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When Bad Online Reputation Is Warranted: What Then?

It happens quite often: a company or professional either doesn’t deliver on what is promised or leaves a customer rightly dissatisfied. What steps can a serious, reputable entity take to remedy and short-circuit any negative online press that results in loss of business?

Well, aside from just doing better next time, listed below are just some of the more aggressive steps courtesy of Online Reputation Reviews that a company may have to take in the interest of their online reputation management strategy.


Wherever a brand, product, company name appears or that of a possible disgruntled executive, that’s the place to look for modifiers such as “sucks,” “scam,” “ditto” or “kudos.”

Typically, news search agencies, social media tags, blog and forums offer the best targeted areas to monitor. However, while this method is effective in finding possible dissenters, it does not truly optimize the company’s stance to any degree.

Investigate The Cause, Deal With It And Engage

If there is merit to a complaint or criticism, then online reputation management has a positive aspect to it and should not be exclusively seen as a means to escape earned, valid criticism. In other words, negative online press needs to be examined if there is any merit to it.

If there is validity to the negative press, then offer to make amends somehow in the way of an apology, responding to the negative reviews in a separate blog or even offering some kind of compensation for any losses or inconvenience incurred by the one filing or posting a complaint.

If it’s only a matter of discontent or a disgruntled reviewer, then post the actual facts or details to the occurrence, and go on from there. Today, as always, observing customers or clients can tell if there’s merit to a complaint or a negative review.

Being honest and transparent may be your best policy in the world of online reputation management. The old adage, “The customer is always right,” is still in effect and used by smart business people and professionals everywhere. However, irreparable damage is sometimes best left in the hands of a professional online reputation manager.