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Securus Technologies is Growing Happily

Securus Technologies has made a business out of pleasing its many satisfied customers. The goal is that every prison and prisoner would have a way to chat with their family. Securus Technologies is a high quality firm that specializes in fabricating communication equipment for prisons. The various systems sold by Securus Technologies include electronic inmate forms and video chat software.


Prison staff are giving rave reviews to Securus Technologies’ work. Many people have been severely affected by the American incarceration epidemic since the 1970’s. The drug usage that accompanied the hippy revolution brought a higher crime rate and a greatly expanded prison population to the USA. Today, the United States of America locks up more people than any other nation. This is sadly ironic in a nation that was started on the ideals of freedom. Apparently, that freedom has not lasted. Securus Technologies wants to help the families of those who are behind bars.


The American criminal justice network needs much improvement. Blacks are locked up disproportionately for committing the same crimes as whites. This is absolutely unacceptable, and it is why Securus Technologies’ systems can be such a helpful relief to those troubled by the problems with their situation.



FreedomPop Establishes WiFi Add On Service

If you have been paying any inkling of attention to the world of cell phones and their carriers then you likely know what’s been going on with the company FreedomPop. FreedomPop has risen to prominence over the last several years thanks to their interesting approach to business, taking an essentially free service and giving it away. Now FreedomPop is taking a next level approach to getting their product out to the masses by offering an unlimited WiFi option for just an additional $5. IF that offer sounds interesting, keep on reading.

For the better part of the past year we have seen FreedomPop’s CEO Stephen Stokols focus on installing an infrastructure of WiFi hotspots all over the continental United States. At the time of this writing there are more than 10 million FreedomPop specific hotspots available for customers to latch on to, spanning just about every large metro area in the country. These WiFi spots are for customers only and are not available to the general public. With the new $5 monthly plan these WiFi spots will open up to paying customers, giving them access to WiFi just about anywhere in the country.

The WiFi service expansion plan is perfectly in line with FreedomPop’s goal of offering a service built out of ‘add ons’. CEO Stokols pointed out that his goal was to create a sort of digital buffet for customers to pick and choose from, rather than forcing them to pay for everything all at once like most other cell phone carriers. This has given FreedomPop a leg up in an industry that has been saturated with high priced options that don’t focus on the customer, instead focusing on getting the most money to the company.

This newest expansion will be available immediately to paying customers and the WiFi spots are going to be available in a slew of places, including popular retail establishments like McDonalds and Best Buy. CEO Stokols is focused also on expanding the amount of available hotspots to the 25 million mark within the next year or so, expanding the available spots for connection in a dramatic fashion.

While this move will give FreedomPop more leverage at home, it is far from the only move currently being made. FreedomPop has gone global with movements into Asia and the United Kingdom in the past year, creating a hallmark for success for the company to continue pushing in.

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FreedomPop’s Hotspot is Making Waves in the Mobile Industry

Paying $29.95 or $19.95 per month for budget mobile phone service used to be a good deal. Along came FreedomPop and the rules have changed. The Los Angeles enterprise has made a brilliant concept a reality. Subscribers buy a phone from FreedomPop and receive a limited amount of totally, absolutely, 100% free phone, text, and data per month. The company is doing very well in the U.S. and the U.K. An impending arrival in Spain is looming. The company does have other deals being put in place with many other countries.

Now, as PC Magazine is reporting, FreedomPop is launching a global hotspot in 25 countries. Anyone residing in or bouncing around these 25 countries can take advantage of 200MB of free data per month. For a nominal fee, that figure could be boosted to 500MB more.

FreedomPop is truly an amazing company that utilizing incredibly innovative strategies. The intriguing idea of always free access to WhatsApp in the Spanish market is a perfect example of the forward-thinking brilliance of FreedomPop. The company knows it has to work very hard to capture the attention of customers in a new market. The service also has to cater to the specific needs of clients in a particular geographic area. Clients in scores of countries want low-cost service options. The global hotspot and its corresponding SIM card are not expensive, and they provide a great way to access a mobile phone without roaming charges.

The PC Magazine article reports $50 million in investment funding is supporting the global hotspot. Also, the current levels of 25 countries is soon to increase to 40. This means the hotspot’s access is going to increase as well.

FreedomPop has other new ideas in the works including a Wi-Fi VoIP phone. The company truly works hard and deserves all the success it has received.

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FreedomPop Boldly Goes Where No Company Has Before

FreedomPop has always tried to be the company that is going to give people the best options possible for getting a cell phone, but they are able to make it even better. They are going to offer people a chance to use WhatsApp for no charge. Venture Beat is saying that customers who are using WhatsApp are not going to be charged for data usage on FreedomPop, and that is going to be amazing considering that FreedomPop is already so cheap.

FreedomPop is the amazing company that is trying to make prices for cell phones as cheap as possible, and they even have a free plan that will work for everyone. They are trying to help people make the most of their plans, and they are going to use WhatsApp to make that possible. Someone who is running WhatsApp is going to be able to use that with using their data, and they will still have their data left over from their regular plan.

It is very important that people who need more options for using their phones go to FreedomPop because this is by far the best option possible. It is surely interesting to remember that people at FreedomPop could already be on a free plan, but now they can use their plans more because they can just go to WhatsApp to talk and text.

The WhatsApp application is going to help anyone who just wants to sign in and keep going, or people can sign up for a new account when they get their phones. These people can use the number that they are given by WhatsApp, and they can start talking right now without a problem. WhatsApp will help people save data, and it will keep the price of their graduated phone plans down over time.

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