and dynamic digital mediums are influencing the marketing of new products. The choices can be beneficial with proper leveraging. There are two important principles to follow to successfully market a product. The first is to make the product memorable by keeping it simple. The consumer benefits must be clear and focused on the most relevant and innovative features. Steve Lesnard says just choose a path and stick with it.

A good example is the iPod campaign. Apple focused on providing a solution for music on the go. The strategy was simple and effective. The positioning of the watch from Apple is being expanded with the concept if you have your phone with you, staying connected is easy. Apple additionally expanded their health and fitness angle with the measurements and features of sports monitoring. Marketing Expert Steve Lesnard pointed out this gave the consumers the reason they needed to upgrade while democratizing their technology.

Another excellent example are the changes made to the fitness industry by Peleton with the offer of an indoor home cycling studio. The concept was to bring the best of New York fitness into the privacy of the living room. They elevated the uniqueness of the experience as opposed to marketing a premium spinning bike. Steve Lesnard believes this idea was so powerful it led to an expansion into numerous sports platforms and a sports app.

The second principle is to have a clear story line prior to focusing on the consumer experience. The story must energize and cut through the most important elements of the chosen medium. When videos are used to ensure the product is placed in the right content, the testimony of the consumer can become an integral part of the story line and emphasize the very best features the consumer will remember. This is a way of using modern tools to make the story more dynamic and richer.

Yeti is a good example because they were successful in the establishment of a traditional business due to the positioning of the outdoor lifestyle in regards to their premium products. This focused on keeping drinks colder or warmer for a longer period of time in the wild.